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New Year’s Eve – 12/31/09

6: 49 Yoli: Swan: So regarding the other person, why does my husband go to such lengths to keep me from seeing her? I find this rather strange.

6: 50 Swanlakejgs [Facilitator]: Yoli - hard to say, my husband did it out of respect for me, he didn't want to hurt me more than he already was by putting her in my face literally.

6: 52 Swanlakejgs [Facilitator]: Yoli - plus in the cases which the husband is lying to the other person, they really don't want the wife and the adulterous coming face to face and beginning to compare any notes - he will be found out and his lies known.



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New Year’s Eve – 12/31/09


5: 57 Swanlakejgs [Facilitator]: Hello everyone and welcome to Midlife Dimensions New Year's Eve special chat.

6: 11 Swanlakejgs [Facilitator]: Hello BlueSky - how are you tonight?

6: 11 BlueSky: HI Swan, Happy New Year to you! I am actually listening in to a conference call for Rejoice Ministries. I was just going to read along, but that is difficult if I am the only one with you. Hahaha

6: 12 Swanlakejgs [Facilitator]: BlueSky - others will pop in and out over the next three hours and ten minutes, so hopefully there will be something for you to read soon.

6: 13 BlueSky: my daughter is having a few friends over later. Awesome that I don't have to worry about her out on the road.

6: 14 BlueSky: so I making fondue desserts for her, and I made for the first time homemade marshmallows. They are so cool.

6: 15 Swanlakejgs [Facilitator]: BlueSky - that is awesome, I used to always volunteer to be the party house for my children, not only did I know they were safe, but I would also be able to rest easy and not worry about booze or drugs being at the parties. In fact we would usually have their friends spend the night and I would make a big breakfast for everyone the next morning - those who lived in walking distance could either stay or walk home, but drivers were encouraged to stay.

6: 16 Swanlakejgs [Facilitator]: BlueSky - homemade, that sounds cool

6: 16 Swanlakejgs [Facilitator]: Hello cheyanne - dear lady how are you?

6: 17 BlueSky: Swan, exactly, I wish I could say the same about my son, but he is 21, so I trust him. Luckily he isn't feeling great, so that means he will watch the alcohol.

6: 18 BlueSky: Hi Cheyanne, nice to see you.

6: 18 cheyanne: Hi Swan I am good how are you!

6: 18 cheyanne: hi blue sky

6: 18 cheyanne: I haven’t been to chat for a long time

6: 18 Swanlakejgs [Facilitator]: cheyanne - doing good, getting ready to say goodbye to the past year and welcome in the NEW beginnings of the new year.

6: 19 cheyanne: yes-- It is a new year...2009 was so hard

6: 19 Swanlakejgs [Facilitator]: cheyanne - we have missed you, but also know you have so much on your plate, so knew you would come visit when you were able.

6: 20 cheyanne: swan I can’t believe how the news of my xh getting married has hit me...like a mac truck...I have been focusing on my sons and had been going to classes learning about mental illness etc....

6: 21 cheyanne: swan have you ever just felt so lonely...that you just are so sad

6: 22 Cricket [Facilitator]: Hi all - just wanted to wish everyone a Happy New Year. I’m with friends and don't want to leave them too long.

6: 22 Hannah [Facilitator]: Happy New Year to you to Cricket

6: 23 Cricket [Facilitator]: Chey - I understand how you feel. When I heard my H planned to marry the OW, it really tipped me upside down. But remember this hasn't happened yet and a lot can happen between now and then.

6: 23 Swanlakejgs [Facilitator]: cheyanne - I can tell that even though one is pretty sure it might happen, knows the other person is pressing for it, etc. once it happens it is like getting sucker punched in the solar plexus, that numbness and daze returns, but I can also tell you that having people to turn to and help you past those feelings is a good feeling and does help - you guys here helped me so much when it happened to me and we will be here to help you through.

6: 23 Hannah [Facilitator]: chey yes, I feel for you.

6: 23 BlueSky: Cricket, Happy New Year to you too. Enjoy your night with friends.

6: 24 Cricket [Facilitator]: Chey - So many have to chase that fantasy to find that it doesn't bring them happiness. Remember my H has already divorced the OW (over a year ago already since their D was final) He admitted it was a real mistake.

6: 24 Cricket [Facilitator]: Happy New Years Hannah, BlueSky and all

6: 25 Cricket [Facilitator]: Chey - AMEN & AMEN to what Swan shared.

6: 25 Swanlakejgs [Facilitator]: cheyanne - yes I have felt that lonely and it was such a strong feeling that it is still vivid in my mind. I can tell you that it does pass and with each day the loneliness doesn't scream at you as loudly.

6: 26 Cricket [Facilitator]: Chey - My H and others chase that quick fix thinking marriage to the OP will lift their guilt & depression but then reality hits. Most (Swan's H & Mine) find the marriage to the OP is nothing like they imagined or fantasized.

6: 26 cheyanne: I just feel stuck or trapped --- when I heard he is getting married I am like ok.....well that’s it for me......and now I feel like I don’t know.....just weird and like why does the Bible say I have to stay single or reconcile and then it says

6: 27 Swanlakejgs [Facilitator]: cheyanne - they marry the other person because that is "the next step", there is pressure by the other person or there is desperation by them, they are seeking a way to make the pain go away and think the next step will be the one that fixes everything for them. As Cricket can tell you, her husband is already divorced from the other woman, my husband sleeps in a different bedroom, they fight constantly and my husband tells our daughter he stays away on business travel so he doesn't have to be around her.

6: 28 Cricket [Facilitator]: Chey - Hearing that he plans to marry is still far from being married. There is a lot of pressure there and who knows what will happen with that. Less than 5% of marriages built on adultery survive.

6: 28 cheyanne: I can divorce for adultery..........and then to top it off he is marrying a Christian ......and how come they have it all worked out in their mind.....have you ever heard of a letter to the parents of the OW helping they are supposed strong Christians

6: 28 Cricket [Facilitator]: BlueSky - How are you tonight. I said a specific prayer for you on my drive up here.

6: 29 Swanlakejgs [Facilitator]: cheyanne - he is marrying a woman who claims to be a Christian, but she cannot actually be a godly person if she is committing adultery, tearing families apart, etc.

6: 29 Cricket [Facilitator]: Chey - Our State is No Fault... my H got his divorce without any cause.

6: 30 cheyanne: cricket I know about no fault -- mine too there is no cause

6: 30 cheyanne: cricket I was talking about the part in the bible where it states you can divorce because of adultery

6: 30 cheyanne: I just feel so trapped

6: 30 Cricket [Facilitator]: Chey - If you mean you writing a letter to the OW's parents. In my experience this just causes more resentment. The parents know, many aren't happy but they have no control over it.

6: 31 Cricket [Facilitator]: Chey - Yes we are in the same State, I was confused but now I understand.

6: 31 Hannah [Facilitator]: Chey and blood is thicker than water

6: 32 Cricket [Facilitator]: Chey - Many ministers/pastors won't perform a marriage under these circumstances, at least Christian ones. But they will always find someone.

6: 32 Swanlakejgs [Facilitator]: cheyanne - someone in the group a few years ago wrote a letter and it didn't go well, the family took it as an attack against their daughter and struck out at the person who sent the letter. Additionally, the parents then pushed the husband really hard to divorce and marry their daughter to make an honest woman of her. I have found many people claim to be strong Christians, but they know nothing of what the Bible really says, the don't study the Word of God, but do make sure they are seen in Church.

6: 32 cheyanne: cricket that’s what I remember the parents of the OP just support their daughter.......I am just thinking that it was just to let them know that the truth is it is a relationship from an affair

6: 32 Cricket [Facilitator]: Chey - Yes Hannah is right. My in laws were supportive of my H when he married OW. In time the OW pushed them away and hurt them to where they turned away from her. They always loved me but had to support their son.

6: 32 BlueSky: Cricket, oh thank you so much. I am doing better today. Went to church today. My h was over for a project today, didn't say much, I thought he was leaving without saying goodbye, and all of a sudden he came back in the house and asked if I needed anything done. So I was pleased

6: 33 Swanlakejgs [Facilitator]: Hello sugarmama, how are you tonight

6: 33 Cricket [Facilitator]: Chey - I remember the situation Swan talks about. These letters never work. Even if the in laws tried to intervene, your H would bind himself even tighter to the OW... feel he had to defend her and resent you even more.

6: 34 Cricket [Facilitator]: BlueSky - That is really nice that he asked and even came by. So many avoid us like the plague.

6: 34 cheyanne: I know I think it would be a waste of time.....but if they are getting married at her church her xh thinks the church should be made aware of the situation and then let them decide if they go ahead...i just figure they would lie if questioned

6: 34 Cricket [Facilitator]: Sugarmama - Hi, how are you tonight?

6: 35 sugarmama: fine thanks home alone

6: 35 cheyanne: cricket that’s what I remember that anything like that just binds them together more........

6: 36 Cricket [Facilitator]: Chey - Yes it does, it may make us feel better for a moment but not in the long run.

6: 36 cheyanne: cricket your h is he in contact or off to himself

6: 36 Cricket [Facilitator]: Sugarmama - I've spent many a New Years Eve home alone. Tonight I’m with close friends which is nice. I decided to be proactive & call them to join them and glad I did.

6: 37 Swanlakejgs [Facilitator]: cheyanne - my husband and the non-covenant were married in a church, the non-covenant made the arrangements. I later found out she had told the pastor that I had abandoned my husband several years ago and claimed that she was a widow. Well, I didn't abandon anyone and both of her ex-husbands are alive and well.

6: 37 BlueSky: Cricket, well luckily he hasn't turned from his d, as some fathers have out there. I do feel fortunate about that. She needs him a lot.

6: 37 Swanlakejgs [Facilitator]: Hi Yoli, welcome

6: 38 cheyanne: cricket and swan.....what about I am sure my son will be force to attend this wedding .....ughhhhh

6: 38 Cricket [Facilitator]: Chey - He pulled away again several months ago. The OW re-contacted him and he gave in for a few weeks. That blew up, he says for good now. He's ashamed and finally doing what he should have done before in working on getting his head together. He also went thru another surgery (actually 2 of them)

6: 38 cheyanne: cricket you have the patience of a saint.....

6: 38 Yoli: Swan: Hi, how are you doing tonight?

6: 39 sugarmama: you guys are my friends

6: 39 BlueSky: Swan, gee, she lied to get married, what a great example of a Christian.

6: 40 cheyanne: I figure this is a fire storm for me right now and just focus on my boys and God........but I would love to be wanted by a nice handsome man with a good heart and loves the lord and wants to protect me...lol ok that’s the cold hard truth...

6: 40 Cricket [Facilitator]: Chey - You are still jumping ahead and assuming the wedding will happen.... Friends of mine went to my H's wedding and couldn't believe all the things that happened...my H had gotten poison oak, the minister forgot to sign the wedding license, his sister got drunk and caused a scene....a storm even hit and closed roads getting there...

6: 40 cheyanne: ok and if that man was the my boys father that would be the best......but I am feeling weak......

6: 41 Yoli: Swan, Cricket, Hannah: I didn't tell you all last night that yesterday while I was eating lunch with the Monsignor, he told me about a man that asked to meet with him. It seems that his wife left him with the 3 children. The Monsignor was shocked at

6: 41 Cricket [Facilitator]: Chey - Again, trust the Lord, He has a plan for you and it's better than any we can imagine for you....

6: 41 cheyanne: cricket you are right I do feel like the wedding will happen I think the plans are under way ........

6: 42 Yoli: Swan, Cricket, Hannah; cont- the situation. It seems that his wife left him for another woman. How God works. I had Charlyne's testimony and some CDs in my purse that I was going to give to the Monsignor, so I told him to have this man listen to

6: 43 Cricket [Facilitator]: Chey - Yes because you've just been hit with it. There isn't much more stressful times than planning a wedding and the Lord is still in this. My H found out big time that his wedding was a huge mistake... he even called it his mlc mistake, his $100,000 mistake, etc.

6: 43 BlueSky: Hi Yoli, Happy New Year

6: 43 cheyanne: cricket and swan and I am expecting to start seeing her at sons sporting events as she went when I was out of town and now son told me Mom if you aren’t there she would go...so they are chipping away .....do I just ignore her or blow up their adultery??

6: 43 Yoli: Swan, Cricket, Hannah: them. He called me today and I told him that he needed to also tell this man about Charlyne's conference call tonight. It might help him. so I gave him the phone number and access code.

6: 43 Swanlakejgs [Facilitator]: BlueSky - I know, but if you ask her, she will tell you what a wonderful devoted godly woman she is, it is really sad because I think she believes it she doesn't consider what she does as wrong or her words as lies.

6: 43 Yoli: BlueSky: Hey, how are you? Is it the New Year where you are already?

6: 43 sbky: hello everyone

6: 43 Cricket [Facilitator]: Chey - Keep doing your thing, handle this with grace and class and the truth will be revealed.

6: 43 cheyanne: yoli what time is that conference call tonight

6: 44 cheyanne: cricket does that mean I can’t get on the loud speaker at the basketball game and announce the adulterous woman who stole my h is here....LOL just kidding

6: 44 Cricket [Facilitator]: All - I should get back to friends. Happy New Years to all. Chey & All, the New Year will bring miracles.

6: 44 Yoli: cheyanne: All I remember is 9 but I think it's central time. Sorry. I just saw it and figured out the time that I needed to try and catch it.

6: 44 Swanlakejgs [Facilitator]: cheyanne - you ignore her, if you blow up you play into her hands and sadly come off looking vindictive.

6: 44 BlueSky: Yoli, not yet, I am where MAS is, btw.

6: 45 cheyanne: swan ok like she is invisible?

6: 45 Yoli: BlueSky: Oh that's right. I knew that.

6: 45 BlueSky: Yoli, I am actually listening to Charlyne conference call right now too. Sometimes difficult.

6: 45 Cricket [Facilitator]: Chey - Hey it's always fun to fantasize. You know I've been there, my H's OW was in my face & tried to get me to react. When she couldn't she became even more insecure & avoided me like the plague. The Lord will convict her. People know.

6: 45 Swanlakejgs [Facilitator]: Yoli - that is cool that he is supporting this way and now another person.

6: 46 cheyanne: is that conference call on right now for Charlene cares

6: 46 Cricket [Facilitator]: Chey - I used to smile and let her know she didn't bother me... I belonged there, she didn't & I walked with even more confidence & put on my happy face.

6: 46 Hannah [Facilitator]: sbky I answered you on facebook but you had left

6: 46 Cricket [Facilitator]: All - Nite all. Take care.

6: 46 Yoli: Swanlake: Yeah isn't it. He told me that he would do anything he could to help me out. I told him that I was going to start a ministry for him there at the church so that I could help people out like this man.

6: 47 BlueSky: Chey, yes, I think they post it later so you can listen to it

6: 47 Swanlakejgs [Facilitator]: cheyanne - make her as invisible as you can - remember Jim says the other person doesn't exist, so she doesn't. However, if you come face to face, you politely smile, nod a hello and go back to her being invisible.

6: 48 Hannah [Facilitator]: Hi honeygurl how are you?

6: 48 HoneyGurlTina: Hey Ladies

6: 48 Swanlakejgs [Facilitator]: Hi HoneyGurlTina - how are you tonight

6: 48 HoneyGurlTina: I am good Hannah and Swan, how are you?

6: 48 sbky: hannah I am having a time out of my computer. trying to run virus scan on it.

6: 48 Hannah [Facilitator]: honeygurl I am well thanks.

6: 49 Swanlakejgs [Facilitator]: HGT - doing good

6: 49 cheyanne: I dialed into the conference

6: 49 Yoli: Swan: So regarding the other person, why does my husband go to such lengths to keep me from seeing her? I find this rather strange.

6: 49 Hannah [Facilitator]: sbky I wondered if your computer was playing up

6: 49 HoneyGurlTina: sbky @ 6: 48 ugh I hate computer problems

6: 50 sbky: hgt me too

6: 50 Hannah [Facilitator]: Yoli, my h does the same thing. He can't be around both of us.

6: 50 HoneyGurlTina: Yoli {Roomie} : ) how are you doing?

6: 50 Yoli: sbky: So you are still on chat? You've disappeared from the list of users. I wasn't sure if you were still on. How are you doing tonight?

6: 50 Swanlakejgs [Facilitator]: Yoli - hard to say, my husband did it out of respect for me, he didn't want to hurt me more than he already was by putting her in my face literally.

6: 50 Yoli: Hannah: is that what it is?

6: 51 Hannah [Facilitator]: sugarmama several of us are alone too.

6: 51 HoneyGurlTina: Yoli @ 6: 49 Probably because of his guilt

6: 51 sbky: yoli I think I am

6: 51 Yoli: HGT: I'm okay. I started out crying because my daughters went with husband. They are leaving tomorrow morning and even younger one has to be over there tonight. As soon as I began to pray, I was fine. So I’m alone tonight. But that's okay.

6: 51 Hannah [Facilitator]: Yoli, don't understand it but he can't be with two of us, he did all he could to not be in that situation.

6: 52 Swanlakejgs [Facilitator]: Yoli - plus in the cases which the husband is lying to the other person, they really don't want the wife and the adulterous coming face to face and beginning to compare any notes - he will be found out and his lies known.

6: 52 sbky: yoli I took my d to her friends to stay all night son stayed home with my in-laws. not sure where my h is

6: 53 sbky: yoli I am at a friend’s

6: 53 Yoli: Hannah: Even though he's divorced? He wanted his relationship with her kept a secret from me as well. Still not sure why.

6: 53 Yoli: sbky: Good, I’m glad you're with friends.

6: 53 HoneyGurlTina: Yoli: @ 6: 51 I am so sorry Sweetie. I know how you feel, my H just pickup our Girls. I have to work all New Years and the weekend tho, so I have a distraction.

6: 53 sbky: yoli I still can’t figure out why mine won’t file if this is what he wants

6: 53 Hannah [Facilitator]: Chey you know what makes me sad is I have found old friends on facebook that we were in the military with and being in touch with them again makes me think of the good times with h and them. They are altogether too.

6: 54 sugarmama: I know I am soooo discouraged tonight my h came for Christmas have not heard from him since Sunday he is avoiding me and all of you know this I realize I am not the only one but I don’t know what to do anymore I have studied all Jim books bought med books of depression PRAYED

6: 54 Yoli: HGT: Older daughter has been staying with him since Saturday. But then I think this is good because it's bound to cause tension and strife with the OW, don't you think? so I have to believe that it is part of God's plan.

6: 55 Yoli: sbky: Don't question it. I would let him take his time. I don't think he knows what he wants to do.

6: 56 sbky: yoli I agree I feel if he knew he wanted one he would do it. but I am just so tired sometimes

6: 56 Hannah [Facilitator]: sugarmama you have to trust and grow in the Lord. It isn't easy

6: 57 Yoli: sbky: Yeah we all get that way, well maybe not Cricket. It just seems to be a constant in our lives. We never know what they are going to do or how the kids are going to react. In the meantime, you're trying to hold it all together. Well I decided

6: 57 sugarmama: no maam it is not in reply to sbky my h doesn’t know what he wants either he knows he can come home anytime and I too am really tired

6: 58 Yoli: sbky: cont-I'm not superwoman. I decided to say what I feel to daughters or just ignore what they are saying to me. It's taken a lot for me to not take things so personally. I get tired of being alone. I get tired of not being able to talk to my h

6: 58 cheyanne: sorry I was away

6: 59 cheyanne: just came back listening to the conference call tonight .....do they do these regularly???

7: 00 HoneyGurlTina: Yoli @ 6: 54 yes I do think so

7: 00 Swanlakejgs [Facilitator]: cheyanne - they do them often, but I don't think regularly. Charlyne usually announces them by email if you get Charlyne Cares and it is posted on the website as well.

7: 00 Yoli: sbky, sugarmama: That's where turning to God and learning what he wants from us is what we need to do. I’m telling you this because I need to remind myself. If not, I think I would go crazy. Did you guys ever see "Splendor in the Grass?" You might

7: 01 sbky: yoli no I haven’t seen that

7: 02 HoneyGurlTina: Yoli @ 7: 00 No. what’s it about?

7: 02 cheyanne: swan oh ok--- interesting I like the conference call idea it’s cool

7: 02 Yoli: sbky, sugarmama: cont-too young. The girl is madly in love with the star football player. He ends up with someone else because the girl is obsessed with him. she ends up having to be hospitalized in a psych hospital because of her emotional

7: 03 sbky: yoli are you telling me we might end up there?

7: 03 Yoli: sbky, sugarmama: cont-attachment to the guy. Well when I think about the movie, I think that no guy is worth doing that to yourself. So that's why we have to keep praying and asking God for help.

7: 03 HoneyGurlTina: Yoli @ 7: 02 that sounds good

7: 03 Yoli: sbky: Not at all. I want us all to not end up there at all.

7: 03 sbky: yoli...lol

7: 03 HoneyGurlTina: sbky @ 7: 03 LOL

7: 04 Yoli: HGT: Remember how attractive Warren Beatty was when he was younger, well he was the guy. Natalie Wood was the girl. They were so attractive. Warren was incredibly sexy. But we don't need to end up making our husbands idols. We need to be strong

7: 05 sbky: hgt yoli sometimes I feel I am there!, but I know I am not

7: 05 Yoli: HGT: Women and delight in God's love for us.

7: 05 cheyanne: psalms-- 34 and 35 they are talking about how good it is ---

7: 05 HoneyGurlTina: Yoli @ 7: 03 You are very right, no guy is worth that.

7: 06 Yoli: sbky: I know what you're talking about. Sometimes I just want to scream while running down the street. I’m tired of being an adult. I want to be a kid again.

7: 06 HoneyGurlTina: sbky @ 7: 05 and you never will be there.

7: 06 sbky: hgt I know,

7: 07 Yoli: HGT: Exactly. That's why God wants us to put him first in our lives and our husbands and family second.

7: 07 HoneyGurlTina: 7: 04 7: 05 Yoli that is exactly right.

7: 07 cheyanne: they said there is only suppose to be 150 on the conference call and that there are 179 on the call.....too funny

7: 07 Hannah [Facilitator]: 6: 58 cheyanne: see 6: 53

7: 07 cheyanne: hannah ok let me go back

7: 07 Swanlakejgs [Facilitator]: Yoli - me too, I think I will start using my age as an excuse for not acting my age, I'll enter my second childhood - What is that Peter Pan Syndrome, sounds good to me, I am tired of being responsible.

7: 08 cheyanne: Charlene is so encouraging

7: 08 sbky: hgt I just feel that way sometimes when I miss him

7: 08 Hannah [Facilitator]: 7: 07 Yoli: Amen

7: 08 HoneyGurlTina: Yoli @ 7: 07 that is so true

7: 08 Yoli: sbky: You've got too much going on and in your favor to be there. I know you love your husband and family so much. I know how much you miss him.

7: 08 Swanlakejgs [Facilitator]: cheyanne - yes, she is a ball of fire.

7: 09 cheyanne: Hannah oh yes....It is fun to connect on FB and I have also connected with some people who we knew early in the marriage or were in our wedding ....and it’s hard.....

7: 09 HoneyGurlTina: sbky @ 7: 08 just lean on God, he will be your strength.

7: 09 Yoli: sbky, HGT: At least we know that God was the same yesterday, will be the same today and tomorrow. He knows our faults our thoughts, and all our quirkiness and still loves.

7: 10 Hannah [Facilitator]: hi helpme

7: 10 Swanlakejgs [Facilitator]: Hello helpme

7: 10 HoneyGurlTina: Yoli @ 7: 09 very true, He doesn’t change like our H's

7: 11 helpme: Hello Everyone ! Went out to visit with a friend but she never showed up so I came home....oh well...

7: 11 Yoli: Swan: Okay, I give you permission. We can hold hands while we revert to being children again. I just don't get to where I need a diaper.

7: 11 Hannah [Facilitator]: helpme we are your friends

7: 11 HoneyGurlTina: Well all, I wish I could stay, but I have to go get to work.

7: 11 helpme: Cheyanne; Hello !!! So Good to see you : )

7: 11 Hannah [Facilitator]: honeygurl have a happy new year.

7: 11 Yoli: HGT: That's exactly right. Plus we know exactly what he wants us to do and be like. Regardless of what is going on around us. I like that.

7: 12 HoneyGurlTina: I just wanted to pop in and wish you all a Happy New Year!!!

7: 12 helpme: Hannah; Yes YOU ALL ARE !!!!!

7: 12 HoneyGurlTina: See you all next year!!!! LOL

7: 12 Yoli: HGT: Bye, have a good night.

7: 12 cheyanne: hi help me I am doing chat and listening to Charlene cares.... lol

7: 13 HoneyGurlTina: Night night All

7: 13 helpme: cheyanne; Cool!

7: 13 cheyanne: Helpme that is cool that you are friends with your H

7: 13 Swanlakejgs [Facilitator]: Yoli - well I am hoping to get about 30 or so more years under my belt before the diapers kick in.

7: 14 helpme: cheyanne; Yes....things are changing a little bit at a time (though must admit sometimes I wish things would go faster)

7: 15 Yoli: swanlake: That sounds good. It will make it easier to find someone to parent you if you're not in diapers.

7: 16 helpme: cheyanne; He tends to surprise me a good bit now & again...

7: 16 Swanlakejgs [Facilitator]: Yoli - I figure I changed diapers on two children for a few years, so there will come a day when it is their turn to return the favor - LOL

7: 17 helpme: Swanlake; Did MAS make it in tonight ?

7: 17 cheyanne: helpme what kind of surprises

7: 17 Swanlakejgs [Facilitator]: helpme - haven't seen her tonight, she was here last night.

7: 18 Swanlakejgs [Facilitator]: helpme - but she does have a couple more hours to come in

7: 19 Yoli: swanlake: That's funny but that's true. That's usually what happens. I did an internship at a nursing home. It was very sad. Primary smell was urine.

7: 19 helpme: cheyanne; Wanting to be friends on fb, giving me keys to his extra car to drive, sending me his cell #...asking if I'd like to come & have Christmas dinner ....things like that...never know when he will call to ask if he can come by.

7: 19 Yoli: helpme: You're husband? Wow that's good.

7: 20 cheyanne: help me wow that’s amazing

7: 20 Swanlakejgs [Facilitator]: Yoli - I worked as a nurses-aid when I was in high school and understand what you say

7: 21 helpme: Yoli; ..last year hardly EVER heard from him or seen him at all...

7: 21 Yoli: Swanlake: Oh yeah, then you would know. What's interesting is that no one would tell my mother-in-law what was going on with her. They called her TIAs "attacks." After that summer when she experienced an attack, she asked me to tell her and to be

7: 22 Hannah [Facilitator]: helpme you are an angel because I don't think I could sit down and eat Christmas dinner with ow there.

7: 22 sbky: hannah helpme I don’t think I could either

7: 22 Yoli: Swanlake: cont-honest with her. I had to call my husband and tell him that she wanted to know so I told her. I was concerned that not only he but his siblings would be mad.

7: 23 Hannah [Facilitator]: sbky that’s why helpme is an angel

7: 24 Yoli: helpme: That's even more amazing. Yeah, I thought I remembered that there was an OW involved. Well maybe things are as rosy as what he wanted. That's great. You are an angel if you can do that.

7: 24 Swanlakejgs [Facilitator]: Yoli - he hopefully respected that you spoke with him first about it.

7: 24 helpme: Hannah; As I have said, have felt the Lord has given me a peace concerning ow....I don't feel 'threatened' by her like I use to....it's like I know the Lord can & WILL take care of things!

7: 24 Hannah [Facilitator]: helpme you are truly a Godly woman.

7: 25 Swanlakejgs [Facilitator]: helpme & Hannah - in agreement to 7: 24

7: 25 Yoli: Swanlake: Not really sure what he thought. I always told him that she needed to know what was going on. Oh well, I guess I'll never know.

7: 26 helpme: Hannah; I have not ALWAYS been able to be in the same room with her....I almost fell to the floor & was shaking like a leaf the very first time I was...

7: 28 helpme: Swanlake; Remember when ow used to follow me around & I would be scared out of my skin? I remember that very well!

7: 28 Hannah [Facilitator]: helpme God hasn't put me in that situation because he knows I can't handle it. LOL

7: 29 Swanlakejgs [Facilitator]: helpme - I do remember that, at least my husband other women only stalked me on the internet, well the one he married did come to my office in California, but I didn't see her and it was only once that I know of.

7: 29 Yoli: Hannah: Younger daughter said that she was going to probably change her major from the pre-med route and was seriously considering becoming a speech pathologist. I almost fell to the floor because I've been telling her that's what she needed to do

7: 30 Hannah [Facilitator]: Yoli, that is great. My d has one semester left (Masters) and she takes the big national exam on January 11.

7: 30 Yoli: Hannah: cont-from the very beginning. She did say that she wouldn't make as much money as I make because she doesn't speak Spanish as well as I do. Some of the girls on the volleyball team are majoring in this. I thought you would be tickled since

7: 31 Yoli: Hannah: cont-your daughter is majoring in it. Good for her. Yeah the NESPA, I remember it well. I’m sure she will do fine on the exam.

7: 31 helpme: Swanlake; I would run in the house & lock the door! But someone here in chat told me I had nothing to be scared of, nothing to be ashamed of, to go out & hold my head up when I see her & I did! Well....plus Pray A lot!

7: 32 Swanlakejgs [Facilitator]: helpme - I remember that too, glad you have your head up high.

7: 32 helpme: Swanlake; I kind of 'made myself' not be so scared of ow...when I would see her outside I would go ahead and hold my head up & keep on walking!

7: 34 Yoli: All: I'm going to watch a video. I want to wish you all a Happy New Year. Thanks for everything.

7: 34 helpme: Swanlake; I KNOW it was with the Lord's help though....none of it was on my own

7: 36 Hannah [Facilitator]: Swan I ordered my book today for bible study. There are two books under the same title but different authors, make sure you get the right one. I will probably send an email out informing everybody to make sure they get the right author

7: 36 Hannah [Facilitator]: Happy new year plum

7: 36 helpme: Swanlake; OH....I have a answer to something you prayed about! Son was ORDERED to go & see the doctor on base! He has a really bad infection

7: 39 helpme: Cheyanne; How are you doing??

7: 41 Swanlakejgs [Facilitator]: Hannah - I have your email about it from before, was the author in that email correct? I was going to town Saturday and will look for it.

7: 42 Hannah [Facilitator]: Swan yes the author is the one in the email

7: 42 helpme: Hannah; Did you know we are having a 'blue moon' tonight?

7: 42 Swanlakejgs [Facilitator]: helpme - Yippee! God does answer prayer and I am glad he has been ordered to go to the doctor.

7: 43 Hannah [Facilitator]: helpme no I didn't

7: 43 helpme: Swanlake; When dil told me & I got off the phone I said 'that was a quick answer to prayer !'

7: 44 Plumcrazy: ALL--Hello Was reading back in chat. HAPPY NEW YEAR

7: 44 Hannah [Facilitator]: OK what is a blue moon

7: 45 Swanlakejgs [Facilitator]: helpme - not all prayer takes long periods of time, remember the woman with the people praying for Peter, while they were still in prayer, he was knocking on the door.

7: 45 helpme: Hannah; It only happens every so many years...the moon's color is blue...haven't you heard 'once in a blue moon'...

7: 46 Hannah [Facilitator]: yes I have heard of once in a blue moon but didn't know the origin

7: 48 helpme: Swanlake; Yep, you're right! Guess he listens to those over him over there rather than his mother....oh well, just so he went & got on some meds !

7: 48 Swanlakejgs [Facilitator]: Hannah - Blue Moon information - At the end of 2009, a “blue moon” will preside over the annual New Year’s Eve countdown and accompanying ball drop in Times Square. But what does this mean? For most people, it will just mean a full pie in the sky Thursday night. A blue moon is simply the second full moon in month. It doesn’t actually have anything to do with color at all. Usually, there’s only one full moon each month because the monthly calendar was built on the lunar cycle (29.5 days). But once every 2-1/2 years, those extra half days add up to two full moons in a month.

7: 50 Hannah [Facilitator]: Swan thanks. I think my boss explained that to me a while ago but I had forgotten

7: 50 helpme: Swanlake; Thank you! You're tops you know that...if we don't know something you can and will find the answer!

7: 51 Swanlakejgs [Facilitator]: helpme - I have the NASA website bookmarked, my grandson and I use it often.

7: 51 Hannah [Facilitator]: Hi MAS happy new year

7: 51 helpme: cheyanne; Hello! Glad you came back : )

7: 51 Swanlakejgs [Facilitator]: Hello MAS - glad you have joined us tonight

7: 51 helpme: MAS; Hello : )

7: 51 MAS: Hello Swanlake.

7: 52 Plumcrazy: MAS-So glad to see you

7: 52 helpme: Hannah; Well...look at this...H is on skype right now & sending a message...BRB

7: 52 Plumcrazy: SBKY: You are back!!!

7: 52 Swanlakejgs [Facilitator]: helpme - I am a studier, research is almost like a bloodline to me, so...

7: 53 Plumcrazy: Computer issues?????

7: 53 MAS: Hi helpme. How was your time at the coffee shop?

7: 53 cheyanne: swan that is amazing to me the difference with helpme’s H

7: 53 sbky: plum I am gonna blow this laptop up if my nephew can’t fix it

7: 53 Plumcrazy: Swan-I like doing research too!

7: 53 MAS: Hi Plumcrazy, how are you?

7: 53 Plumcrazy: Computer issues??? LOL I can’t type

7: 53 MAS: Hello everyone

7: 54 helpme: I’m back...he just wanted to say happy new year

7: 54 Plumcrazy: MAS---I am just hanging out with family at home. It snowed here today 2-3 in. Now it is raining

7: 54 Swanlakejgs [Facilitator]: cheyanne - yes, her husband has done a complete 180 over the past year and it is proof that God is in control and moving in his life

7: 55 MAS: Computer problems.

7: 55 Swanlakejgs [Facilitator]: helpme - how sweet, I just love seeing how God is working in your husband

7: 55 sbky: helpme, your son or your h?

7: 55 helpme: MAS; My friend didn't show up so I came back home to spend it with my friends here!

7: 56 helpme: sbky' It was a message from H

7: 56 Plumcrazy: Helpme-PTL!!!!!!

7: 56 sbky: helpme cool

7: 56 cheyanne: helpme that was from your H? wow......

7: 56 cheyanne: maybe I should text my H Happy New Year...LOL

7: 56 cheyanne: just kidding

7: 56 Hannah [Facilitator]: chey you and me both

7: 56 cheyanne: he is so mad at me

7: 57 helpme: Swanlake; Like I've said....I never know 'what' he may do next or when...

7: 57 cheyanne: helpme that is really interesting that he is communicating with u

7: 58 MAS: helpme: Your friend never showed up? I’m sorry! But glad to see you here. Did you say that you heard from you H tonight?

7: 58 helpme: MAS; Yes, he typed me a message on skype

7: 59 MAS: I don't know what's happening tonight. I keep getting kicked off.

8: 01 helpme: Swanlake; I guess that means he's home tonight....that's something...

8: 02 Swanlakejgs [Facilitator]: helpme - that is actually a good thing, right, he isn't out doing the NYE partying thing

8: 02 MAS: Hello BlueSky. How is the party going?

8: 03 MAS: helpme: Didn't you have computer issues last night? It looks as if I’m going to have problems the rest of the evening.

8: 06 helpme: Swanlake; Yes...what's odd is ow always goes out to a party & H stays home with her kids...

8: 08 helpme: cheyanne; Are you doing ok? Have been a bit concerned about you & all that's been going on

8: 08 BlueSky: MAS, just getting back. I have 5 girls here, have their chocolate melting and I will stay out of their way now.

8: 09 BlueSky: MAS, are you on dialup?

8: 10 MAS: Oh boy. It doesn't seem as if I’m meant to be in chat tonight for some reason.

8: 11 Swanlakejgs [Facilitator]: MAS - or maybe you are really meant to be here and the enemy is trying to keep you away!

8: 11 Hannah [Facilitator]: MAS don't give up, don't let the devil keep you out.

8: 12 MAS: BlueSky: No, I’m not on dialup. I never had problems like this before.

8: 12 helpme: Swanlake; That's Probably It !

8: 12 Plumcrazy: ALL: Going to say goodnite HAPPY NEW YEARS everyone. Take care and be careful if you are traveling!

8: 12 Hannah [Facilitator]: MAS my computer is not acting right tonight either.

8: 12 Hannah [Facilitator]: Plum happy new year

8: 13 Plumcrazy: Nite all

8: 14 MAS: Swan/Hannah: No, I’m not giving up....not yet anyway. I'll keep signing in and out if I have to.

8: 14 helpme: Swanlake; It's already the new year were son is right now....they are a day ahead of us!

8: 15 MAS: helpme: I hope your son is feeling better.

8: 17 helpme: Swanlake; You know what son did? He didn't open the Christmas gifts I sent him till we was on skype talking, wasn't that nice of him to wait?

8: 17 Hannah [Facilitator]: helpme that was very nice. What did you get him?

8: 17 helpme: MAS; Yes, he was ordered to go & see the doctor on base so he got meds

8: 18 Swanlakejgs [Facilitator]: helpme - that was so wonderful, bet it made him feel that family connection and was nicer for him too.

8: 19 BlueSky: Hannah, was this bible study your idea? If so, it is a great idea. Also, did you pick the book, from experience. I noticed the author has a couple of other books too, do you know them?

8: 20 helpme: Hannah; A little thing to hang on his bunk to remind him that we all was thinking of him back home & some of his favorite Christmas candy...I don't remember what else I put in the box though....that's bad...

8: 21 Hannah [Facilitator]: bluesky, Beth and I have done bible studies for quite a few years then Swan joined us the last few years. Beth came up with this book and I do have one of the others - Becoming a Woman of Excellence. She is a good author. We have done some of Joyce Meyers, Beth Moores, The Power of a Praying Wife, and Woman.

8: 22 sbky: I am back for a bit. I had to get on my friends computer

8: 22 Hannah [Facilitator]: helpme no that is nice. I don't always remember what I put in when I am packing up a box. I sent him some cookies, chocolates, bread, berry jelly, and strawberry jelly. Let me know when he receives it.

8: 23 BlueSky: Hannah, totally awesome. Where do you do your other bible studies?

8: 23 helpme: Swanlake; I still believe the Lord had His Hand in us getting to talk for so long...dil said she didn't feel like coming here & get on computer & I felt so blessed to have that time to see & talk to him

8: 25 helpme: Hannah; I know he will be tickled to get it! He's So very grateful to get anything from people here at home. He also always tells me how very much he appreciates everyone’s prayers!

8: 26 Hannah [Facilitator]: Bluesky Beth and I use to do them on AOL IM and then Swan joined us so we opened up a private chat on AOL IM. Then with this new chat room we are doing it on here.

8: 26 sbky: hannah I am not so sure I want to start any studying up yet. just got through with all that studying..lol

8: 28 Hannah [Facilitator]: sbky I understand

8: 28 helpme: Hannah; I will miss his call tonight though...he would always call me & wish me a Happy New Year

8: 29 BlueSky: Hannah, you mean you started out with just 2 of you and expanded? That is great.

8: 31 Hannah [Facilitator]: Bluesky yes, people come and go but Swan Beth and I have been faithful for the last 3-4 years

8: 32 Swanlakejgs [Facilitator]: BlueSky - it is a lot of fun to do the study and then get together with each other and discuss it, share our answers, etc. I really enjoy it.

8: 34 helpme: Swanlake & Hannah; I have a prayer request; H is finished paying me support...after paying my rent & taking tithes out I do not know how I am going to pay the rest of my utilities....

8: 35 Swanlakejgs [Facilitator]: helpme - praying as we speak and will keep it in prayer.

8: 36 Hannah [Facilitator]: helpme will pray but please check into getting help

8: 36 Swanlakejgs [Facilitator]: helpme - when you got your disability was spousal support figured into that, if so you may need to go to the state office and have an adjustment done.

8: 36 helpme: Hannah; Yes mom...I will

8: 38 helpme: Swanlake; Bless you for praying....will check into that

8: 39 helpme: Hannah; My new landlord told me my rent will increase in Feb also....I thought 'wonderful'...

8: 39 BlueSky: helpme, what do you mean he is finished paying you support?

8: 39 helpme: Bluesky; Yes

8: 40 Hannah [Facilitator]: helpme does that mean to what she wanted in the beginning or higher

8: 41 helpme: Hannah; It will raise 50.00 in Feb she said & another 50.00 this summer she said..

8: 42 BlueSky: helpme, what do you mean? Was your support only for a certain length of time?

8: 44 Hannah [Facilitator]: hi steadfast

8: 44 helpme: BlueSky; Yes...I told my lawyer that wasn't what I wanted or needed but she said I needed to take what I could get...which as for only 3 yrs., but H drug it out to 4 yrs

8: 44 Swanlakejgs [Facilitator]: Hello steadfast, welcome

8: 44 BlueSky: helpme, is that normal?

8: 45 helpme: BlueSky; I had a lawyer who took the easy way out....

8: 47 helpme: BlueSky; Plus she flat out lied to me which really wasn't right

8: 47 BlueSky: helpme, wow, I have not worked in probably 20 years and don't have a degree or anything. Not sure what I will do.

8: 47 BlueSky: helpme, why would she do that? what was in it for her? to lie I mean?

8: 48 sbky: bluesky I went back to college when my h moved out. and I just graduated in Dec.

8: 48 BlueSky: sbky, I know you did. I have no desire to do that whatsoever. I am happy for you though.

8: 49 steadfast: Hi to all and Happy New Year. Just came home from a pot luck dinner with many from my church held at someone's home. I really bombed the dish I made. Usually always make something that I am familiar with but someone gave this recipe thought it would

8: 49 MAS: helpme: Without the rent increase, would you be able to cover your utilities? Did your H respond to your e-mail?

8: 49 helpme: BlueSky; She 'told me' she would give me back the 500.00 I had to borrow to hire her...well, I never saw a penny of it, she kept it for herself plus got 500.00 from H

8: 50 steadfast: be really good and a sure thing, far too greasy ;called for 1/2 cup of butter when couple tbsps would have done. Oh well, it was so nice to have the invitation and be with other Christians for New Years that's the main thing

8: 52 Hannah [Facilitator]: steadfast I am sure they didn't notice too much

8: 52 BlueSky: helpme, wow, not cool

8: 52 helpme: MAS; No word from H on the e mail...no, don't think I can

8: 53 steadfast: Helpme: Catch me up. Sounds like your h is making changes. How long in MLC and are you divorced , separated ; is there ow? Hope you don't mind me asking; it is encouraging to know that someone is seeing their spouse do an about face. Helps the rest of us.

8: 55 steadfast: Hannah: I brought home 2/3 of a large pan of food made. I kind of think they did notice. This lady said her recipe went over well with everyone. She may just make it from scratch and really wasn't sure how much butter she really puts in Oh well, least of my worries!

8: 56 sbky: all it is almost new years where I am

8: 57 helpme: steadfast; H has been gone 4 yrs., yes, D. Yes, there is ow, they live together. H tends to surprise me now & again : ) This year was the first time we had been in the same room for Christmas....H invited me! Said he wanted me to come out so we can enjoy grandkids together !

8: 57 Swanlakejgs [Facilitator]: sbky - cool in three minutes you will be in a different year than some of the rest of us are - how cool is that!

8: 58 BlueSky: Swan and Hannah, you have been wonderful to stay so long and late.

8: 58 steadfast: In 2 minutes it will be midnight where I come from too

8: 59 helpme: Swanlake; I like the idea that when we get to heaven we will ALL be on the same time zone!

8: 59 BlueSky: Happy New Year to everyone. goodnight and blessings for a brighter 2010

8: 59 Swanlakejgs [Facilitator]: BlueSky - thank you, we enjoy being with all of you.

8: 59 steadfast: Helpme: I take it ow was present. How did that go over/

8: 59 helpme: Bluesky; Happy New Year !!!

8: 59 Hannah [Facilitator]: My wish for you all is that the Lord shower us all with blessings from above and that he will bring our prodigals home to their families where they belong. Happy new year everybody

8: 59 Lia: Happy New Year! God's Blessings for salvation of families & restoration of marriages around world

9: 00 sbky: Happy New Year

9: 00 helpme: HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!

9: 00 steadfast: Happy New Year to all. It is midnight here.

9: 00 Lia: Steadfast for me too

9: 00 Swanlakejgs [Facilitator]: Happy New Year to those in Eastern Time Zone!!

9: 01 Hannah [Facilitator]: Doesn't it make you a little sad seeing them all at Time Square hugging and kissing.

9: 01 steadfast: Amen to Lia and Hannah

9: 01 helpme: Lia; Amen!!

9: 01 helpme: Hannah; AMEN!!

9: 01 Hannah [Facilitator]: Not that I would want to be in Time Square but I'll take the hugging and kissing

9: 02 steadfast: Swan and all: Thanks for the New Year's Greeting

9: 02 Swanlakejgs [Facilitator]: Hannah - (((((hugs))))) and XXXXkissesXXXX

9: 03 Hannah [Facilitator]: swan thank you

9: 03 MAS: Hannah@9: 01 Yes, it does.

9: 03 Lia: Hannah Amen 8: 59

9: 04 sbky: well all I am gonna shut down. night..

9: 04 Swanlakejgs [Facilitator]: sbky - goodnight, sweet dreams

9: 05 Hannah [Facilitator]: goodnight sbky

9: 05 steadfast: I turned on the tv and see time square and everyone celebrating. and they always play for old time..That makes me a bit sad

9: 05 helpme: Happy New Year Everyone....May The Lord Richly Bless You !!

9: 06 Hannah [Facilitator]: helpme you too

9: 06 Lia: All just to let you know, I have found some new ministries & a church (denomination) that believes in covenant marriage It is God's Missionary Church. Mainly in NY & PA Also joined Spirit of Hosea forum all covenant marriage related!

9: 06 steadfast: Goodbye sbky

9: 06 helpme: my dogs are going nuts with all the gun fire outside : )

9: 06 Lia: Hannah 9: 01 I'll take the hugging & kissing too!

9: 07 Lia: helpme gunfire what, you in West Virginia or something? Maybe Pennsyltucky as we call it where I’m from!

9: 08 helpme: Lia; No, small town people go crazy here....

9: 08 Lia: Cheyenne So glad you came to chat tonight Hope you're feeling better tonight!

9: 10 helpme: cheyanne; wanted you to know have missed you in chat !

9: 10 Lia: My house is like any other night kids in front screen except we are drinking sparkling grape & apple/pomegranate juice & eating strawberry/blueberry shortcake!

9: 10 Hannah [Facilitator]: swan so what big city do they watch the count down in your time zone?

9: 11 Swanlakejgs [Facilitator]: Hannah - Don't really know, probably a toss up between St. Louis and Kansas City, since we are about the same distance from both.

9: 12 Swanlakejgs [Facilitator]: Hannah - sorry, didn't catch the time zone - I think Chicago is the count down location for this time zone

9: 12 Swanlakejgs [Facilitator]: grace - hey lady, how have you been

9: 12 Lia: Dick Clark still has hardly changed. His speech is prob didn't he have stroke few years ago? or throat cancer?

9: 12 Hannah [Facilitator]: Grace happy new year from the Eastern Time Zone

9: 13 grace2: Happy New Year backatcha y'all. Mine Won’t be for a few more hours

9: 14 Swanlakejgs [Facilitator]: Lia - Dick Clark has a restaurant and theater here and he visits a few times a year, still looks the same, but up close you can tell he is wearing make up.

9: 14 Lia: All I may be going to Sioux City in future to that restoration ministry I spoke of earlier to spend some intense time of spiritual reflection, prayer & learning. I can give you all more info later

9: 15 grace2: Swan: Things are really going well. Financially still stressful but the Lord is seeing us through. I've been busy studying and taking some fancy cooking classes. I’m taking some beginner's knitting classes starting mid Jan.

9: 15 helpme: Well...this lady is going to go to bed....God Night All And Blessings To Each And Every One!

9: 16 Lia: Grace2 remind me is H home?

9: 16 Swanlakejgs [Facilitator]: grace - boy you are busy, glad you came by to say hello, we miss you

9: 16 Swanlakejgs [Facilitator]: helpme - night

9: 16 Hannah [Facilitator]: Swan my bed is calling. Good night all. Take care everybody.

9: 17 grace2: Oh goodness. Everyone off to bed?

9: 17 Swanlakejgs [Facilitator]: Night Hannah, may your dreams be filled with the beauty of God's grace and found memories.

9: 17 Lia: Nite Hannah!

9: 17 grace2: Lia: Yes my h is home. Over 3 years, now.

9: 18 grace2: Is Chey still here?

9: 18 Swanlakejgs [Facilitator]: Well all, it is time for us to begin our goodbyes, the room will close in a few minutes.

9: 18 Lia: Grace2 9: 17 that is awesome!

9: 19 Lia: Grace was your H really angry & cold in far country?

9: 19 steadfast: Grace 2 How long was h gone and was there ow

9: 20 Lia: Goodnight to you all & God's blessings & miracles of salvation & restoration in 2010!

9: 20 grace2: Swan: It's so good to see you , my dear friend. I miss being in chat. regularly. I pray for many restored marriages this 2010 and even more importantly, continued growth in our relationships with the LORD. May all the prodigals out there find God/

9: 20 steadfast: All; I am glad that I had a chance to chat with you for a bit. Wishing you all God's greatest blessings in the New Year

9: 21 grace2: Lia: My h had moments of anger but nothing big. He had overwhelming guilt and shame and never disconnected completely.

9: 23 grace2: Lia: H was gone about 2 yrs but never lost contact. Never intro'd ow to kids or family. Kept her hidden. It was really hard but I grew in God soooo much because of it.

9: 23 Lia: Grace2 mine is strongly in replay still kind of symptom of entire life, proud & not sure if any guilt or shame. He's like water off a ducks back! For now, until God brings him to Damascus road! Love him want him in heaven, good down inside too!

9: 25 steadfast: Praying for you all. Good to talk to you tonight. On my way to bed now. God bless

9: 25 Swanlakejgs [Facilitator]: All, going to close the room now, please join us again tomorrow evening.

9: 25 grace2: Lia: My h is still in mlc, I think. Don't know if he'll ever truly come out of it. I pray he will. Only God can heal all the wounds and bring peace to their tormented souls.

9: 25 grace2: Goodnight /Swan

9: 26 Lia: grace 2 that's for sure God grant them mercy, forgiveness & salvation

6: 49 Yoli: Swan: So regarding the other person, why does my husband go to such lengths to keep me from seeing her? I find this rather strange.

6: 50 Swanlakejgs [Facilitator]: Yoli - hard to say, my husband did it out of respect for me, he didn't want to hurt me more than he already was by putting her in my face literally.

6: 52 Swanlakejgs [Facilitator]: Yoli - plus in the cases which the husband is lying to the other person, they really don't want the wife and the adulterous coming face to face and beginning to compare any notes - he will be found out and his lies known.


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Chat Room Acronyms

Guests often use acronyms to speed up their conversations. Here are a few examples for you:

I have been S from my H for 2 years. We have 3 children, S8, S13, and D16.
I have been Separated from my Husband for 2 years. We have 3 children, Son age 8, Son age 13, Daughter age 16.
  OW = Other Woman   AW  = Adulteress Woman   W  = Wife   OP = other person
  OM  = Other Man   AM  = Adulteress Man   H  = Husband   LBS = Left behind spouse
  D = divorce or daughter   S = son or sister or separated   XW  = ex-wife   GF = Girl Friend
  DIL = daughter-in-law   SIL = Sister-in-law or Son-in-law   XH  = ex-husband   BF = Boy Friend
  MIL = mother-in-law   MLC = Midlife Crisis   PG = Praise God   CS = Child Support
  FIL = father-in-law   MLD = Midlife Dimensions Ministry   PTL = Praise the Lord   ED = Erectile Dysfunction
  w/ = with   w/e = weekend   b/c = because   
  w/o = without   BRB / be right back   LOL / laughing out loud