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Easter - 3/23/08

[3/23 18:00] Joey [Facilitator]: Welcome everyone Happy Easter!!!! Holy Spirit we invite you to guide our steps tonight in a time of positive encouragement

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[3/23 18:01] Joey [Facilitator]: Hi Vsingh, Happy Easter

[3/23 18:01] vsingh: Hi Joey

[3/23 18:01] vsingh: happy Easter

[3/23 18:01] Joey [Facilitator]: Vsingh, how was your week?

[3/23 18:01] NoWorries [Facilitator]: Happy Easter

[3/23 18:02] vsingh: I am a little down today. I found out my x sister-in-law is bad mouthing me to make her brother look good

[3/23 18:02] vsingh: my h's family wants to make it look like it is my fault

[3/23 18:03] Joey [Facilitator]: vsingh, expect that especially in the early stages because they try so hard to make themselves look like the victim and they had no choice but do what they did

[3/23 18:03] Joey [Facilitator]: Hi Gee, Happy Easter to you!!! How’s your week as well?

[3/23 18:03] NoWorries [Facilitator]: V - that is pretty normal for the family to protect them. Is it right? Not on any level but they do do it. In the end God will show you as innocent.

[3/23 18:04] NoWorries [Facilitator]: Hi Geebo

[3/23 18:04] Joey [Facilitator]: Vsingh, in time they DO see the truth and come around but it has to go through the stages as well. We have to love them unconditionally as well.

[3/23 18:05] geebo2b: hi NoWorries.

[3/23 18:05] Joey [Facilitator]: No Worries - LOL you blended in with my blue and I missed you!!! Hey girlfriend

[3/23 18:05] geebo2b: hi Joey

[3/23 18:05] vsingh: they are telling everyone that I used to fight and not get along in family etc. brij wanted to leave me before, etc.

[3/23 18:05] Joey [Facilitator]: Hi Help, Happy Easter girlfriend.

[3/23 18:05] geebo2b: week was busy as usual//pretty much the same..but I think that is a good thing

[3/23 18:05] NoWorries [Facilitator]: V - one thing I do every day when I pray for my h and ow is to pray for the blinders to be removed from my ex in-laws eyes to the truth.

[3/23 18:06] NoWorries [Facilitator]: Hi Joey How are you doing?

[3/23 18:06] Helpme: I hope everyone's Easter was blessed by the Lord!

[3/23 18:06] vsingh: NoWorries: did your x in-laws do the same

[3/23 18:06] Joey [Facilitator]: Vsingh, from my own personal experience things change and get better only if you don't turn and get hateful and do a lot of real damage from your end

[3/23 18:06] NoWorries [Facilitator]: HI Helpme How was your Easter?

[3/23 18:06] Helpme: Joey; Hello :)

[3/23 18:07] Joey [Facilitator]: Gee, glad you had a good week!!!!!

[3/23 18:07] Joey [Facilitator]: Hannah, hey darling!

[3/23 18:07] geebo2b: vsingh..My x-in-laws did that..It is common

[3/23 18:07] Joey [Facilitator]: No worries, I just experienced an AWESOME time with the Lord right before chat

[3/23 18:07] NoWorries [Facilitator]: V - My ex MIL told me my face what all my mistakes were during my marriage in his defense.

[3/23 18:07] Hannah2: hey Joey, how are you?

[3/23 18:08] vsingh: It makes everyone feel awkward

[3/23 18:08] Helpme: NoWorries; we had a WONDERFUL service at church today then joined my pastor & his family afterword for lunch.

[3/23 18:08] NoWorries [Facilitator]: Joey - tell us about it. I cried a lot at church this morning when we were singing.

[3/23 18:08] Hannah2: Happy Easter to everybody

[3/23 18:08] NoWorries [Facilitator]: Helpme - that's great.

[3/23 18:09] geebo2b: Joey..Well, praise the Lord my son took a beginning Sushi class and did really well..And when I met the teacher who is Japanese I was able to speak to him in Japanese..He was so delighted and impressed and I could see that my son was proud of me and

[3/23 18:09] Helpme: Hannah2; Hello dear friend, how was your day?

[3/23 18:09] Joey [Facilitator]: all, one thing I don't do and so do, I don't speak of them as X's, what speaks from your mouth reflects your heart and I just as in-laws and I watch how and when I even speak the term

[3/23 18:09] geebo2b: my son felt special because 'his dad' could speak Japanese and the teacher was very impressed

[3/23 18:10] Hannah2: Helpme I had a good day and you?

[3/23 18:10] NoWorries [Facilitator]: V - my ex told me at Christmas time that his family really respects me and ex-MIL sent me a Christmas present. You just can't react to them and just let God defend you. He will take care of it.

[3/23 18:10] vsingh: Joey: I am just concerned they have done so much badmouthing they would like fool to take me back

[3/23 18:10] geebo2b: all; My sister is not doing well at all..besides the vicious health problems that look really bleak, she is the only one to take care of our paralyzed mom who is bleeding internally and doesn't look like she will live too much longer

[3/23 18:11] vsingh: NoWorries: thanks

[3/23 18:11] Helpme: Hanaah2; That's good! Had a blessed day today.

[3/23 18:11] Joey [Facilitator]: NoWorries, I got still before the Lord and all of a sudden I felt my core/Body was still and everything around me started going counter clock wise and I could move. I was light and peaceful. I didn't want it to end but the timer on the stove went off saying it was time to get ready to open chat!

[3/23 18:11] geebo2b: all; the thing is..She may still outlive my sister..And to top it off..my sister’s husband treats my sister horribly and is really verbally abusive and shows no sympathy that she may not live much longer

[3/23 18:12] geebo2b: all; add to this that there has been a rift between my sister and some other family members that really is not my sisters fault..And she is feeling really down

[3/23 18:12] Joey [Facilitator]: Gee, your family will be on our prayer list

[3/23 18:12] NoWorries [Facilitator]: Joey that amazing. Darn the buzzer.

[3/23 18:13] Joey [Facilitator]: NoWorries - that was supposed to be I couldn't move :)

[3/23 18:14] Joey [Facilitator]: No Worries, it was the 2nd time I'd experienced that usually it’s like a kaleidoscope of colors around me.

[3/23 18:14] NoWorries [Facilitator]: Joey - I only mention ex because people always want to know if I'm still married not. When I speak about any of them including my husband to people who know then I don't say ex. I still feel married and have never for a minute felt like I was divorced. Does that make sense.

[3/23 18:14] Helpme: Hannah2; Was driving down the road singing 'He lives, He lives, Christ Jesus lives today, He walks with me, and talks with me....Just the Lord & I having a wonderful time together.

[3/23 18:14] Joey [Facilitator]: Gee, that’s great about your son

[3/23 18:15] Joey [Facilitator]: No Worries- yes it does!!!

[3/23 18:15] NoWorries [Facilitator]: Geebo - We will certainly keep them in our prayers.

[3/23 18:15] geebo2b: thank you Joey

[3/23 18:15] CindyJ: Hi everyone

[3/23 18:16] NoWorries [Facilitator]: Hi Hannah and Cindy

[3/23 18:16] geebo2b: my sister called tonight..she sounded really 'sick (fluid on lungs, 3 out of 4 heart valves leaking and a cyst on her pancreas they need to take care of but can't operate because she is not well enough to survive the operation)

[3/23 18:16] Helpme: CindyJ; Hello :)

[3/23 18:17] Joey [Facilitator]: Gee, I got a thing in the mail from Billy Graham Assoc. and at the bottom of the slip it reads "At the right time, I, the Lord, will make it happen" this can be for your son, mom and your sister.

[3/23 18:17] Joey [Facilitator]: Hi Cindy

[3/23 18:17] geebo2b: all: She could barely speak from coughing, has a feeding tube inserted because she can't keep food down..AND was driving over to mom's care facility because mom doesn't want to be alone and is afraid she is dying

[3/23 18:17] NoWorries [Facilitator]: Joey - How amazing is that. Sometimes when I'm in bed I feel like I am right in the palm of God's hand and it is the most peaceful thing I have ever experienced.

[3/23 18:17] geebo2b: thank you Joey: I receive that

[3/23 18:18] CindyJ: Joey, I like that...at 18:17. Thanks

[3/23 18:18] geebo2b: all: my sister’s one wish is to see the Northern Lights in Alaska before she dies..And asked her niece to take her ashes to Alaska and spread them if she dies before she ever gets to see them

[3/23 18:18] Helpme: vsingh; Hello, how are you?

[3/23 18:19] geebo2b: all; So I am now praying and seeking a way to help her go see them, and I need to find a way to get back east to see my mom and sister

[3/23 18:19] vsingh: hi helpme:I am trying to get back in touch with my Indian community today, and found out in-laws bad mouthing me

[3/23 18:19] Joey [Facilitator]: Cindy, it was talking about how people pray for someone's salvation and by the end of the letter they are telling how it suddenly happened

[3/23 18:20] Hannah2: Helpme did you enjoy dinner with your pastor and his wife?

[3/23 18:22] Joey [Facilitator]: Gee, I hope your sister gets to see it in person

[3/23 18:22] Helpme: vsingh; I'm so sorry to hear that. Will be praying for you. One thing I did when H spoke things about me which was not true I just said to myself 'Lord, You know the truth, and I give this (whatever the statement was) to You'.

[3/23 18:22] Joey [Facilitator]: Gee, is your mom in NC also

[3/23 18:22] geebo2b: Joey: me too..

[3/23 18:23] geebo2b: I am looking up cruises as we speak..my sister deserves some goodness..she loves the Lord has been faithful supportive and loving her entire life

[3/23 18:23] geebo2b: Joey" yes..she is about 15 minutes from my sister’s house

[3/23 18:23] vsingh: thanks Helpme, but did you defend your side?

[3/23 18:24] Helpme: Hannah2; Yes I did, was very grateful they invited me beings my kids & grandbaby couldn't come.

[3/23 18:24] Joey [Facilitator]: Help, what an awesome day you had

[3/23 18:25] CindyJ: Joey, my youngest brother said today that he wishes Jesus would come soon and yes it would be nice but we need more to be saved for sure.

[3/23 18:25] vsingh: helpme:how does h and his family feel he is doing right?

[3/23 18:26] Joey [Facilitator]: Cindy, family especially!!!! But definitely all

[3/23 18:27] Helpme: vsingh; No, I just prayed after someone told me, but I had to pray many times for the Lord's help to let the statements go. If the other person was waiting for a reply I just said 'The Lord knows the truth and that’s all that matters' then dropped it.

[3/23 18:27] NoWorries [Facilitator]: V - They usually don't think that their child is doing something right but they don't want to lose them so they do whatever it takes to keep them around.

[3/23 18:27] Joey [Facilitator]: vsingh, families don't want to face or confront the MLC person, it’s easier to go along with them. They are stuck in the middle as well. Just like our families took our sides usually when this happen to us

[3/23 18:29] Helpme: vsingh; My H's parents passed away some time ago, I do have a little contact with his aunt who still wants to be friends & can't believe how H is acting.

[3/23 18:29] Hannah2: All - I'm watching a movie about the wife who sued the ow for splitting her family up - Joey in North Carolina I believe.

[3/23 18:29] vsingh: yes, it would be easier if my in-laws were not living in this area, it makes it hard on our friends

[3/23 18:29] Joey [Facilitator]: vsingh, 2 different people have said the same thing. They let it go and let God be the One over time that will define them. It takes time and practice to get to that point but you can

[3/23 18:29] CindyJ: Joey, AMEN!!

[3/23 18:30] CindyJ: Hannah, what's the name of the movie?

[3/23 18:31] Hannah2: Cindy - Price of a Broken Heart

[3/23 18:31] Joey [Facilitator]: Hannah, did I miss a question for me?

[3/23 18:32] Joey [Facilitator]: Hey Jo, how are you darling?

[3/23 18:33] Hannah2: no Joey I just said I was watching a movie where the wife sues the ow for breaking up her marriage and it is a true story - takes place in NC

[3/23 18:33] Joey [Facilitator]: All, good thing fingers can't speak. Due to allergies/cold I really don't have much of a voice right now - LOL

[3/23 18:33] Jo2: Joey , you sweetie!

[3/23 18:33] Joey [Facilitator]: Hannah, OK - WOW

[3/23 18:34] Helpme: vsingh; I did see one of H's friends who he plays golf with the other day, he ask how I was, the oddest thing was he acted like he wanted to say something else but turned & left.

[3/23 18:35] vsingh: helpme:my old friends invite my sis-in-law but not me. Things have become awkward, and I don't feel like going where she is

[3/23 18:36] Hannah2: vsingh you have done nothing wrong, you accept invitations and hold your head up high

[3/23 18:37] Joey [Facilitator]: Vsingh and Help, I've lost friends to a point I didn't think would turn away but it’s uncomfortable for them as well

[3/23 18:38] vsingh: hannah2:it will feel uncomfortable being where sis-in-law is, I can meet friends individually

[3/23 18:38] Joey [Facilitator]: all, sorry, my computer doing crazy stuff

[3/23 18:38] Jo2: Cindy - My pastor's sermon this morning was about Jesus' resurrection and eventual return, and what if "we" could choose when that would be.

[3/23 18:39] Hannah2: Joey Cindy - she won the court case One million dollars

[3/23 18:39] vsingh: I am sure it is uncomfortable for in-laws, but they show otherwise

[3/23 18:39] Helpme: vsingh; Yes, I still have people who seem awkward around me, but don't let it bother me anymore, have even lost 'friends', but the Lord has replaced those friends with people who are an encouragement. Give it time, the Lord will help you!!

[3/23 18:39] Joey [Facilitator]: Vsingh, my SIL had not had anything to do with me in several years and all of a sudden I got invited to her baby shower and ever since then things have gotten better between us. Better than when H was home

[3/23 18:40] Jo2: Cindy – Wish we had THE "easy button" -- we would choose when we wanted Him to return, but should let HIM choose because we are selfish. Are we ready to give it all to Him?

[3/23 18:40] Helpme: vsingh; As God's Word says ; you are the head & not the tail, you are above and not beneath!! He will never leave nor forsake you :)

[3/23 18:41] CindyJ: Jo, yes church was very good for me today too. Sounds interesting.

[3/23 18:42] Joey [Facilitator]: Help, speak it sister friend!!!!!!!

[3/23 18:42] CindyJ: Hannah, wow...sounds like a good movie.

[3/23 18:42] vsingh: helpme:I have had difficulties with my in-laws and people know it and they are trying to milk that and make me look bad, but I have to give it to God because I was fine with them before h left

[3/23 18:42] Jo2: Cindy - Sorry, what "if" we had the..............

[3/23 18:43] Hannah2: Cindy she didn't do it for the money - she did it because she feels strongly about family and this woman had no right (just like the ow in our breakups)

[3/23 18:43] Tamashii: I'm late. I was watching a suspense move called 'The Covenant' HA!

[3/23 18:43] Joey [Facilitator]: Hi Tam, how are you? Happy Easter!

[3/23 18:44] Jo2: Tamashii - What kind of covenant?

[3/23 18:45] Joey [Facilitator]: Tam, we're just glad you could join us tonight

[3/23 18:45] Helpme: vsingh; Try to remember what GOD says about you, not what those who would want to tear you down Because YOU ARE THE APPLE OF GOD"S EYE!!

[3/23 18:46] Tamashii: Oh, a 'witch' movie. They're corny. Don't believe them, but the good guy won.

[3/23 18:46] vsingh: helpme:In times like this we come to know our true friends

[3/23 18:46] CindyJ: Hannah, too bad there aren't more obvious consequences like that to make people think before acting on something so wrong.

[3/23 18:46] Joey [Facilitator]: Vsingh, remember people say things sometimes to take the attention off themselves

[3/23 18:46] Helpme: vsingh; How True!!

[3/23 18:46] Tamashii: For those that don't know, D'd Tuesday the 18th. Trying to get past that.

[3/23 18:47] Jo2: Hannah - Did you rent the movie or was it on one of the movie channels?

[3/23 18:47] Joey [Facilitator]: Aloha!!!!!!! Happy Easter! How are you?

[3/23 18:47] vsingh: joey:my in-laws are very prideful and do not want to look bad

[3/23 18:47] Cricket [Facilitator]: Hi all - I lost track of time... Happy Easter everyone.

[3/23 18:47] Jo2: Tamashii - 3/15 was the 8th anniv. of my D.

[3/23 18:48] Joey [Facilitator]: vsingh, God can more than handle that for you :)

[3/23 18:48] Joey [Facilitator]: Hi Cricket!!!!!

[3/23 18:48] CindyJ: Good night everyone. I need to take my little brother home. Happy Easter!!

[3/23 18:49] Tamashii: Jo2:How do you do it?

[3/23 18:49] Aloha: Tamashii: I feel your pain. Mine has been only 6 mos, and I'm still in a haze. Holidays are rough for me.

[3/23 18:49] Hannah2: Jo2 it was on TV

[3/23 18:49] Helpme: vsingh; One thing my pastor's wife had me do when H first left was look up in the Bible what God said about me, not what people was saying, it sure helped!

[3/23 18:49] Tamashii: Happy Easter all!

[3/23 18:49] Aloha: Joey: Happy Easter you and all.

[3/23 18:49] Cricket [Facilitator]: Tamashii - I really liked the email about obituary of Jesus

[3/23 18:49] Hannah2: Jo it was on Lifetime Movie Network - not the normal lifetime but the movie channel

[3/23 18:49] Joey [Facilitator]: Tam, remember what kind of paper it’s written on!

[3/23 18:50] Jo2: Tamashii - I had thought it would be the worst day of my life but instead it turned out to be a turning point -- we can make that choice you know. God wants us to give this to Him, so He can get to work.

[3/23 18:50] Hannah2: Hi Aloha, happy Easter to you too

[3/23 18:50] Aloha: All: Even though d is just a piece of paper, why does God let it happen? I thought he hated divorce?

[3/23 18:51] Joey [Facilitator]: Jo, AMEN

[3/23 18:51] Tamashii: Joey: Remind me...

[3/23 18:52] Joey [Facilitator]: Aloha, sometimes He allows things to get us where He needs us. Otherwise we may never get to the point of trusting and needing only Him

[3/23 18:52] Jo2: Tamashii - I want to be useful, have joy, forgive, and be "ready" for one of His miracles, so I have to give this to Him.

[3/23 18:52] geebo2b: aloha: God hates a lot of things..And they still happen

[3/23 18:52] Joey [Facilitator]: Tam, toilet

[3/23 18:53] Tamashii: AH!

[3/23 18:53] Jo2: Aloha - Sometimes people who are "lost" only learn by their mistakes, so God lets them.

[3/23 18:53] Hannah2: Aloha God does hate divorce and sometimes we have to face the challenge and plunge ahead to dig through the mess until we successfully find forgiving and finally the redemption of the love that united our two souls.

[3/23 18:53] Tamashii: Cricket: I try to send meaningful stuff, like the jokes to Cindy...

[3/23 18:54] Helpme: Joey; Also, what comes to my mind is .What the enemy meant for harm, God will turn around and use for His glory.

[3/23 18:54] Tamashii: Cricket, duh

[3/23 18:54] Joey [Facilitator]: all, when God moves and families are brought back together, we'll have to make a strong effort to make sure God stays in the proper order in all of our families lives - first, not behind our spouses

[3/23 18:54] Cricket [Facilitator]: Tamashii - As I've shared, I think they think the D will lift their stress & solve their problems. They keep looking for a quick fix and when they see the D doesn't fix things, it is part of the eye opening they need to appreciate what they had with us.

[3/23 18:54] Hannah2: Aloha and sometimes that means going through d which we have no control over if there is a no fault divorce in the state you live in

[3/23 18:54] Cricket [Facilitator]: Woops - just saw I logged in blue, I'll be back.

[3/23 18:55] Joey [Facilitator]: helpme, AMEN

[3/23 18:55] Jo2: Joey - Yes, and amen. (18:54)

[3/23 18:55] Aloha: All: Do you think our prodigals are thinking of us and family today? My grandsons are growing so fast, the baby doesn't even know who his grandpa is.

[3/23 18:55] Cricket2: Okay I'm black the right way.

[3/23 18:55] Joey [Facilitator]: Cricket, you didn't have to do that!!!!!!!

[3/23 18:56] Cricket2: Tamashii - The joke for Cindy was cute.

[3/23 18:56] Jo2: Helpme - That is why we need to use God's word for our starting point. (your 18:54)

[3/23 18:57] Joey [Facilitator]: Aloha, yes they do think of us even if we don't hear from them

[3/23 18:58] Helpme: Jo2; YES!! I'll be the first to admit that I was totally depended on my H for EVERYTHING...and didn't even realize it!

[3/23 18:58] Hannah2: Aloha they are definitely thinking of us today.

[3/23 18:58] Joey [Facilitator]: Cricket, still slept a good bit today. Finally taking some meds :)

[3/23 18:58] geebo2b: aloha: I find that 'wondering why God 'let's things happen' is usually a fruitless pursuit that only engenders loss of faith..I do better when I just say 'OK, this is how it is, where do I go from here Lord'

[3/23 18:58] Aloha: All: Goodnight. Hope all had a blessed Easter.

[3/23 18:59] Cricket2: Joey - So glad, I've been worried that you are fighting the flu or something... be careful and take care of yourself.

[3/23 18:59] geebo2b: aloha: I don’t really 'need' to know why things happen..Only how to move towards healing and blessing in the Lord

[3/23 18:59] Tamashii: Cricket: Did you get the one about the blonde who goes back to work after 25 years?

[3/23 18:59] Cricket2: Joey - Besides you can't afford to get sick with this challenge coming up.

[3/23 18:59] geebo2b: night aloha

[3/23 18:59] Joey [Facilitator]: Aloha, rest in our Heavenly Father tonight my dear

[3/23 19:00] Aloha: Geebo2b: Thanks.

[3/23 19:00] Cricket2: Tamashii - Yes - the carriage return..... :-)

[3/23 19:00] vsingh: thank you all and may God work on our h, ow, and h's family

[3/23 19:00] Helpme: vsingh; Amen!!

[3/23 19:00] Joey [Facilitator]: Suz, Happy Easter girlie!!!!

[3/23 19:00] Tamashii: Those are from the MCMA Chaplain...you know Marines...

[3/23 19:01] Tamashii: Hi, bubbly Suzie!

[3/23 19:01] Hannah2: vsingh looking forward to meeting you at retreat

[3/23 19:01] Suz215: Back atcha Sis......

[3/23 19:01] vsingh: same here hannah2 and Helpme

[3/23 19:01] Joey [Facilitator]: all, it’s time to close tonight. Gee's sister and mom really needs our prayers. Please remember them tonight as you have your 15 minutes of prayer after chat

[3/23 19:01] Jo2: geebo - Excellent response there, my friend. (18:58 and 18:59)

[3/23 19:01] Suz215: Brother.....what shakin'?

[3/23 19:02] Hannah2: goodnight all, sleep tight, have a great Easter Monday

[3/23 19:02] geebo2b: bless you all

[3/23 19:02] geebo2b: night

[3/23 19:02] Helpme: May God Bless Each And Every One And May HIS FACE SHINE Upon You!! In my prayers, good night

[3/23 19:02] Joey [Facilitator]: Cricket, could we send out a prayer request on Gee's behalf for his sister and mom?

[3/23 19:03] Cricket2: All - Good night and have a blessed Easter Sunday. Tamashii - Loved your idea of the movie Passion

[3/23 19:03] Jo2: Tamashii - What about her (the blonde)?

[3/23 19:03] Suz215: T: It's so true what Cricket said about needing the D......it's taken my husband 3 years to talk to me....and now....everyone asks him about me....got to love him

[3/23 19:03] Cricket2: Joey - I can but didn't see it - can you brief me -- either here or email

[3/23 19:04] Joey [Facilitator]: good night all, may you rest in His sweet sleep night knowing the precious Blood of Jesus is more than enough to cover our spouses

[3/23 19:04] Suz215: Love and blessings to everyone!

[3/23 19:05] Joey [Facilitator]: Cricket, his mom is bleeding internally and sister has sever medical issues is the only one to take care of her on East coast

[3/23 19:06] Joey [Facilitator]: cricket you may be able to come back in and read his direct notes of problems

[3/23 18:00] Joey [Facilitator]: Welcome everyone Happy Easter!!!! Holy Spirit we invite you to guide our steps tonight in a time of positive encouragement

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Chat Room Acronyms

Guests often use acronyms to speed up their conversations. Here are a few examples for you:

I have been S from my H for 2 years. We have 3 children, S8, S13, and D16.
I have been Separated from my Husband for 2 years. We have 3 children, Son age 8, Son age 13, Daughter age 16.
  OW = Other Woman   AW  = Adulteress Woman   W  = Wife   OP = other person
  OM  = Other Man   AM  = Adulteress Man   H  = Husband   LBS = Left behind spouse
  D = divorce or daughter   S = son or sister or separated   XW  = ex-wife   GF = Girl Friend
  DIL = daughter-in-law   SIL = Sister-in-law or Son-in-law   XH  = ex-husband   BF = Boy Friend
  MIL = mother-in-law   MLC = Midlife Crisis   PG = Praise God   CS = Child Support
  FIL = father-in-law   MLD = Midlife Dimensions Ministry   PTL = Praise the Lord   ED = Erectile Dysfunction
  w/ = with   w/e = weekend   b/c = because   
  w/o = without   BRB / be right back   LOL / laughing out loud