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Valentine's Day - 2/14/10

6:30 graceful: Cricket: I went ahead and clearly wrote down what I am praying for as far as my H and our M is concerned. So after listening to a very challenging prayer sermon. I am embarking on Operation Save my Marriage with the best weapon in the entire world

6:36 Cricket [Facilitator]: 6:30 graceful: I love this - For me, I prayed for my h's healing, I prayed that the Lord guide me, lead me to His path, give me wisdom & the right words, let His light show through me. I also prayed that the Lord would redirect my H's path to His will & that the Lord show my H the truth and most of all for my H's healing.



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6:00 Swanlake: Hello everyone, how are you tonight?

6:00 Plumcrazy: Hello

6:01 ndakmom: hi everyone! Happy Valentine's Day!

6:01 Joey [Facilitator]: hello everyone!!!!

6:01 MAS: Hello.

6:01 Joey [Facilitator]: Happy Valentine's Day!

6:01 Cricket [Facilitator]: A couple weeks ago, my Pastor spoke about how in Mark 8, Jesus fed thousands with just a couple loaves of bread & a few fish. Two weeks later, again there were thousands to feed. The disciples asked how they could feed the masses. Of course again Jesus did feed everyone. My Pastor's point was how quickly they forgot and how often we forget that all that Jesus can do... How we doubt in difficult times. I thought how much that applies to all of us in our painful times. We need to remember His Love and His power.

6:02 Cricket [Facilitator]: Welcome all, Happy Valentines Day.

6:02 Plumcrazy: ALL---Trying to figure things out. H had a talk with me. We talked about him. He says he is still planning to leave in 3yrs after D graduates

6:03 ndakmom: plum- I’m sorry, hopefully within that time he will change his mind, how long has he been in his mlc?

6:03 Joey [Facilitator]: Hi MAS, Swan, Plum, NDA, Bethel, Yoli and Still!!

6:03 Plumcrazy: ALL-- Says my past is 99% of the problem he has with me. My looks and weight the other 1%

6:03 bethel: plum, hang in there

6:03 MAS: Hello Joey.

6:03 Cricket [Facilitator]: Plum - I hate to be a broken record, but please remember how confused they are during mlc... What they say one moment can be completely different from what they think the next.... Refer to what I shared at 6:01

6:03 Yoli: Joey: Hey, how are you?

6:04 Joey [Facilitator]: Hi Mas, so glad you joined us!!!

6:04 MAS: Thank you, Joey.

6:04 Joey [Facilitator]: Yoli, I’m good! hope your are!

6:04 Cricket [Facilitator]: Plum/All - All of our H's say lots of things that they don't mean, they are so lost and confused that they don't know what they may want or think tomorrow, let alone in 3 yrs.

6:04 ndakmom: all- I think this is positive, earlier today my son wanted to invite his dad for Vday, we were going to order dinner and I was making a nice dessert, so I let him call his dad, H said he would see, which I really thought was a no. However, he showed

6:05 Yoli: MAS: Good, you're here. I’m glad. I was in the zone while writing reports and didn't want to stop. So I didn't call.

6:05 Cricket [Facilitator]: Hey MAS, Swan, Plum, Ndakmom, Bethel, Yoli & Still - So glad to see you all.

6:05 ndakmom: all cont- and is still here, been here since 4:30pm and it's now 8pm here

6:05 Plumcrazy: All--He has been singing these songs in his language and their English translations. I asked who are you thinking about. H's answer was this woman he is obsessed with finding in 3yrs that he never dated but was interested in him

6:05 Still: Hi everyone!

6:05 MAS: Plumcrazy: I am so sorry.

6:05 Yoli: Joey: I t thought I would check it out tonight. I feel as if I don't talk to people sometimes.

6:05 Plumcrazy: All--Says if he can’t have her doesn’t want anyone he will stay alone

6:05 Joey [Facilitator]: Hi Help!!!!!!!!!

6:06 Swanlake: Plumcrazy - how great that he isn't planning to leave immediately and you have three years to make the changes and develop your growth in God, so that the things of the past that he is talking about can be changed as well and he can see the new you.

6:06 Cricket [Facilitator]: Ndakmom - PTL - That is wonderful, but go back & be friendly & show him your upbeat attitude. Affirm him where you can and flirt if the opportunity arises.

6:06 helpme: Hello everyone!

6:06 Joey [Facilitator]: Yoli, so glad you’re with us tonight.

6:06 Yoli: Cricket: Hey, how are you? Is the fund raiser over?

6:06 helpme: MAS; I’m sorry I did not get you called today, working to get boxes unpacked & time got away from me

6:06 Cricket [Facilitator]: Plum - Please stop asking him these things, do not ask WHO he is thinking about, don't ask any of these types of things.

6:06 bethel: excellent ndak!

6:06 Joey [Facilitator]: Hi Help! how are you?

6:07 MAS: Plum: Have you done the Love Dare with him?

6:07 bethel: Plum, sounds like emotional torture

6:07 Cricket [Facilitator]: Swan/Plum - I agree with Swan. God can do a lot & you can make a lot of changes in 3 yrs.

6:07 Plumcrazy: Swan---The thing is what he says is the biggest problem is my past I can’t change that. And he won’t forgive me

6:07 Yoli: Bethel: How you are? Did you all split the @#$@ assets after all this time?

6:07 ndakmom: cricket- thanks cricket, he also said he would give the boys showers tonight and he's thinking about joining us tomorrow for my niece's birthday party

6:08 Cricket [Facilitator]: Yoli - YES it's over and I’m still trying to catch up and rest up. Thanks for asking. It went VERY well although I felt like I was attacked the whole week prior to the event, all still went well.

6:08 helpme: Joey; Got a BIG blessing this morning....my son called from overseas & we got to talk...have really been missing him

6:08 MAS: helpme: I was thinking about you but didn't know whether to call or not--didn't know if you were busy.

6:08 bethel: yoli, no situation worse. I made h offer on the house. H made a motion to the court to sell instead

6:08 Yoli: Cricket: Attacked how?

6:08 Joey [Facilitator]: 6:08 helpme: whooo hooooo God is good!

6:08 ndakmom: bethel- thanks, it truly made my day, we were never big into Valentine's day, but it's nice he decided to spend a nice dinner with us

6:08 Plumcrazy: Swan-I have lost 28lbs so far. Still working on losing more. don’t think that will make any difference. I even lost 5lbs this week

6:09 bethel: ndak, big, big deal!

6:09 Yoli: bethel: Sorry about that. Did that one come out of left field at you?

6:09 helpme: MAS; ANY TIME you want to call please feel free to do so!! I’m never too busy to talk to you, ok??

6:09 Swanlake: Plumcrazy - he is using that as an excuse to justify his bad behavior, you work on you and trust in God, who can direct the heart of anyone as He wants it to go. Bet you that Saul never thought he would become Paul - but he did!

6:09 ndakmom: help- that's awesome about getting a call from your son

6:09 Cricket [Facilitator]: Plum/Bethel/ALL - If we ask questions about the future, what they are thinking, then we are letting them pull us on their roller coaster. You wouldn't ask someone suffering a high fever talking out of their head any questions like that.... a mlcr is much like that person who is ill & out of their head. It only hurts & serves no purpose as things change so much.

6:09 bethel: yoli, absolutely since he has asked several times if I want the house. Now that I do, he does want me to have it

6:10 Yoli: swanlake: I'm not even paying attention. How are you?

6:10 MAS: helpme@6:09: Thank you so much! That really means a lot.

6:10 Plumcrazy: MAS----So glad to see you here!!!!!

6:10 Swanlake: Plumcrazy - if he told you your weight is only 1 % of the problem, then that is something to work on so you are healthier, but focus more on the things that are really bothering him. If it is only things you did in the past and haven't done since,

6:10 Yoli: bethel: Wow. I wonder if he thinks he can get more money if it sells. What's the housing market like there?

6:10 Still: Cricket, My group date with my H went well last night. Light, fun...just a good time. We all laughed quite a bit and had a lot of fun as a group. So it went well.

6:10 helpme: Joey; Yes, he called Saturday & I was away from the apartment & was SO depressed I missed his call, it truly was a blessing to get to talk to him.

6:11 Swanlake: Plumcrazy - continued - then pray to God to soften his heart and pour out forgiveness.

6:11 Cricket [Facilitator]: Yoli -Everything that could go wrong or become a challenge with the event.... did... I was continually scrambling to put out fires which caused a lot of stress. EX: Our celebrity auctioneer had the day wrong & called me a couple days before the event. Luckily he worked out the conflict & was there, but lots of things like that

6:11 Swanlake: Yoli - I am good.

6:11 MAS: Plum: Thank you! I’m really sorry for what you're going through.

6:11 bethel: cricket, I have a situation that I would like some feedback on but feel uncomfortable to share with the group. Is there an alternative?

6:11 ndakmom: still- that is awesome on the date!!!

6:12 Cricket [Facilitator]: Still - That's GREAT - They are struggling so much with depression, fun time like that work wonders in them as they crave those times.

6:12 Yoli: Cricket: Okay, well yeah I can see how this can be stressful. But you handled it. That's good.

6:12 bethel: yoli, housing market dead here. But we got a acceptable offer for cash after h lowered price

6:12 Cricket [Facilitator]: Bethel - Yes - I'll send you a message.

6:12 Swanlake: Cricket is so correct, questions create threatening moments for them, heck they barely know what they want to do in 20 minutes much less commitment factors and for down the way.

6:12 helpme: ALL; I now have my stuff from the other house here!! Some guys from church came Sat. & moved them...all I have to get from house is some boxes, Thank You, Lord!!

6:13 Yoli: bethel: So it's on the market? That's too bad.

6:14 helpme: I now have my computer desk !!! YES!!!

6:14 MAS: helpme: I’m so glad that you got to talk to your son! I know how depressed you were feeling.

6:14 Joey [Facilitator]: hi graceful!!!

6:15 Still: ndak, Cricket, thanks. One thing that perplexes me....we have a close group of friends and the topic of marital intimacy often comes up...joking about frequency, etc. My H always laughs/jokes, yet we have not been intimate for 11 months. Odd??

6:15 graceful: Hi Joey, I had a good day today but my H had a way of calling me back and letting it end on a bad note but I called him and told him I did not appreciate how he had talked to me

6:15 Plumcrazy: Swan-----H has a problem wit how many people I was with before him. I can’t change that and he won’t let go of that.

6:15 Cricket [Facilitator]: Bethel - I sent you an email.

6:15 helpme: MAS; I was flat out crying about missing my son's call, I’m very grateful he was able to call again : )

6:16 bethel: cricket, OK

6:16 Cricket [Facilitator]: helpme - Wonderful - What a Valentines Gift

6:16 bethel: still, wonderful, wonderful!

6:16 graceful: Cricket: I know that yesterday I was on a good footing today I am back to the unknown but still very optimistic

6:16 helpme: MAS; I told him he sure made my day

6:17 Plumcrazy: Helpme ---So you have your bed back. I bet you are glad of that

6:17 Swanlake: Plumcrazy - Jim often says that they cannot let go of the past until there has been long term evidence that our changes are permanent and for real. You are not that person anymore, you are a loyal wife and he will see that one day. For now, he is most likely using it as an excuse for by it is ok for him to be with other women now, a way to degrade you and make himself superior. Don't let his words get into your heart, because you know you are not that way anymore.

6:17 Cricket [Facilitator]: ndakmom - This really is great. Keep it light, show him that you won't pressure for more or ask questions. Show him this can be a fun visit, no stress.

6:18 BlueSky: Hello all, I just got home from my daughters hockey game. Glad I made it in time.

6:18 Still: Hi BlueSky.

6:18 MAS: helpme: Yes, I’m happy you got to talk to him as well. That must have made your day. Glad that you're finally all moved in too.

6:18 BlueSky: Hi Still, how are you?

6:18 helpme: Plumcrazy; My bed, my dresser, computer desk, something to set my tv on....hey, it's feeling more like home now : )

6:18 Joey [Facilitator]: 6:15 graceful: sometimes we have to think of them seriously like a teenager and let things roll off us and keep the high rd but that’s easier said than done sometimes!

6:19 BlueSky: Graceful, are you feeling better today?

6:19 Still: BlueSky, I am doing well and you?

6:19 Cricket [Facilitator]: Plum - They find excuses for their actions, you can't change the past but you can work on you, not just loss of weight but that's good, but other areas Jim teaches too. Showing him respect, affirm him, not being too nurturing, etc

6:19 ndakmom: cricket- he's playing video games with the boys, so I figured me stepping away for chat and allowing the kids and him to have time alone would be nice for them all

6:19 graceful: My H told me that he will becoming by to pick up the rest of his stuff. it’s devastating to watch this happen and think that 4 months ago we were in a better place

6:20 helpme: MAS; How are you doing now??? Any more dizzy spells???

6:20 vsingh: Hello all: Happy Valentine's DAY

6:20 MAS: Hello, BlueSky. How are you?

6:20 BlueSky: Still, just okay today. I have a hard week ahead of me. Saw my h for the first time today in 2 weeks. Then we fly with our d later in the week to Boston. He doesn't even say hi anymore

6:20 graceful: Blue Sky I had an awesome day until my H called me this evening and burst my bubble of joy and

6:20 Cricket [Facilitator]: Helpme - And the praises keep coming... PTL

6:20 Plumcrazy: Swan----No other woman just the one in his head that he dreams about. Someone he never dated but wanted to date but didn’t think he was good enough for so he walked away

6:20 vsingh: Plum: I am looking into those words for you

6:21 BlueSky: MAS, hi are you doing better?

6:21 MAS: helpme: No dizzy spells today, thankfully.

6:21 Still: Plumcrazy, I was my H's first girlfriend and then we married. He has made comments during MLC that he should have dated others and should have had more experience. It hurts...I just think he is unfiltered in much of his thoughts unlike pre-MLC.

6:21 BlueSky: Graceful, I am sorry. Glad you had a good day most of the day.

6:21 ndakmom: all- the kids are bugging for dessert, I will try to pop back on before the end of chat

6:21 Cricket [Facilitator]: Still - That's not bad that this topic comes up. You are making changes in you and these topics plant little seeds with your H. Depression makes intimacy difficult but you are working on things that will help him work though that

6:21 graceful: I had lunch with some girlfriends and I now have 4 prayer partners who are standing with me for my marriage. I am staying upbeat and motivated

6:22 Cricket [Facilitator]: Graceful - We all go through waves of strength & uncertainty, the more you learn & grow the more days of strength you will find. Keep up your good work.

6:22 BlueSky: Graceful, that is wonderful news, PTL

6:22 vsingh: Yoli: thanks for your card, I never got to thank you

6:22 Joey [Facilitator]: 6:21 graceful: that’s great!!!!

6:22 Still: BlueSky, I am sorry. Are you on the same flight?

6:22 Yoli: vsingh: Well hey, how are you? No problem about the card.

6:22 graceful: Blue Sky: I am tired of letting him ruin my days and I have decided I am in control of my emotions and I will not let him steal my Joy. that’s the devils plan to come in and mess me up when I know that GOD is in control. So I am going to be happy.

6:22 Plumcrazy: Vsingh-----Thank you. But I was stupid and asked H who he was thinking about with these songs. He said someone he never dated because he didn’t think he was good enough for. The one he plans on finding in 3yrs

6:23 helpme: Cricket; Yes...and I had lost my gloves 'somewhere'...well, this lady who can't get out much sometimes I go & check on her. I went last week when it was so cold to make sure she was ok. My hands were frozen when I got there...CONT.

6:23 BlueSky: Hi Swan, how was BS? I have a question for you. My d told me today that she feels that when I give a gift of a cross, or prayer card at Easter or Xmas, that I am pushing my agenda on her.

6:23 vsingh: Plum: I am sorry that must hurt, but God can change his heart

6:23 Cricket [Facilitator]: ndak that's good, do participate when you can to laugh & cheer him on. Make sure that you compliment him on time he's spent with the kids and making today so nice for all - focus particularly on the kids or ALL of you... not so much ME as he will worry about giving false hope... but still affirm him

6:24 Plumcrazy: Vsingh---He is obsessed with her lately don’t know why. Would still like to have the translation.

6:24 helpme: Cricket; CONT. This morning at church she gave me a new pair of really warm gloves....MUCH warmer than my old ones!

6:24 MAS: BlueSky: It's been a little rough for since it's Valentine's Day. I haven't been able to stop thinking about my H and wondering if he's with the OW today.

6:24 Cricket [Facilitator]: BlueSky - Still treat your H the same - say Hi, have a good trip, etc etc regardless of if he replies.

6:24 Still: Thanks, Cricket. Sometimes I think...how can this possibly be my life now? I am still living with this man that I so dearly love and we are residing like roommates. I don't know how a reconnection would even start...assuming he would want that.

6:24 BlueSky: swan, cont, oops pressed enter too early. I said it was my responsibility to teach them. She disagrees not about the teaching but the pushing. So I know you will have the right answer for me as to what I should have said.

6:24 vsingh: plum: I sent it to my friend who is married to someone from Pakistan

6:24 Swanlake: BlueSky - only me and Beth, so we decided not to do it and just wait until next week for more people, so we are still on chapter 4.

6:24 Cricket [Facilitator]: Blue - Act like you don't notice that he doesn't respond...

6:24 BlueSky: Swan, I just feel like I can't even think clearly anymore

6:25 helpme: MAS; Keeping you in prayer concerning the dizzy spells

6:25 Cricket [Facilitator]: Graceful - That is huge - remember when 2 or more pray together..... Wonderful.

6:25 BlueSky: Cricket, thank you, I did. I smiled too. I was ready for him to come over today, I guess it will be tomorrow. He is waiting for an answer from me re: mediation.

6:25 vsingh: all: how do you handle people that make you uncomfortable about what happened with your h

6:26 Plumcrazy: Cricket----After H told me he was thinking of this other person, He made a comment "Wow, you aren’t getting upset yelling with spit coming out of your mouth and waving your hands," I said "Yeah I have been working on making changes"

6:26 bethel: all, did anyone listen to the Charlene cares (sp?) conference call?

6:26 Cricket [Facilitator]: Graceful - AMEN & AMEN - That is exactly the right attitude - Also it really confuses them. They really miss joy and fun so when they see your peace, they are drawn to that. Very good.

6:26 graceful: Cricket: Last night my H told me that he plans on staying celibate for the next year to make sure that he is not on rebound about me. He also said that he is heartbroken but he has to move forward with his life. I refused to go on the defensive

6:26 bethel: blue, you smiled? good for you!

6:26 Still: Plum at 6:22....Your H's words sound like that of a teenager pining for a crush. I always try to put those things in perspective. These are not the thoughts of a grown man with responsibilities. I have to look at things that way to cope.

6:27 BlueSky: Cricket, okay I will, We will be travelling together on Thur-Sat. I am not sure how that will be

6:27 Swanlake: BlueSky - having a son who is an unbeliever, I have told my son that I love him very much and desire salvation for him, however, respect his right to have his own choice. But I also have the right to my choice and my choice is to pray for him. As

6:27 Cricket [Facilitator]: Helpme - Wow you must be doing a big happy dance as Joey says and praising Him Big Time

6:28 BlueSky: bethel, hi, yes I did today. thank goodness I could listen while on the road.

6:28 MAS: helpme: Thank you. Please pray that I can overcome this anxiety and depression as well.

6:28 Cricket [Facilitator]: Still - God knows, we often don't see anything happening and then one day he's really home. Keep up your good work. There are many who's H's are home restoring their marriage who asked the same thing

6:28 Swanlake: BlueSky - continued - as for the gifts, tell her he will respect her request not to give her these types of gifts and will be satisfied for now just to pray for your family.

6:29 Cricket [Facilitator]: Plum - Yup - They often test us and again they are also very confused. It takes time to see our changes are real and to work through their own stuff. It wasn't that long ago you talked about your H hitting himself in the head and talking about the other voices, etc

6:29 Plumcrazy: Cricket/Swan----I really wonder what is going on lately. Why am I having these doubts now?

6:29 helpme: Cricket; I got an odd message yesterday from ow...she heard from dil how depressed I was that I missed son's call. In the message she said that she had great respect for me & what I have to go through with son being overseas in war...

6:29 bethel: saam, how are you? You are very quiet tonite

6:30 Joey [Facilitator]: all, another phone call, sorry!!! looks like I’m missing some praises!

6:30 Plumcrazy: Cricket---He is back to hitting himself in the head again.

6:30 Cricket [Facilitator]: Graceful - You handled that perfectly. Let them share, don't get upset, just smile & know God is working and He has a plan. While you work on yourself, God is working in him.

6:30 Saam: Bethel...just trying to catch up

6:30 sbky: hello everyone

6:30 graceful: Cricket: I went ahead and clearly wrote down what I am praying for as far as my H and our M is concerned. So after listening to a very challenging prayer sermon. I am embarking on Operation Save my Marriage with the best weapon in the entire world

6:31 Still: Cricket at 6:28. Thank you for your inspirational words. This morning I went to a local restaurant and picked up crepes for my H and kids. Had little gifts for each of them for Valentine's Day. My H thanked me and then washed and put away the dishes.

6:31 BlueSky: Swan, thanks, I will do that. I was saddened to hear my son isn't going every week anymore. when he was younger he was the one that brought us back to the church. Then we worried that he was too involved. And now he doesn't even believe his father

6:31 BlueSky: swan, cont. will come home. He was my rock at the beginning.

6:31 vsingh: All: gotta take care of son, I gave God a Valentines Present, God is our Valentine, I am praying for you all.

6:31 graceful: My secret weapon is prayer and I am at so much peace with myself that I have a ladies night out this coming weekend and a sleep over

6:31 sbky: everyone I have wanted to share with yall since yesterday about 5.it is a PTL moment

6:31 Cricket [Facilitator]: Plum - The enemy attacks us even more when God is working but either way, particularly important to pray even more when doubt creeps in.

6:31 sbky: all. I don’t know if this computer is gonna cooperate

6:32 graceful: Sbky that is awesome news

6:32 Plumcrazy: SBKY ----Hello Type fast!!!! LOL

6:33 sbky: all I will make this as short and understandable as possible. I ended up with my h's apartment key. he let take his truck and he was stuck at the store under where he lives. It is like his second home. I took his key to him, and I went in the cont

6:33 graceful: I am already rejoicing even though I do not know what it is about.

6:33 Swanlake: BlueSky - as time goes by family and friends often begin to fall away in our stand, unfortunately we live in an instant gratification world and anything that takes time most give up on. He loves you, but it isn't happening fast enough for him.

6:33 Cricket [Facilitator]: 6:27 BlueSky: It's important to act upbeat regardless of how he acts. Have a few things you can talk about (safe things) if there is a lull .. challenge yourself to show your H the fun, happy, carefree woman you are becoming.

6:34 sbky: all. store to give it to him. I have never went in the store. I gave him the key. and was about the door when he said Hey. he walked over to me and got within 2 feet of me. he was asking me if I remembered a little girl that played on my d team.. cont

6:34 Cricket [Facilitator]: 6:29 helpme: She might have been checking to see if son called you. Don't volunteer info and keep things friendly from your side.

6:34 Saam: Plum: have you ever visited; rejoiceministries.org this site has been a life saver for me.

6:34 sbky: all cont. last year. he tried to explain who she was and what was going on. they had just found her dad dead. and he said "we " will need to tell d she might want to send flowers...

6:34 Cricket [Facilitator]: 6:30 Plumcrazy: When he says the things he does, remind yourself of his hitting - that is so clear how much he's struggling.

6:34 Plumcrazy: Saam---NO. will look at it though Thanks

6:35 BlueSky: Swan, excellent point. It isn't fast enough for me either, hehehe.

6:35 Yoli: sbky: Woohoo. That's wonderful. There are no small things.

6:35 graceful: Cricket: Yesterday while chatting with my H online he tells me that his sister is wondering what is going on with me since she has not heard from me. My H said we need to tell people we are separated. I told him I am working on the M.

6:35 sbky: yoli fb wouldn’t let me talk to anyone earlier. I was trying to tell you..

6:36 Plumcrazy: SBKY----Facebook is messed up since the change

6:36 Cricket [Facilitator]: 6:30 graceful: I love this - For me, I prayed for my h's healing, I prayed that the Lord guide me, lead me to His path, give me wisdom & the right words, let His light show through me. I also prayed that the Lord would redirect my H's path to His will & that the Lord show my H the truth and most of all for my H's healing.

6:36 Saam: Bethel 6:26...I did wasn't that such a blessing?!! Her site is wonderful..it has saved me so many times this week!

6:36 Yoli: sbky: Sorry about that. You think it's your computer? Well I’m glad I got on tonight so that I could read about it. I think it's wonderful. Maybe this will be his Damascus road experience and he realizes how valuable and short life is to be acting so crazy

6:36 bethel: sbky, that we words means soooo much

6:36 Swanlake: BlueSky - me either, but I have to trust God that it is because it isn't the right time yet and when it is the right time it will be more than I could ever ask for.

6:37 helpme: Plumcrazy; I don't like fb with the changes they have made!

6:37 sbky: all I stood there trying to smile but it was sad. but I was saying "thank you God".. because the little winks had been happening. and I recently asked God for a bigger one. one that was more h doing something ..

6:37 Cricket [Facilitator]: 6:31 Still: The Lord is really working in all of this. Keep working on yourself as they don't trust our changes. They need time to be sure our changes are real and that we can forgive - It's not from our words, that doesn't work, but our actions. Great Job

6:37 sbky: all I even started to call him and tell him I was outside. but "something" said no go in the store..

6:37 Cricket [Facilitator]: 6:30 graceful:

6:37 bethel: saam, me too. It was wonderful to hear the Lord Prayer at the end

6:38 graceful: Cricket: The Lord had me outline each area that needed prayer and it’s healing, restoration, reconciliation and renewal and each one of them breaks down into specific topics. So I have a picture of us in the bathroom and in the living room. I

6:38 sbky: all this was so big. h hasn’t started a conversation with me in years. and then said "we" I was almost in shock.. and this kinds of stuff. before he would haven’t said a word to me

6:39 MAS: Yoli: Will you be available either later tonight or sometime tomorrow?

6:39 Cricket [Facilitator]: 6:35 graceful: They get uncomfortable to hear we are standing, because they are struggling & so confused. Still you are keeping things light, not clingy, good

6:39 ndakmom: cricket- on 6:23 would be okay if I say thanks for coming by tonight, that it meant a lot to the boys and then also thank him for giving the boys a shower

6:39 Saam: Bethel: I know it was like the angles of Heaven were all speaking at once...also the renewal of our vows for us standers...I cried through most of the phone call!

6:39 Cricket [Facilitator]: sbky - PTL - Sometimes we miss the God winks as we are too immersed in our own pain/grief - if we look, God is there for us.

6:40 graceful: SBKY: God is not a man that He should lie and there is nothing that is to hard for him so that is good news PTL

6:40 Yoli: MAS: Yeah, I’m just doing some more cross-stitch. I am tired but can talk. I have a meeting in the morning to go to but should be finished about 10. Don't have to work tomorrow.

6:40 Plumcrazy: Cricket@6:35--I have prayed similar prayers

6:40 sbky: graceful I know God can do anything but it has to be his will..

6:40 MAS: Yoli: Okay, thanks.

6:41 graceful: Joey are you still there? I was wondering what your take is on the Love and Respect book does it apply to those of us whose H's have already moved out?

6:41 BlueSky: Bethel, Saam, I would like to see the renewal of vows in written form, wouldn't you ?

6:41 Still: Thank you, Cricket. I think I did so many of the wrong things for a long period of time. I really feel like the Lord is with me. I feel his presence so often. I pray daily for God to keep his arm around my shoulder and hand over my mouth (as needed)

6:41 sbky: ALL when my bil and sister was separated once he told her at one point he just wanted to hear her voice. I wondered it h might be feeling that way

6:41 Cricket [Facilitator]: sbky - That really is a praise - Only you share those memories with your H (of the girl he mentioned) no one can share that with him like you can

6:42 Cricket [Facilitator]: Saam - I hadn't been able to say hi -how are you. Did your H take that trip with you?

6:42 graceful: SBKY: I believe that everything that happens is God's will. If it was not then it would not happen whether good or bad we as humans tend to corrupt it

6:42 Still: sbky, that is soooo wonderful. "We" is really big...in my book!

6:42 Joey [Facilitator]: 6:41 graceful: sorry, had another stander friend on the phone and trying to read chat! let me go back and catch up!

6:42 sbky: cricket.. I barely share anything with him about sports. and she was on the team last year.. but it was h wanting to talk to me and even in public. I was so happy

6:42 Yoli: Cricket, Joey/All: All I can add tonight is that I really do miss my husband very, very much. It'll be almost 4 years since he moved out and I feel that I miss him more every day. Is that normal? Am I not doing well?

6:43 Cricket [Facilitator]: Still - I love that - His arm around your shoulder & his hand over your mouth..

6:43 sbky: all as I left I thought I can’t wait till chat

6:43 Saam: Bluesky: they are going to have the phone conference on their site in a few days..maybe we could ask for a copy. I bet that they will make them available to everyone.

6:43 graceful: Joey: I am reading the love and respect book by Emerson Eggerichs and I am not sure whether it will help me since my H has moved out. I am sure it will have a time and place to become useful just wanted to get your opinion

6:44 helpme: Swanlake; There was something I was wanting to tell you; usually son goes to work in the afternoon...today they ask him to come in this morning because they would be busy because of the holiday....I thought that should tell youngest son CONT

6:44 bethel: grace, what did you think of that book? It was a real eye opener for me

6:44 Cricket [Facilitator]: 6:38 graceful: That is wonderful, LISTEN to things He gives you...

6:44 Swanlake: Yoli - Can't explain it, but even with zero contact with my husband my love for him seems to grow more with each day, as does the degree in which I miss him. For many, I think it is normal and yes you are doing well. I think it isn't that we miss

6:44 helpme: Swanlake; CONT; How good he is at cooking & what they think of him.

6:45 Joey [Facilitator]: Graceful, I haven't read that one but I think Swan or Cricket has.

6:45 BlueSky: swan, yes, you are so right.

6:45 graceful: Bethel yes it was. I wish I had read it 4 months ago instead of now but I know there is a time and season for everything

6:45 Cricket [Facilitator]: ndak - YES - DO tell your H how nice it was that he came by and how much it meant to the boys. If you can tell him something like - He is so much better at the games with the boys or something else to really compliment him in things he did for the boys... focus on the boys but that you enjoyed the day too

6:45 Swanlake: Yoli - continued - them so much that makes us not doing so well, but what we do with those emotions. Admit that you miss him, talk to God about it, talk to us, just be careful not to become consumed by it and stop living daily life.

6:45 Joey [Facilitator]: 6:42 Yoli: your doing fine!! holidays tend to pull these emotions out and make them more tender than normal.

6:46 sbky: all it was such a great feeling to ask for something Bigger and God gave it.

6:46 bethel: graceful, even though h is not home and we are in d proceedings, I have used some of it's wisdom

6:46 Cricket [Facilitator]: 6:39 ndakmom: Also thanking him for giving the boys their shower & how much it helped you is great

6:46 sbky: joey . valentines day 2006 is when I got the speech.. so I hate it. but not so bad after yesterday

6:46 Cricket [Facilitator]: 6:42 sbky: That really is a good sign that he brought this up and that he shared this with you, even suggesting flowers

6:46 graceful: Swan what are your thoughts on the Love and Respect book where does it fit in the crisis M that I am in with my H having moved out and not wanting to even talk about the M. How do you resolve M if you cannot talk about it?

6:47 Swanlake: helpme - affirmation for our children is also great and you are so proud of him, we know that, it is good for him to know as well

6:47 Cricket [Facilitator]: Still & Plum - Yes with your H's home, the Love Dare might really help

6:47 Joey [Facilitator]: 6:46 sbky: your the 4th stander that I know of that got the bomb around valentine's day!!!

6:47 sbky: cricket I had recently sent flowers to one of her coaches family when his dad died. but he talked to my d when she was depressed. took her aside and said I am here if you ever need to talk. not many men would do that with a teenage girl they would be afraid too

6:48 sbky: joey. he got me a funny card. the first funny card every. I asked what is wrong. he told me

6:48 Cricket [Facilitator]: Graceful - For me when my H moved out, I just had to focus on my growth & changes & use the things I learned here & from Jim when I did have contact with my H.

6:48 Still: Cricket, I am working through the Love Dare.

6:49 Cricket [Facilitator]: Still - GREAT - You are in a good position to do that. Did you watch the movie Fireproof?

6:49 Yoli: Swanlake, Joey: Thank you. I don't think it's consuming my life. I just think about him a lot. Yeah, there's no contact. The girlfriend is like a leech right now. She seems to have dollar signs in her eyes. Husband may get 2 years severance. It's

6:49 Joey [Facilitator]: 6:46 graceful: Graceful, really with MLC, love and respect doesn't register with them. they have a teenager mentality and can't remember or responsible during this.

6:49 sbky: cricket, it isn’t a little girl she knows well and he just doesn’t talk to me about stuff like this.. I was so happy and in shock and thanking God

6:50 Cricket [Facilitator]: sbky - Yes now days it's hard to reach out to young teenage girls as we all have to be careful with that. But if done carefully, when their Dad is not available, that is huge.

6:50 Swanlake: graceful - wow, it has been such a long time since I have read that book, it was an informative book, but I found others more beneficial in dealing with this MLC craziness. Reconciliation isn't normally achieved by talking, it is by listening and

6:50 Joey [Facilitator]: 6:48 sbky: whooo hoooo!

6:50 graceful: Well I guess I will use that information in the future then

6:50 Still: Cricket, Yes, last summer I hosted a movie night at our church and we watched Fireproof. It was great and I often go to YouTube and re-watch Caleb's Apology....it always makes me cry.

6:50 Yoli: Swanlake, Joey: cont-a lot of money. Apparently, she's making plans to go on a big trip. I think God is allowing me to find out things about them to confirm to me that all is not well in paradise. Thank God.

6:50 bethel: joey, grace, Do you really think CHAIRS cannot be implemented with a MLCer?

6:50 Cricket [Facilitator]: sbky/ALL - If you aren't already keeping a journal, you should. It is very therapeutic but it also helps to write down the praises as well as the pain & when we are hurting, looking back to praises is good.

6:51 sbky: cricket we don’t send flowers much. that was the only reason I did that time. my mil was raised. don’t send flowers use the money for something needed.

6:51 Joey [Facilitator]: 6:49 Yoli: in time, he will realize that but he will have to be the one to figure that out, even if it’s to late and drained him.

6:51 graceful: Swan I thought the same too. But I will go ahead and finish the read. I think I will register at the library so I can get more relevant books

6:51 Cricket [Facilitator]: 6:42 sbky: You H sharing & making a point about this is huge.

6:51 Swanlake: graceful - continued - then taking action, working on the things that irritate our spouses, and making those changes long lasting. Drawing close to God to be your support and helper. There is not magic formula, it is hard work and we have to be

6:51 Still: Cricket, the biggest difficulty I am having right now is trying to find something to talk to my H about that isn't the kids, weather, traffic....I am afraid it creates more of "we have nothing in common anymore" when I can't fluidly find a topic.

6:52 sbky: cricket. yes it is.. I can see it. to those who don’t know my stitch. it sounds so small but it is huge.

6:52 Cricket [Facilitator]: Still - Good as if people haven't seen the movie, they sometimes don't understand how to do the Love Dare when spouse isn't receptive

6:52 Swanlake: graceful -continued - willing to do it in a godly way, trusting in Him to change the hearts of our spouses and us, bringing us together as one-flesh.

6:52 Cricket [Facilitator]: sbky - WE have to give thanks for even little steps & also remember those when the enemy attacks.

6:52 Yoli: Cricket: No it's not husband sharing. Older daughter since she's staying at his place. She told me on Friday that they (she and girlfriend) are going to go to blows. I just told her to watch out for herself and to not throw the first punch.

6:53 sbky: cricket that is the sucky part about the good things. the enemy attacking

6:54 graceful: Swan: That is what my focus is on now. I am no longer looking for that instant feedback from him for progress. God is my Husband while he decides to walk away at the moment. For a while I did everything wrong. My H tell me that I should do everything

6:54 helpme: God Bless Each And Every One! In my prayers, good night

6:54 Cricket [Facilitator]: Still - talking about the kids is good. As you get involved in new activities, volunteer work, new hobbies, etc. These are things you can share. Make notes of things to bring up that you can look to for reminders. Even a good TV show or something like the Olympics, etc

6:54 Joey [Facilitator]: Bethel - CHAIRS?????

6:54 helpme: MAS; You call me any time, ok ???

6:55 Cricket [Facilitator]: sbky - That's another reason that it helps to write in a journal daily - I put stars or hearts by good things/praises

6:55 Joey [Facilitator]: Hi Beegee!!!

6:55 graceful: Swan Cont. My H says I should do everything right even when he does everything wrong. for a while I did not get it until after I revisited Ed Wheat’s book how to save my marriage alone. I wish I could change the title to with God

6:55 MAS: helpme: Thank you so much. Have a wonderful night!

6:55 beegee: Hi how is everyone?

6:55 bethel: joey, yes CHAIRS from the Love and Respect book.

6:55 Plumcrazy: Cricket---Twice in this week I have had doubts and thought about giving up on the marriage. H even said today "The sooner you give up on me the sooner you can move on with your life. You will make someone a good wife."

6:56 Joey [Facilitator]: 6:55 bethel: I haven't read that book so I don't know what that stands for - sorry :(

6:56 helpme: MAS; Will do, you also. Remember, you're in my prayers

6:56 Cricket [Facilitator]: Yoli - I think you meant your comment at about Daughter staying at his place for Swan?

6:56 Still: All, if any of you have ever seen Toy Story where the "Great Master" (claw) selects the alien toys from the claw machine, I often get this image of how we are randomly selected to begin the reconciliation process with our spouses. I know..it's weird.

6:56 Joey [Facilitator]: sadwife, welcome, glad your here.

6:57 bethel: plum, probably says that stuff just to see how you respond

6:57 ndakmom: cricket and all- H just left, I thanked him for coming for dinner and how much it meant to Nathan(our oldest) and thanked him for giving the boys a shower, and I had our son thank him for helping him with the video game they were working on, my H was

6:57 sadwife1: yes I’m late again. My h is always here which is good but I can't get in on time

6:57 sbky: all anyone that has my fb. I have pics of my kids from last night

6:57 Swanlake: graceful - sounds like your husband may have difficulty acknowledging other peoples boundaries, after you finish the Love and Respect book, maybe take a look at Boundaries in Marriage or Boundaries, when to say yes, when to say no - both by

6:57 Cricket [Facilitator]: Still - We have many of our group who's H's came home to restore marriage, many with no prior warning. Even my H

6:57 ndakmom: cricket and all cont- was pretty short and to the point when he left, he said he was unsure about the party tomorrow, but told our son that he would see

6:57 Yoli: Cricket: Yeah, sorry about that. I’m trying to multitask and obviously I’m not very good at it.

6:58 Cricket [Facilitator]: Still - Even my H's reconnect with me was without warning. WE need to keep working & be ready when God puts them in our path.

6:58 Swanlake: graceful - continued - John Townsend and Henry Cloud, very godly men and it is reflected in their books.

6:58 Cricket [Facilitator]: Yoli - As long as I didn't miss something, no problem.

6:58 graceful: Swan: my h was give the book by a friend and he has not even opened it to read it. I asked him if I could have it to read and he said yes. so I guess I will be a couple of steps ahead of him

6:58 sbky: all it is so amazing. I had seen and heard what I thought was him reconnecting with other people and I know I am last.. and I think wow is this what that is..

6:58 sadwife1: thanks. My h seems to know I do this because he seems to leave when I have about 5 min left in the chat

6:59 Cricket [Facilitator]: 6:52 Yoli: I'd also encourage your D to try to step out, go for a walk, etc to cool down before things escalate.

6:59 graceful: Cricket: I am happy that I am past the anger, bitterness and resentment stage I hope it does not come back again

6:59 Plumcrazy: Bethel----I didn’t respond to his comments at all

6:59 Still: sbky, your post gives me chills. I am praying this continues for you.

6:59 Cricket [Facilitator]: Graceful - For me, learning about mlc, working on myself, knowing I was not alone, that others have been in my shoes really helped me let go of anger

7:00 sbky: still thank you I am praying for it too.

7:00 Swanlake: Yoli - that is a shame that there is strife at your husband's house and it was wise to tell your daughter to watch out and not throw the first punch. So, sad that your daughter is having to deal with that. Pray, pray and pray some more - I will too

7:00 bethel: grace, how long ago did your sp leave?

7:00 Cricket [Facilitator]: Sadwife - Yes I meant to welcome you too

7:00 Joey [Facilitator]: hey gee!!!!!!!!!!!

7:00 Yoli: Cricket: She seems to think that if she gets into an argument with girlfriend, her dad will kick her out of house. But what does husband expect? He's shacking up with grilfriend while daughter is there.

7:00 geebo2b: hi all,, I know chat is over..but wanted to stop in and say hi

7:00 Cricket [Facilitator]: Hey Geebo - You keep catching us at the end of chat but so glad you joined us

7:00 bethel: plum, I would have smiled

7:00 geebo2b: Hope all are doing well, or at least 'OK' and blessed

7:00 graceful: Bethel 39 days ago

7:00 sadwife1: do we ever have a former mlcer join this group to give insight? that would be great

7:01 Yoli: Swanlake: Thank you. Could I also request that you pray that Michelle, the girlfriend, will find someone else that she can be with, not with my husband? Thanks.

7:01 Cricket [Facilitator]: Yoli - The good thing is that all of this helps both your D and your H to see more of the truth - It also is a reality ck for his girlfriend - God can use all of this.

7:01 Plumcrazy: ALL----I have been fighting the flu and after talk with H I didn’t even bother to get dressed. I feel terrible. Headache

7:01 Yoli: All: Thanks. Need to rest.

7:01 geebo2b: Hi Cricket: yeah..wish I could have gotten in earlier...things are a little nuts here..hard day with son..but at least he talked and is trying to hang on..so he is at least communicating with me now when things get hard for him

7:01 bethel: grace, I know why your name is grace.

7:02 graceful: Bethel what do you mean by that ?

7:02 geebo2b: he really wants his program to start..they cancelled him last week because they were out of room..but said he could start this week

7:02 Plumcrazy: Sadwife----Jim and David Alan have both gone through MLC

7:02 geebo2b: please pray that they don't cancel him again

7:02 sadwife1: yes I know about Jim

7:02 Swanlake: graceful - interesting that even his friends seem to think he needs to make some changes. Never hurts to be a step ahead in studying. Heck who knows if he knows you have read it, when he does he might even discuss it with you.

7:03 bethel: grace, that is a compliment. God has extend much grace on you since you have a lot a wisdom for only 39 days

7:03 Cricket [Facilitator]: 6:55 Plumcrazy: Your H says this thing about your moving on out of his guilt & low self esteem The fact he said you'd make someone a good wife shows he does appreciate you more than he admits, but he feels incapable of making you happy & of being happy himself.

7:03 Plumcrazy: Sadwife---David Alan is awesome

7:03 sadwife1: Is David Alan through it or still in it?

7:03 Cricket [Facilitator]: Geebo - Is your son going to a program?

7:03 geebo2b: Cricket: prayer for me...my CSULB job changed from invoice;;to payroll,, but the payroll office have me down for less than 1/2 of my pay and needs to be straightened out

7:04 Cricket [Facilitator]: Sadwife - That or the Lord give you time.

7:04 geebo2b: Cricket;;yes he is enrolled in 'Matrix' at UCLA and was supposed to start last week and they called him at the last minute and said they were full

7:04 Swanlake: Yoli - I always pray for the other persons, that they become obedient to God and turn from their sins with our spouses. They are lost souls and it really breaks my heart to see not only our spouses, but all the others affected being deceived and

7:04 graceful: Bethel: I have a team of 5 ladies standing and agreeing with me in prayer for my M to be healed, restored, renewed and reconciled and after many sleepless nights and bad habits and losing 20lbs I had to pull myself together and just lean on God

7:04 Plumcrazy: Cricket---What will you be doing tomorrow. Could I call you? I can’t find your number so could you email it to me?

7:05 geebo2b: Cricket: that really disappointed him...hopefully they won't do it again this week

7:05 sbky: all we have had so much snow my kids have missed more for snow day than they have been since Christmas

7:05 Cricket [Facilitator]: Plum - It wouldn't hurt to tell your H thank you when he said you'd make someone a good wife. But even if you just look at the praise part, that's good

7:05 bethel: grace, me too.. No choice

7:05 sadwife1: it always comes down to giving it all to God. I came to that in about the 4th month. It's hard to get there though

7:05 Swanlake: Yoli - continued - destroyed by the enemy. So, yes I will pray for her as well, that she returns to and/or becomes bonded to the one-flesh mate God has for her.

7:06 Cricket [Facilitator]: Graceful - Very good that you found this site so soon after your H left, you can learn quickly & make changes soon

7:06 graceful: Bethel: Thanks. Sometimes I wish the wisdom had been more effective when it came to my M. But it’s all good. it’s never too late for God he is always on time. I cried a lot in the past but now I am all about me and God. God will deal with H

7:06 sbky: graceful my h had been gone about 2 years before I found this site. so the sooner the better

7:06 geebo2b: Cricket and all: anyway the payroll glitch..the last time took over 3 months to fix...I need prayer to make sure it doesn't glitch again...I am supposed to get $31 per hour and they have me listed as $18 per hour..that will be a disaster for me

7:06 Plumcrazy: Cricket:---So often when h says things like that I am not sure how to respond if it will make things worse

7:06 Still: Good night all!

7:06 geebo2b: night still

7:07 Cricket [Facilitator]: Plum - I have a few appointments, tax appointment & have to check with my mechanic. My schedule will be a little crazy the next couple days. I'll check with you.

7:07 Cricket [Facilitator]: Plum - If you are not sure, say nothing and smile as you did

7:07 graceful: Cricket: I hope that the learning curve will prevent me from going to the courthouse. Tomorrow will be 30 days since he filed and I have a word for God so pray for me April 15th is a significant day for me

7:07 geebo2b: Cricket: I would also like to find a new living situation..new apt, new area etc..don’t know if it's the Lord's will, but I just feel the need for it..so I don’t know

7:07 Swanlake: Goodnight all, see you tomorrow evening with Jim

7:07 Cricket [Facilitator]: Geebo - We will pray with you. Definitely

7:07 sbky: night swan

7:07 sadwife1: I will try hard to make it for Jim.

7:08 Plumcrazy: Cricket---OK I will talk to you in a couple of days when things calm down Nothing urgent

7:08 geebo2b: Cricket: so at least prayer towards God's will in possibly a new and better living sitch

7:08 graceful: Good night Swan

7:08 sadwife1: goodnight everyone. Prayers for you all!

7:08 geebo2b: Thank you

7:08 geebo2b: Bless you all

7:08 Cricket [Facilitator]: Graceful - We will pray with you but you know that even if he starts the process - God is working

7:08 geebo2b: need to run will be praying for all here

7:08 geebo2b: Love and blessings,

7:08 Cricket [Facilitator]: Plum - Email me your ph# & I'll try to catch you between things.

7:08 graceful: I am excited about making it for Jim tomorrow I have missed him twice and I do not want to miss him tomorrow

7:08 sbky: plum you going to yahoo?

7:09 Plumcrazy: Cricket---OK. But really don’t worry about it A couple of a days is ok

7:09 Plumcrazy: Sbky---Thinking about it

7:09 sbky: plum ok

7:09 graceful: Cricket: I agree that we as humans can plan and prepare for battle but God is the one who decided the victor. Today in church I declared my victory and 4/15/2010 is going to be the day for me to have a victory dance by God's grace

7:09 Cricket [Facilitator]: Lord we pray for your mighty work in Geebo's situation, his employment, his financial situation and for your mighty work in his son. Lord we pray a hedge of protection around Geebo & his son, in Jesus Name we ask that you lift our brother Geebo up and bless him and that your will be done in his life. AMEN

7:09 sbky: plum I had been looking for you today. wanted to share

7:10 Plumcrazy: Sbky---Probably

7:10 Cricket [Facilitator]: Graceful - We will pray with you but trust the Lord, He can turn all things for his good.

7:10 graceful: Amen Cricket: Geebo I will be praying for you tonight as well in my closet (my prayer closet)

7:10 Plumcrazy: Sbky---Sorry. I was feeling down, sick and S was on the computer then H was

7:11 Cricket [Facilitator]: All - We need to close, let's remember to pray for one another after chat.

7:11 sbky: night all

7:12 Plumcrazy: Cricket--Can I ask for prayers. That I find my center again and get back on track.. Not let the doubts being planted in my mind take over

7:12 graceful: Cricket: I have no doubt in what God can do. That is why I am very optimistic right now because he has pulled me away from a very bad place where depression was lingering and I had a defeated spirit.

7:13 graceful: Cricket: I am believing all things, hoping all things and enduring all things. So Good night and I cannot wait for tomorrow

7:13 Cricket [Facilitator]: Lord we ask that you touch Plumcrazy, fill her with your peace and understanding, guide her and give her your words, we ask your mighty work in your life and in her H's life. We pray for healing in both of them and that you lead them each to the path you have for them. Lord we pray a hedge of protection around them lord and we give you all the glory for your work in their life. In Jesus name. AMEN

7:14 Joey [Facilitator]: Plum, darling we have you covered!!

7:14 Cricket [Facilitator]: Graceful - I can tell the Lord is really doing mighty work in you, keep working and learning. He is with you.

7:14 Joey [Facilitator]: 7:13 graceful: be unmovable like that and let God keep you there!

7:14 Plumcrazy: AMEN THANK YOU LADIES!!!

7:15 graceful: Thanks Joey and Cricket AMEN TO ALL THE WONDERFUL PRAYERS

7:15 Joey [Facilitator]: Amen Cricket!!!

7:15 Cricket [Facilitator]: Graceful - We have a few members who live near you. I also have family near there too. WE had a retreat in your fair city a few years ago.

7:16 Plumcrazy: Cricket---You know I had been doing so well don’t you. Then this came along Feel like I slipping

7:16 graceful: Well let me know who they are I need new friends now that my H has turned our closest friends against me

7:16 Joey [Facilitator]: Cricket, would you like for me to close?

7:16 Cricket [Facilitator]: Plum - Remember that often when we are attacked like that it's because the enemy is threatened by His work. Who knows what might be happening that you don't see

7:16 graceful: we had two inches of snow and all schools are out

7:16 Cricket [Facilitator]: ALL - Have a good night, come back tomorrow with Dr. Jim Conway

7:17 graceful: Good night and God bless

7:17 Plumcrazy: goodnight everyone

7:17 Cricket [Facilitator]: Graceful - Yes I heard. My cousin flew out here a few days ago as my Aunt fell & has had a health crisis - I was glad she got out before airport closed

7:17 Joey [Facilitator]: good night all, God bless and sweet sleep. Your spouses are covered in the precious blood of Jesus!

7:17 Cricket [Facilitator]: Good night - AMEN Joey

7:18 Plumcrazy: AMEN

7:18 graceful: Cricket it been a winter wonderland I have enjoyed it

6:30 graceful: Cricket: I went ahead and clearly wrote down what I am praying for as far as my H and our M is concerned. So after listening to a very challenging prayer sermon. I am embarking on Operation Save my Marriage with the best weapon in the entire world

6:36 Cricket [Facilitator]: 6:30 graceful: I love this - For me, I prayed for my h's healing, I prayed that the Lord guide me, lead me to His path, give me wisdom & the right words, let His light show through me. I also prayed that the Lord would redirect my H's path to His will & that the Lord show my H the truth and most of all for my H's healing.


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I have been S from my H for 2 years. We have 3 children, S8, S13, and D16.
I have been Separated from my Husband for 2 years. We have 3 children, Son age 8, Son age 13, Daughter age 16.
  OW = Other Woman   AW  = Adulteress Woman   W  = Wife   OP = other person
  OM  = Other Man   AM  = Adulteress Man   H  = Husband   LBS = Left behind spouse
  D = divorce or daughter   S = son or sister or separated   XW  = ex-wife   GF = Girl Friend
  DIL = daughter-in-law   SIL = Sister-in-law or Son-in-law   XH  = ex-husband   BF = Boy Friend
  MIL = mother-in-law   MLC = Midlife Crisis   PG = Praise God   CS = Child Support
  FIL = father-in-law   MLD = Midlife Dimensions Ministry   PTL = Praise the Lord   ED = Erectile Dysfunction
  w/ = with   w/e = weekend   b/c = because   
  w/o = without   BRB / be right back   LOL / laughing out loud