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July 4, 2009


1:10 Swanlake: Pualani - I have learned not to allow holidays and past celebrations to have control of my life, I get out and do something, curl up with the Bible or a good Christian book, chat on the phone, whatever, but I will not allow the enemy to use these types of celebrations to cause me misery, loneliness, etc.


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12:59 Pualani [Facilitator]: Hiya TiredB, good to see you!

12:59 TiredB [Facilitator]: 12:59 Pualani: Good to see you too

1:01 Pualani [Facilitator]: Thank you for being here with us Lord. I ask that all those who come into the chat room for fellowship, or who read these notes, will be encouraged and uplifted. Please help us to remember to look to you for guidance and strength. In Jesus’ name. Amen

1:02 Pualani [Facilitator]: 12:59 TiredB: I’m not sure if it will be busy or quiet seeing as you have your July 4th holiday today. What do you reckon?

1:02 TiredB [Facilitator]: 1:02 Pualani : not sure myself.......

1:03 Pualani [Facilitator]: 1:02 TiredB: Do you have plans for today?

1:03 TiredB [Facilitator]: 1:03 Pualani : nothing definite..... we are going to do something in a little while..... How is your Day going?

1:03 TiredB [Facilitator]: Hello Miss Swan

1:04 Pualani [Facilitator]: Hiya Swan and welcome to chat!

1:04 Swanlake: Happy 4th to all.

1:04 TiredB [Facilitator]: 1:04 Swanlake: Thank you I hope you have a great day as well.......

1:05 Pualani [Facilitator]: 1:03 TiredB: My day's nearly over. I've been catching up on chores and food shopping. I plan to watch a film later if I can stay awake!

1:05 Pualani [Facilitator]: Hey Swan, what are you doing today?

1:05 TiredB [Facilitator]: 1:05 Pualani : is it 900 pm for you

1:06 Pualani [Facilitator]: 1:05 TiredB: Yes, just gone.

1:07 Swanlake: TiredB - thanks, there are plenty of celebrations around here if I decide I want to join any of them, to include here in the condo complex up at the pool area and I can watch the fireworks from my deck. I will start making my rounds soon. Bad thing

1:07 Pualani [Facilitator]: All, I’m guessing today is a tough one for you guys with memories of past celebrations.

1:08 Swanlake: TiredB - continued - with having so many different things going on, and not wanting to offend anyone, you hop from place to place, but it is fun.

1:09 Pualani [Facilitator]: 1:08 Swanlake: Nice that you have the choice to join if you want or to chill out by yourself if you prefer.

1:10 Pualani [Facilitator]: Hiya Cricket, good to see you in chat!

1:10 Swanlake: Pualani - I have learned not to allow holidays and past celebrations to have control of my life, I get out and do something, curl up with the Bible or a good Christian book, chat on the phone, whatever, but I will not allow the enemy to use these

1:10 SwanlakePualani - continued - types of celebrations to cause me misery, loneliness, etc.

1:11 Cricket2: Hi all - Happy 4th of July.

1:11 Brin2: Happy July 4th, everyone!

1:11 TiredB [Facilitator]: Swanlake..... that a great way to look at it......these days can take such joy from us if we let them.

1:12 TiredB [Facilitator]: Hi Cricket & Brin

1:12 Pualani [Facilitator]: 1:10 Swanlake, 1:10 Swanlake: I know it's easy to get drawn into past memories and feeling sad, but really it's just another day and as you say you can spend it with our Lord :-)

1:12 Brin2: Pualani@1:01, Amen!

1:12 TiredB [Facilitator]: Brin.... I hope your Birthday was one you could enjoy for yourself and make plans for a new year full of wonderful memories.

1:13 Pualani [Facilitator]: Hiya Brin, welcome to chat and Happy 4th July to my dear US Sisters-in-Christ!

1:13 Cricket2: I wanted to come in to chat before leaving for our town parade. I’m going to be helping with parade registration and riding in the parade. Nice thing about a small community.

1:13 Swanlake: TiredB - agreed, we allow the enemy to steal our joy, sometimes we even hand it over, but My God is an extremely BIG GOD and the enemy has to flee me because I stay drawn close to the Lord. He is my protection at all times

1:13 Brin2: TiredB@1:12, Thank you. It was fine. I went to counseling and a church meeting but did go out with friends before the day and after the day.

1:14 Pualani [Facilitator]: 1:13 Swanlake: AMEN to that!!!

1:15 TiredB [Facilitator]: Swan everything seem to have read regarding to day and history has come back to that same point.

1:15 Pualani [Facilitator]: 1:13 Brin2: Good that you had our Lord's company some me time and shared company with friends!

1:16 SwanlakePualani - God doesn't put any special focus on birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, these are important only to man and you are very correct, each one of them is simply just another day, days the enemy will use if we allow it.

1:16 TiredB [Facilitator]: Cricket .... I just love parades.......

1:16 Pualani [Facilitator]: 1:13 Cricket2: I like living in a small community, too! Pleased that you're able to say hi before heading out.

1:17 Cricket2: All -Yes I agree with Swan. We have a town fireworks celebration, a band in the park, good booths & games for kids. I love going there & have always worked the event as a cop before retiring so look fwd to enjoying it. I’m also invited to 2 parties

1:18 Pualani [Facilitator]: 1:15 TiredB: Would you explain more please? I don't quite understand...

1:19 Swanlake: Pualani and Cricket - I too, like living in a small community, however, since it is also a tourist area, this weekend is packed full of visitors to the area. But the good thing is I don't have to be out in the crowds and can retreat when they get

1:20 SwanlakePualani & Cricket - continued - to be too much. Celebrations are fun, but they also tend to bring out aggression, anger, stupidity, etc. in some.

1:20 TiredB [Facilitator]: 1:18 Pualani : sure...... to elaborate on what Swan said. We let the enemy steal our joy, and we give it to him..... I think it was in Charlyne Cares yesterday...... the same topic and finding peace with our day and celebrating our independence and praising those fighting for it.

1:20 Pualani [Facilitator]: 1:17 Cricket2: You're a popular lady - we all know that! I’m sure you'll enjoy your day.

1:21 TiredB [Facilitator]: Cricket : your riding in the parade because of your council adventure right?

1:21 Cricket2: Swan - Yes the neighboring town a few miles away is a tourist area so the freeway and main town are packed. Even our little park will be jammed for the fireworks but when you live here, you know where to park & walk in so you don't get caught in jam

1:21 Brin2: Cricket, What will you be riding? Your motorcycle?

1:22 Pualani [Facilitator]: 1:20 TiredB: Oh I see. Yes, CC was good yesterday and it's good to focus on those who enable our freedom and independence wherever we live.

1:22 Brin2: Swan@1:20, I am not a fan of crowds either and don't usually go to the parades. Only went when my H wanted me to go.

1:23 Pualani [Facilitator]: 1:21 Brin2: Oh Cricket what sort of motorcycle do you ride?

1:23 TiredB [Facilitator]: Pualani : we could all wallow in the past years or even just last year...... but God has given us the grace to look past that and focus on him and a NEW day. Amen

1:23 Swanlake: Cricket - aren't back roads wonderful, I use them all summer to avoid most of the traffic, plus being from here, I know what times to stay out of town.

1:23 Cricket2: Tired - I've actually been in the parade the past several years before Council. I've been on the Lions Club float in a Daisy May cop outfit - fringed shorts with police shirt - "arresting" citizens with a spray gun & putting them in rolling jail

1:24 Cricket2: Tired - This year I was asked to ride in the Antique Police Car as a representative of the City Council. I was also asked to ride on the Chamber of Commerce booth a couple yrs. That's the fun thing about being so involved in my town for so long.

1:24 Pualani [Facilitator]: 1:20 Swanlake: Yes, alcohol seems to spoil everything when it's taken to excess. I HATE having drunk people around me.

1:24 TiredB [Facilitator]: 1:23 Cricket2: How fun...... I love just being a kid at heart.

1:24 Cricket2: Pualani - I have my own Harley Sportster motorcycle and it would be fun to ride that in the parade one year. I haven't yet but it would be fun.

1:25 TiredB [Facilitator]: 1:24 Cricket2: have a great day..... it sounds exciting none the less.

1:25 Brin2: Cricket@1:24, What an honor!

1:26 TiredB [Facilitator]: Pualani : we lost you huh?

1:26 Cricket2: Pualani - I've shared some of the emails, ones between you and David & the only male in your home being your dog. We roared with this exchange. See before I really got to know you, I'd been told the English didn't have a sense of humor. Wrong!

1:26 Brin2: Pualani @1:24, Me too. I don't even like walking into a bar that wreaks of stale alcohol smell or be next to an alcoholic wreaking of alcohol.

1:27 Cricket2: Pualani - I absolutely love your sense of humor and we all need to laugh

1:27 Swanlake: Cricket - I am laughing so hard, I can picture you in Daisy May, however, all the way out there in California?? She was from just down the road in Arkansas after all - LOL!

1:27 Brin2: Cricket, What is a Daisy May?

1:27 Cricket2: Tired- Yes I never plan on growing up. Age is only a number and we're as young as we feel.

1:28 TiredB [Facilitator]: 1:27 Cricket2: exactly...... that is one thing my h and I share still is our kid at heart complex......age what is it any way....

1:28 TiredB [Facilitator]: Helpme..... welcome, how is your day going?

1:28 Pualani [Facilitator]: 1:26 TiredB: Hmmm, the screen just froze, but I’m back now!

1:29 Brin2: Cricket@1:27, Ditto. I still feel very young, and can't imagine that changing either.

1:29 Cricket2: Swan -She was - I have to admit I did the same costume 2 yrs just got a better squirt gun on my gun belt, because it was so popular. I found some short denim shorts with blk fringe and then tied an old uniform shirt at the waist, wedge sandals

1:29 Swanlake: Brin - From the comic strip Dog Patch, Daisy May was one of the characters, a very shapely young lady who wore short shorts, frayed and a mid-drift top, no shoes, a hayseed as they would say around here.

1:29 Brin2: Hi helpme.

1:30 helpme: TiredB; Hello. I’m sleepy today! Has been raining here since about 11;00 and have on the couch with a book :)

1:30 helpme: Brin2; Hello :)

1:30 Cricket2: Brin - Remember the old Dukes of Hazard TV show. There was this southern girl what wore short shorts & western shirts, sexy outfit on the show. Played by....(woops blanking on the blond actress)

1:30 TiredB [Facilitator]: 1:30 helpme: It was raining here early this morning....... I love to watch it and the sound of it pouring..... kind of peaceful.

1:31 Brin2: Swan, Thanks for the explanation. I can imagine Cricket looking cute in the costume.

1:31 Pualani [Facilitator]: 1:24 Cricket2: Our dental nurse has a HD and she goes cruising with a couple of 'older' men. My H used to have a big BMW and we'd go out together - he was an instructor, but never taught me - I plan to learn though!

1:31 Cricket2: Brin - Yes it started on the Dog Patch show but I always thought of her on the Dukes of Hazard show too.

1:31 Brin2: Cricket@1:30, Yes - Jessica Simpson. I get the picture. You have the figure for it, girl!

1:32 Pualani [Facilitator]: 1:26 Cricket2: The English do tend to be reserved, but I have a silly sense of humour - Mr Bean is one of my favourite comedians...

1:32 helpme: Swanlake; I was hoping my dil would bring the grandbabies over but I don't think she is....oh well.

1:33 Cricket2: Pualani - My H was our 1st Motor Cop and an instructor. He didn't want me to learn to ride saying I'd get hurt. He had an HD, I rode on the back. When he left, I took motor classes, bought my own HD so I could still ride. Rode w/a Christian group

1:33 TiredB [Facilitator]: helpme: I used to sit on the porch with a cup of coffee and listen and watch our sprinklers go....I found it peaceful too.... silly huh?

1:34 Brin2: Pualani @1:32, Yes, Mr.Bean is so silly that I get uptight watching him. An ex-BF loved him and made me watch Mr. Bean.

1:34 Cricket2: Pualani - I just rode with the Christian Motorcycle Group - invited by a couple from church. They said I did fine. Rode 150 miles including a difficult road over a mountain a couple weeks ago. When my H back stepped he said I don't ride well enough

1:35 Swanlake: Pualani - I never got the Mr. Bean stuff, but have to say that I love to watch PBS and see shows like Keeping Up Appearances, I get such a laugh out of Hyacinth (spelling??).

1:35 Cricket2: Brin - Thank you - Yes I was thinking of Jessica Simpson. Normally I don' t like to wear same costume twice but it was so popular and fun that I did it again last year. Many people took pix. My H was there watching so that was fun too last year

1:36 helpme: TiredB; No, sounds very relaxing to me! I go & help water flowers for my church & it really helps me relax. Someone told me once though it looked too much like work to them but I enjoy doing it.

1:36 Swanlake: helpme - I am sorry she is being as she is, but God will keep your heart covered and I have you in prayer.

1:37 TiredB [Facilitator]: 1:36 helpme: it is very relaxing..... do you getting to see the grand babies much.... or is it still seldom?

1:37 Pualani [Facilitator]: Hiya helpme, sorry I've been catching up on chat - boy can you girls talk! My friend would say you could talk the hind legs off a donkey!

1:38 helpme: Swanlake; I am really starting to miss my grandbabies...I think she knows that too. This makes the second time she's come down here and won't bring them to see me.

1:38 Brin2: Cricket@1:35, Do you think your H will be at the parade too today? What will you be wearing this year?

1:39 helpme: Pualani ; Ha, ha :)

1:39 TiredB [Facilitator]: All: Catherine Bach was the original "Daisy Duke" in 1979

1:39 helpme: Swanlake; So, should I give in and beg her to bring them to see me??

1:40 Pualani [Facilitator]: 1:34 Cricket2: Well, he'd have to say that wouldn't he!!! Any girl who rides a motorbike gets a high five from me! PS I rode an X boyfriend's bike in the fields at home once. I took to it straight away and zoomed off with him running alongside trying to get me to stop - it was so funny. Well, I thought it was - he didn't ;-)

1:40 Brin2: Tiredb@1:39, I have never heard of Catherine Bach. What else has she been in?

1:41 Swanlake: helpme - dear lady, you know better than I what the consequences to giving in verses standing firm will be, either way she is going to punish you, so what can you live with more?

1:41 Cricket2: Brin - No I’m sure he won't. When he back steps he stays away from town. I am so connected here, he used to be but really damaged relationships here in mlc. He was reconnecting but right now in his frame of mind, he'll pull back.

1:42 Cricket2: Brin - Since I’m representing the City Council this year, I’m more conservative with a blouse with an American Flag and Blue Walking Shorts.

1:42 Brin2: Cricket@1:41, He needs a good spanking from God - maybe he is already getting it through the pain, surgery, etc.

1:42 Cricket2: Brin - That was who I was trying to think of Catherine Bach in the original episode. Wow hard to believe it's been that long ago. Thanks so much.

1:42 helpme: Swanlake; I remember she tried this before & my son finally stood up to her and told her to stop, but now things are a bit different.

1:43 Cricket2: Swan - Good answer for Helpme.

1:43 Pualani [Facilitator]: 1:42 Cricket2: Wearing that outfit whilst riding your bike would sure have the crowds cheering!

1:43 TiredB [Facilitator]: 1:40 Brin2: Cricket : Catherin Bach was in a lot of things, love boat, cannonball run II, ......

1:44 Cricket2: All - I should head down to the parade. I told a friend that I would help with registration for the parade as the person assigned had a family emergency.

1:44 Swanlake: helpme - yeah, unfortunately with your son overseas, she is in total control and likes to be in that position, she seems to be most comfortable when she is controlling everyone and everything around her.

1:44 Brin2: Cricket, Have fun at the parade!

1:44 TiredB [Facilitator]: Cricket .... have a great time......

1:44 Pualani [Facilitator]: 1:41 Cricket2: Do you think fear of returning to the MLCer's old community puts them off a lot?

1:44 Cricket2: Pualani - You're making me laugh again - thank you I needed that today. I absolutely love your sense of humor. I remember your H didn't appreciate your sense of humor. That's another example of how messed up they are, you're great!

1:45 Swanlake: Cricket - have fun

1:45 Pualani [Facilitator]: 1:44 Cricket2: Thanks for stopping by Cricket2 and have a great time!

1:46 Pualani [Facilitator]: 1:44 Cricket2: I like making people laugh and I can do it without even thinking about it - just by being me!

1:46 Cricket2: Pualani - I think he's become sort of a hermit in the area he moved to. Part of the depression, no energy & not interested in fun things. I believe he might be expecting the OW & her D to come to his home for a BBQ. Okay -needs to get her out system

1:47 Brin2: Cricket@1:46, But how can he get OW out of his system by continuing to see her? Strange...

1:48 Cricket2: Pualani - Never change that. Like your H, my H's sense of humor gets more sarcastic & sometimes hurtful due to mlc. I like the free humor that you and David bring to us. Don't change that.

1:48 Pualani [Facilitator]: 1:46 Cricket2: I’m sure he'll see that each time he hooks up with her. The ripples on the pond soon won't touch one another any more...

1:48 TiredB [Facilitator]: 1:48 Cricket2: Amen to that...... we need lots of humor '

1:49 Cricket2: Brin - Not his words, mine. It's common for them to slip back to OW as they come thru mlc. This is a process they have to work thru. Especially when he had all these stressors hit it pushes them back into the tunnel. He hadn't seen whole truth yet

1:49 Pualani [Facilitator]: 1:47 Brin2: I see it like a post-mortem, IYKWIM

1:49 Cricket2: Have a good weekend all - see you Sunday.

1:50 Brin2: Pualani @1:49, What is IYKWIM?

1:50 Pualani [Facilitator]: 1:50 Brin2: if you know what I mean

1:51 Brin2: Pualani @1:50, OK, thank you.

1:51 TiredB [Facilitator]: Swanlake: you be careful on those back roads.... but enjoy all your activities :O)

1:51 Pualani [Facilitator]: helpme, here - grandparents can get visitation rights to their grandchildren, can you get them there?

1:52 Brin2: All, I know someone else whose H contacted OW after he came home, even though he'd written her off supposedly.

1:52 Pualani [Facilitator]: 1:51 Brin2: One of those things I noticed on craft forums and didn't know what it was - I had to ask in the end :-)

1:53 helpme: Pualani ; Yes, but I'd hate to think I'd have to push to see my our grandbabies! It's a control issue that my dil has and when she is upset at you she uses anything she can to get her way...simple as that.

1:53 Swanlake: TiredB - the back roads are safer than the main roads, waaaaayy less traffic and/or people in a hurry trying to get some place fast when the pace is really slow. Thanks, I will have fun, always do.

1:53 Pualani [Facilitator]: All, I was wondering how many prodigals do come home suddenly? What do you think?

1:54 Brin2: helpme, Why is she upset at you? Is there anything to be done to patch things back?

1:54 Swanlake: Brin and All - Bob did the same to Charlyne, came home once, then went back to other woman, but he has been back home now over 20 years and the other woman is...who knows where!

1:55 TiredB [Facilitator]: 1:52 Brin2: I think it because there is no real commitment..... so it's safe...... we and they (h) are committed......so there is stress and strain. We just have to find the right mix or peace, grace and unconditional love..... That girlfriend they truly fell in love with once.

1:55 Brin2: Pualani @1:53, I don't know. I wish they all come home suddenly.

1:55 Pualani [Facilitator]: 1:53 helpme: So sad and so sorry that she could treat you like that and your S isn't able to intervene.

1:55 TiredB [Facilitator]: 1:53 Pualani : seems like we hear it more every day..... I sure Hope I am strong and ready.

1:56 Brin2: Swan@1:54, I didn't know Bob went back to OW. I thought when he came home, he and Charlyne agreed that he would not see OW or contact her in anyway. How long did he go back to OW for? How long after returning home before he backslid?

1:57 Pualani [Facilitator]: 1:55 TiredB: Sometimes it seems too good to be true when you read about it happening, but also WONDERFUL!

1:57 Swanlake: Well, all I am going to take off, need to finish some baby blankets I am making for my church

1:57 helpme: Brin2; I have tried, just need to let her get it out of her system. She tries her best to pull me into an argument and I won't do it! For some reason she likes to keep things stirred up all the time .

1:57 TiredB [Facilitator]: 1:57 Swanlake: Have a great day......

1:58 Pualani [Facilitator]: 1:57 Swanlake: Bless you for working for those in need (((((((HUG))))))) Have a great day whatever you decide to do.

1:58 Swanlake: Brin - when he came home they did agree there would be no contact, however, in the beginning he did like so many others and flip flopped until Charlyne divorced him, then she put a stop to it until he was ready to come home for good

1:59 Brin2: helpme@1:57, Sorry to hear that she's not letting you mend things between her and you. It's her loss. She can't be too peaceful about her behavior and revenge.

1:59 Pualani [Facilitator]: 1:57 helpme: There's always someone like that isn't there? As if there's not enough stress in the world as it is!

1:59 TiredB [Facilitator]: This is a prayer I found again.... and would like to share it..... Dear Lord, I don’t understand how you could love me, but I accept that you do. Teach me more about Your love, so that I may love others the way You love me. In Jesus Name, Amen

2:00 Pualani [Facilitator]: 1:59 TiredB: Oh that is lovely. TFS! AMEN!

2:00 helpme: Pualani ; You are So right! She says things that really hurt but I just reply 'ok' and drop it.

2:00 Brin2: TiredB@1:59, Amen!

2:01 Pualani [Facilitator]: 2:00 helpme: It must drive her nuts!

2:01 helpme: TiredB; Amen!

2:01 Pualani [Facilitator]: Hello faithfull welcome to chat!

2:01 faithfull: Hello Pualani

2:01 helpme: Pualani ; I just do NOT like to argue.

2:02 TiredB [Facilitator]: Dear Lord,, We life up our sister helpme, that You would continue to fill her with more of your love for her dil in spite of her hurtful words and actions. May you open her dil heart to her so she can be a wonderful part of her grandbabies lives and memories. In Jesus precious name, Amen.

2:02 Pualani [Facilitator]: 2:01 faithfull: We're just coming to the end of chat, but I can stay on a little while longer. How are you today?

2:02 Brin2: TierdB@2:02, Amen!

2:02 Pualani [Facilitator]: 2:02 TiredB: AMEN and AMEN!

2:02 helpme: TiredB; Amen! And bless you :)

2:03 TiredB [Facilitator]: Bless each of you today..... see you Sunday.

2:03 faithfull: I am just a little depress but doing ok Pualani. I saw the wrong time

2:03 Pualani [Facilitator]: 2:03 faithfull: Sorry to hear that. Do you have plans for today?

2:03 Brin2: All, I gotta go. Talk to you later.

2:04 faithfull: Yes we are having a barbecue at the house is just not the same without h

2:04 Pualani [Facilitator]: 2:03 Brin2: Bye Brin, enjoy your day (((((((HUG)))))))

2:04 helpme: God Bless Each And Every One! In my prayers, good bye for now

2:04 Pualani [Facilitator]: 2:04 faithfull: Is that you and your children?

2:04 faithfull: Yes and my sister and some friends

2:05 helpme: (((((HUGS)))) to you all & God Bless

Pualani [Facilitator]: 2:04 helpme: Enjoy your day. (((((((HUG)))))))

Pualani [Facilitator]: 2:04 faithfull: It's good that you have your sister as well as some friends coming over. Am I correct in thinking your H left recently?

2:06 faithfull: Yes two months ago

Pualani [Facilitator]: 2:06 faithfull: I remember how much I was hurting at that stage - not that I don't hurt now - but at the start the hurt is so raw. I’m sorry this is your first July 4th without your H...

2:08 faithfull: yes but I am telling myself I am so bless to be surrounded by my kids and family. He work and is all alone just his computer.

2:08 faithfull: but that is the way he wants it

Pualani [Facilitator]: Heavenly Father I hold faithfull and her family up to you and ask that you will be close to them and fill them with your peace and comfort. I pray that you would be with her H and remind him of what he is missing while he is away from his beloved W and his family. Please wipe away Faithfull’s tears and replace them with joyful moments today. In Jesus' name Amen.

Pualani [Facilitator]: Dear Heavenly Father, thank you for a wonderful time of fellowship and sharing. I pray that you would bless all who have visited, or who read these notes. Help us to draw closer to you and to one another. In Jesus’ name. Amen

Pualani [Facilitator]: I've hung around for a while in case faithfull comes back, but it looks like she's gone now. Goodnight Johnboy, goodnight everyone!

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1:10 Swanlake: Pualani - I have learned not to allow holidays and past celebrations to have control of my life, I get out and do something, curl up with the Bible or a good Christian book, chat on the phone, whatever, but I will not allow the enemy to use these types of celebrations to cause me misery, loneliness, etc.

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I have been S from my H for 2 years. We have 3 children, S8, S13, and D16.
I have been Separated from my Husband for 2 years. We have 3 children, Son age 8, Son age 13, Daughter age 16.
  OW = Other Woman   AW  = Adulteress Woman   W  = Wife   OP = other person
  OM  = Other Man   AM  = Adulteress Man   H  = Husband   LBS = Left behind spouse
  D = divorce or daughter   S = son or sister or separated   XW  = ex-wife   GF = Girl Friend
  DIL = daughter-in-law   SIL = Sister-in-law or Son-in-law   XH  = ex-husband   BF = Boy Friend
  MIL = mother-in-law   MLC = Midlife Crisis   PG = Praise God   CS = Child Support
  FIL = father-in-law   MLD = Midlife Dimensions Ministry   PTL = Praise the Lord   ED = Erectile Dysfunction
  w/ = with   w/e = weekend   b/c = because   
  w/o = without   BRB / be right back   LOL / laughing out loud