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Easter - 4/12/09

5:51 Hannah [Facilitator]: Seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. Matthew 6:11

5:52 Hannah [Facilitator]: Hi everybody, Happy Easter, Christ has risen! Alleluia!


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5:54 Cricket [Facilitator]: Happy Easter Hannah -

5:54 Cricket [Facilitator]: I love the verse you shared, so perfect for us.

5:54 Cricket [Facilitator]: I got your email prayer requests, thanks for sending it early.

5:55 Hannah [Facilitator]: Hi Cricket.

5:56 Hannah [Facilitator]: Cricket, I really don't know how to pray for my h now. I just have to give it to God.

5:57 Cricket [Facilitator]: Hannah - God knows our needs and our heart so we don't know exactly how to pray, just that we do.

5:58 Cricket [Facilitator]: We're you able to get together with your family for Easter?

5:58 Hannah [Facilitator]: Thanks Cricket

5:58 Hannah [Facilitator]: How was your Easter?

5:58 Hannah [Facilitator]: I was with my son and daughter-in-law and her family. My daughter had to return to Boston this morning so she couldn't eat dinner with us. It was a nice day but I always miss my h at holidays and think of what he is missing out on.

5:59 Cricket [Facilitator]: Yes it's sad how much they miss at this time

6:01 Hannah [Facilitator]: Were you with your h?

6:01 Cricket [Facilitator]: Just a moment - Phone

6:02 Hannah [Facilitator]: ok

6:03 Hannah [Facilitator]: Everybody must still be celebrating Easter.

6:03 Hannah [Facilitator]: Hi Joey, Happy Easter

6:03 Joey [Facilitator]: Sorry I lost track of time watching Fireproof!!!!!!!!!

6:03 Joey [Facilitator]: I am so sorry guys!

6:04 Hannah [Facilitator]: Joey I was watching Marley and Me and now I am a little tearful.

6:04 Joey [Facilitator]: Happy Easter! I never caught the message of Easter in Fireproof the 1st time but got it tonight- amazing!

6:05 Joey [Facilitator]: Hannah, I was touched, moved and cried with Fireproof and seen it in the movies already!

6:06 Swanlake: Hello everyone

6:06 Joey [Facilitator]: Hannah & Cricket, I had my parents & brother over for lunch to celebrate my mom's 79th b-day today @ lunch.

6:06 Joey [Facilitator]: Hi Swan! Happy Easter!

6:07 Cricket [Facilitator]: Not a problem. Hannah - H went to be with his Mom's due to FIL going to be with his Mom who is ill. So I was on my own.

6:08 Joey [Facilitator]: Cricket, you had the BEST man ever as your guest today! :)

6:08 Hannah [Facilitator]: Hi Swan and Geeb, Happy Easter

6:08 Joey [Facilitator]: Hi Gee, Happy Easter!

6:09 geebo2b: Hi Joey Happy Easter to you and all.

6:09 Joey [Facilitator]: Gee, how was your week?

6:09 Joey [Facilitator]: Swan, any leads on employment?

6:10 geebo2b: Joey: well..there was some good news regarding all that stuff with taxes and stuff

6:10 Joey [Facilitator]: Gee, that’s GREAT!

6:11 Cricket [Facilitator]: Joey - You are so right. I had offers to go to friends for Easter but I decided to stay home. I was tired and enjoyed doing some things here. H had just called to wish me Happy Easter.

6:11 geebo2b: Joey: yes, my new tax person who is my brother's tax account and investment manager usually only handles police and firefighter accounts as she is retired sherrif

6:11 geebo2b: Joey; but she took me as a favor to my brother

6:11 Cricket [Facilitator]: Geebo - I like her already.....lol

6:12 geebo2b: Cricket: lol I thought about you when I met with her

6:12 sbky: all. Happy Easter

6:12 geebo2b: Happy Easter SBKY

6:12 Swanlake: Joey - a few. This isn't paid employment, however, I feel very honored - my church asked me today to consider accepting a position on the church budget committee. Am spending time in prayer before giving my answer.

6:13 Cricket [Facilitator]: Geebo - The friend who has been praying with you was part of our Fallen Officer Foundation Board so it sure feels like part of God's plan that your brother brought you to this Tax person

6:13 Joey [Facilitator]: Hi Sbky! Happy Easter!

6:13 geebo2b: Cricket: Really??? wow that is special..no I don't think it is coincidence then

6:13 Cricket [Facilitator]: Swan - That is an honor but then it also tells me your church has very good judgment in recognizing your gifts

6:14 Hannah [Facilitator]: Hi sbky, welcome.

6:14 sbky: all I was asked by my supervisor (this is the second one) if I had thought of being a team lead. there is at least one position coming available. but I would have to work from like 12:30 till 9. and move up as the lead position come open..

6:14 Hannah [Facilitator]: swan you will be good at budgets

6:14 Cricket [Facilitator]: Geebo - Yes not a coincidence - I met her in working with her on the Board and we found our similar faith background so became friends

6:14 Joey [Facilitator]: Swan, went & got my prayer book to put that in for you, let me know when you have an answer!

6:15 geebo2b: Cricket: well..She added a legitimate deduction..that my other tax person totally missed

6:15 Cricket [Facilitator]: sbky - It sounds like a good opportunity, I would pray that the Lord guide you in this. I've worked night shifts and actually found I enjoy them, especially when my H was gone.

6:16 geebo2b: Cricket: so: she was able to deduct for my 'home studio'

6:16 geebo2b: Cricket: so not only did I not have to pay $2,000

6:16 sbky: cricket I am praying. I remember when my mom second shift. I hated it.. !!!!!

6:16 Cricket [Facilitator]: Geebo - PTL - hopefully she will really be of help in this area.

6:16 Joey [Facilitator]: Sbky, pray about it and follow the Lords lead, sounds like a good opportunity!

6:16 geebo2b: Cricket I will get over a thousand back

6:17 geebo2b: Cricket: and since my tax person didn’t do the studio deduction.. for the last couple of years

6:17 Cricket [Facilitator]: sbky - Yes it's often difficult for family, I didn't remember how old your kids are. But a great opportunity and at least your home earlier than most 2nd shifts (mine was 4pm to midnight)

6:17 geebo2b: She is filing an amended tax return and expects that I will receive around $6,000 refund

6:17 Swanlake: Cricket & Hannah - thank you for your kind words of encouragement. In a way it is very ironic, I was asked to be a money management mentor for Love INC and now to be on the budget committee for my church, as my husband started his excuses for needing a

6:18 Cricket [Facilitator]: Geebo - WOW that is wonderful, PTL I can't wait to share with my friend, she will be doing a happy dance too

6:18 geebo2b: Cricket: I was stunned..because about a week before..I was on my face at my altar before the Lord

6:18 geebo2b: Cricket: completely 'beaten'...Then I read something somewhere and decided to just 'Praise the Lord'

6:19 Hannah [Facilitator]: Geeb that is PTL

6:19 Joey [Facilitator]: Gee, He is faithful to His promises!!!! You were before Him with a pure sincere heart and He heard your cries! PTL

6:19 Swanlake: Cricket & Hannah - continued - divorce, one of his reasons was that I couldn't handle money and he lived his life in fear that I would bankrupt him. Honestly in budget matters, I really haven't changed much, never understood his saying that, but he

6:19 Cricket [Facilitator]: Geebo - Yes and He heard your prayers.... I am so thankful with you. Isn't it wonderful how he covers us when we trust Him

6:19 sbky: swan they make up anything to make them feel right.

6:19 Hannah [Facilitator]: swan he was probably angry at himself and worried about himself making himself bankrupt.

6:20 Joey [Facilitator]: Swan, at least you know it was a EXCUSE and not so much straight, full fact.

6:20 geebo2b: Cricket: so I just "praised the Lord' for about a week before He gave me the scripture about (I think it was Jehosephat) when he was at war, and the prophet told him to dig ditches

6:20 Swanlake: Cricket & Hannah - continued - did and it caused me confusion for a period, maybe others recognizing my ability to budget is God's way of renewing my self-worth.

6:20 Cricket [Facilitator]: Swan - We all know how they look for excuses & twist things to justify their actions. I’m sure your H will hear of these things in time. But regardless, in their hearts they know the problem was inside them.

6:20 Joey [Facilitator]: 6:20 Swanlake: AMEN renewing your self worth!

6:20 Swanlake: Joey - thank you for your prayers, will let you know once I have an answer.

6:20 Cricket [Facilitator]: Swan - Yes I was thinking how God used these opportunities to help build you up and in your healing

6:20 geebo2b: Cricket: and the prophet basically said ; you will see no signs of rain of anything' but these ditches will fill with water

6:21 geebo2b: Cricket: and the Lord spoke to me saying that I will not see any 'signs' but the blessing will come

6:21 geebo2b: Cricket; While I didn't 'doubt' it..I didn’t really believe it either

6:21 sbky: all I have a question. people say God has a plan, but where does people free will fit in

6:22 Cricket [Facilitator]: Geebo - I love this.... sometimes we just have to fall on our knees and open our heart & mind to hear and you did that.

6:22 geebo2b: Cricket: so I hoped and hoped but was also afraid of 'hoping'

6:22 Joey [Facilitator]: 6:20 Swanlake: it's in the book! I've recently started back. It's wonderful to write them down and date when an answer comes through. It's physically shows God at work!

6:22 geebo2b: Cricket: so then I decided to just worship and leave everything at his feet

6:22 Cricket [Facilitator]: Geebo - Yes I understand sometimes when thee is so much on our plates, it's difficult to have hope

6:23 geebo2b: Here's the blessing: First: I ended up having enough money to pay the tax if I had to and felt blessed but stressed because it would break me

6:23 geebo2b: Cricket: There was almost 600 bucks in an account that I forgot I had

6:24 geebo2b: Cricket, and my son gave me extra money out of nowhere

6:24 Joey [Facilitator]: 6:21 sbky: in one of Charlyne's tapes she brings that up. She ask God about Bob's free will and God gave her a verse in 1 or 2 Timothy. Basically it says that there are 2 wills, good and evil, man can choose but his choice is not a WILL. Choose evil and the pathway is more difficult but God has a way of drawing us to where He wants us.

6:24 Cricket [Facilitator]: sbky - Yes there is free will but God heals hearts and marriages. Often we don't realize that He needs time to heal us just as much as He has work to do in our H's, there is much work in us too. We need to trust God's timing, we are often impatient

6:24 Swanlake: Joey - Love the book and seeing God at work! My Bible study group recently proposed that we all start prayer books, I did, however, find it sad that I was the only on in the group who already had one.

6:24 geebo2b: Cricket: so I was thankful for that..although I was stressed because after paying everything I would be totally broke

6:25 Yoli: Cricket: Hi, how are you? Why do you think h would stay at home all alone rather than going daughter play volleyball? Even after his sister & her family decided they weren't coming to see him for Easter. I actually got to see SIL, daughters, & h's great

6:25 sbky: cricket yes I understand the impatience... way to well. but trying..

6:25 Yoli: Cricket: cont-aunt. His great aunt wouldn't let go of me, kept hugging me and hanging on to me.

6:25 geebo2b: Cricket: then this tax person....in the first 5 minutes tells me not only will I not have to pay 2000, I will get about 1,000 back and possibly up to 6,000 for the last 3 years

6:25 Cricket [Facilitator]: Geebo - I remember those blessings as far as the account and your son. It's still very good that your son is stepping up to contribute so I hope you still let him do this.

6:26 Hannah [Facilitator]: Hi Yoli, nice to see you

6:26 Joey [Facilitator]: 6:24 Swanlake: Book? are you talking about a certain book or just a prayer book?

6:26 geebo2b: Cricket: so..There were 'no signs' of the Blessing and suddenly, without warning..the thirsty valley was filled with the Lord's water of blessing

6:26 Yoli: Hannah: Hi, how are you? Is it still snowing where you live?

6:26 Joey [Facilitator]: Yoli, welcome darling! Happy Easter!

6:26 geebo2b: Cricket: yes..I think he will

6:27 Swanlake: Cricket - Like Esther, for just a time as this! The Marine Corps trained me well in the multi-million dollar operation I managed for them and now I am here using what I learned to help others. God is sooooooo Good.

6:27 Yoli: Joey: Hi, same to you. How was your day?

6:27 Joey [Facilitator]: Hi Helpme! Happy Easter!!!!

6:27 Hannah [Facilitator]: Yoli, not snowing here but d drove back to Boston through Vermont and called me to say she passed snowflakes.

6:27 helpme: Hannah; Hello. How are you?

6:27 Swanlake: Joey - Just a Prayer Book.

6:27 helpme: Joey; Hello, Happy Easter to you also :)

6:27 Hannah [Facilitator]: Hi helpme, nice to see you. Got your message but have been busy, will call you tomorrow

6:28 geebo2b: Cricket: now, I would love to see some breakthrough on my marriage sitch..even just a healing from anger and animosity and hurts..even if we don't reconnect..it is very painful to know someone hates me for no real reason

6:28 Joey [Facilitator]: 6:27 Yoli: I celebrated my mom's b-day with her today. It's tomorrow but I have to work and it will be late when I get home so we did it today.

6:28 Hannah [Facilitator]: helpme did you see your family today?

6:28 Yoli: Hannah: Well then it must be pretty freaking cold if there were snow flakes.

6:28 Joey [Facilitator]: 6:27 Swanlake: gottcha! :)

6:28 helpme: Hannah; I figured you were busy or out of town when I couldn't get ahold of you.

6:29 Yoli: Joey: That's so nice, what a wonderful daughter you are. I bet she was excited to spend some time with you today.

6:29 helpme: Hannah; Got back this afternoon, went overnight & spent time with son & family

6:29 Cricket [Facilitator]: Geebo - That's what I say as far as my H connecting. Just rebuilding the friendship is so important to me if nothing else more.

6:30 Swanlake: Joey - we are studying "how to study the Bible" in Bible group and one of the recommendations of the author is to keep a Prayer journal (book), one of the things suggested to put in your prayer book is a scripture that relates to the request and then

6:31 Hannah [Facilitator]: Helpme: it was nice you could all be together, were both sons there?

6:31 Swanlake: Joey - continued - incorporate that scripture into the prayer for that person/situation. Something else, I had already learned thanks to so many in this group and of course Charlyne.

6:31 sbky: My h was at his parents today, but my d has asked him to come to church. he didn’t. but we all seen him the rest of the day.

6:32 helpme: Hannah; Son ask if I would move closer to dil & grandsons while he is away...something that could use prayer. I know dil could sure use the help

6:32 Hannah [Facilitator]: helpme I will keep that in prayer.

6:32 Joey [Facilitator]: 6:31 Swanlake: awesome!!!

6:33 geebo2b: Cricket: I agree I believe that a least reconciliation of past hurts and forgiveness

6:33 helpme: Hannah; Bless you.

6:33 Cricket [Facilitator]: Geebo - Yes that has been important to me as well.

6:33 Swanlake: helpme - will cover you in prayer on this matter. Sounds familiar though, moving closer was brought up about a year or so ago and now again.

6:34 helpme: Hannah; Youngest son was working but stayed up till he got home to visit with him some.

6:35 Joey [Facilitator]: 6:29 Yoli: my brother's family were scattered today so he came over too! with Mom having dementia, from sugar diabetes, I cherish a lot more.

6:36 helpme: Swanlake; Yes, things just did not work out then, but with son going overseas it would be a great help for dil, and helping with grandsons would in a way be a help to me.

6:36 Yoli: Joey: I’m sorry you're mom has dementia, but so happy that you did get to spend the day with her. It's so sad to see your parents age and have disabilities.

6:36 Joey [Facilitator]: 6:36 Yoli: that is SOOOO true.

6:37 Hannah [Facilitator]: hi steadfast, Happy Easter

6:37 Joey [Facilitator]: Hey Stead, Happy Easter!

6:39 Joey [Facilitator]: 6:38 Cricket: I was scrolling looking for a hello from a C. Confused me for a second!

6:39 Yoli: Joey: It's tough having to face our own bodies aging and having some medical problems, even though they are mild.

6:39 steadfast: hannah: and all: thank you and happy Easter to everyone!

6:40 Joey [Facilitator]: 6:39 Yoli: I know, mine is chol. issues I got from my mom. It makes you aware you got to take care of yourself.

6:41 Hannah [Facilitator]: Joey mine is cholesterol too. Was ok until I hit menopause then I have to take medication because no matter how I try it won't go down.

6:41 Cricket [Facilitator]: Joey -As I shared, my FIL went to be with his mother who has battled Alzheimer’s for years. Anything else seems easier to deal with than something that affects our mind even though we never want to see our loved ones age

6:41 helpme: Hannah; Did you do anything special today?

6:42 steadfast: Cricket: just wanted to let you know that I sent you an email. Thanks

6:42 Joey [Facilitator]: 6:41 Hannah: cutting back on carbs helps a lot too!

6:42 Joey [Facilitator]: 6:41 Cricket: I know. :(

6:44 steadfast: Joey/ Cricket/ Hannah and all. I felt led to send my h the email re the man who was blind in the hospital bed and the poem received by email wishing angels all around/ prayers answered sunshine and moonbeams and I got a response back thanking me from

6:44 Hannah [Facilitator]: helpme went to church and then my son and his family (and dil family) all went out to lunch. Normally we go to my dil mothers but we decided to go out so nobody had to cook anything

6:45 Hannah [Facilitator]: steadfast that is PTL

6:45 sbky: we had a big dinner last weekend with h family because of a lot of birthdays in April. so just normal supper tonight

6:45 steadfast: my h for the encouragement as he needed that as he is going thru difficult time with some immediate family matters. I wished him a great life with a great God too and a happy Easter.

6:46 Joey [Facilitator]: 6:44 steadfast: awesome!!!!!

6:46 Cricket [Facilitator]: Steadfast - I did see what you sent & understand. My quick review of your question feels that you need to go ahead. You have to protect yourself.

6:46 steadfast: I meant immediate family members re family matters

6:47 Joey [Facilitator]: 6:45 steadfast: :)

6:47 helpme: Hannah; We had a good visit at sons house, took lots of pictures also

6:47 Cricket [Facilitator]: Steadfast - Even if things make them angry, it isn't something that prevents return. IF the situation were reversed, you know what your H's decision would be.

6:47 steadfast: Cricket: Thanks

6:48 Hannah [Facilitator]: helpme that is good. Pray that I find my camera, I went to take it with me today and I can't find it.

6:48 steadfast: Hannah and Joey and others: Thanks

6:48 Joey [Facilitator]: 6:47 helpme: pictures are good because you can go back and see more positive things when your not in the mist of everything.

6:48 helpme: Hannah; Sure, the Lord knows where it is and can lead you to it!!

6:49 Hannah [Facilitator]: helpme, I had to use my old 35mm one which seemed strange.

6:49 helpme: Joey; yes, that is so true!

6:49 Cricket [Facilitator]: Steadfast - That is a nice praise that your H responded so positively.

6:50 helpme: Hannah; We do get use to certain things don't we?

6:50 Joey [Facilitator]: 6:49 helpme: I experienced that 1 Christmas at my MIL house. She brought up AW's name but my H actually took the pix and I could see myself still relaxed in the pix.

6:50 steadfast: Cricket: Thanks for the encouragement. I'll let you read my email in detail when you get a chance.

6:50 helpme: Hannah; I’m glad you had one to fall back on & take some pictures with!

6:52 Cricket [Facilitator]: Steadfast - Yes I will but Jim teaches us to protect ourselves financially and when our H's return, funds are combined of course.

6:52 steadfast: All: I decided to back off with contact with my s and let him do the connecting and now he calls me regularly from university and often likes to share with me what is happening and things that concern him. he wouldn't go there before.

6:53 helpme: Well all I didn't sleep well at my son's place and really tired. May the Lord richly bless each and every one. Good night

6:54 steadfast: Cricket: I get a little confused though as he also said if you hit them hard financially then they tend to back off. It's just I am getting close to deadlines in the next year or two which will affect me for the future.

6:55 steadfast: All: Sorry my typing is poor . I’m really not that bad at spelling

6:55 Joey [Facilitator]: 6:52 steadfast: that is a praise!!!!!!!!!!!!

6:56 geebo2b: well: all I guess I will trot along..I pray that we all experience some deep workings in our hearts and situations soon. May this Resurrection Sunday be the beginning of a living work of Christ in all of our situations

6:57 steadfast: Yes Joey that is another praise. At Christmas he only stayed about two and half days and spent most of time with his father and was upset with me. he came home in Feb for reading week and stayed with me. I am trying to encourage him to spend part of

6:57 geebo2b: WELL ALL; May this resurrection Sunday be the start of a powerful resurrection of all of our lives and situations

6:57 Cricket [Facilitator]: Steadfast - Jim explained that they do need to see financial reality of their situation. They know what things were like with us & have to face reality of their decisions. Also your H has other opportunities that will help provide for him that you don't have.

6:58 Cricket [Facilitator]: Geebo - Thank you and I’m so glad you shared your praises too,

6:58 Swanlake: Goodnight all, see you later this week.

6:58 steadfast: Joey : his time when he comes home in another week for 2.5 weeks with his dad but he seems to indicate that he wants to stay with me although is on good terms with his dad. part of the problem may be that ow moved into his father's apartment and he

6:59 geebo2b: I am glad I had praised s to share

7:00 geebo2b: nite all..rich blessings..I pray that we all recommit to pressing in more to the Lord and trusting in His mercy

7:00 Cricket [Facilitator]: Steadfast - The most important thing is that you continue your limits with him & stay consistent. I’m so glad things seem to be getting better

7:00 Cricket [Facilitator]: Geebo - AMEN

7:00 steadfast: Joey/all; may not be as comfortable staying there. He doesn't know that I know this info. I don't know if I should insist out of fairness to his dad and also so he sees what she is really like. He seems to think she is really nice. but she has never

7:00 steadfast: Joey/all: had to share my h with my son

7:01 steadfast: Cricket; Thanks. I am cautiously optimistic

7:01 geebo2b: Nite all..blessings

7:01 Joey [Facilitator]: 7:00 steadfast: pray and fast about all that. Don' t say anything about her or concerning her. Allow her to reveal herself own self.

7:02 Joey [Facilitator]: Hannah, would you like for me to close?

7:02 Cricket [Facilitator]: Steadfast = You can encourage him to see his father too, but these are decisions he needs to make and you want to be sure he doesn't manipulate you and show him the stable consistent person you will continue to be.

7:03 Joey [Facilitator]: 7:02 Cricket: I agree 100%

7:03 steadfast: Joey/ Cricket / Hannah: But should I just insist that he spend time with his dad out of fairness? But I see what you are saying about fasting and praying

7:03 Cricket [Facilitator]: Steadfast - I agree with Joey. It's never good for us to say anything about the OW to others.

7:04 Joey [Facilitator]: 7:03 Cricket: except for my type-o at the end! HA

7:04 steadfast: All: Got ya. I understand

7:04 Cricket [Facilitator]: Steadfast - I don't think it's up to you to fix things between your son & his Dad. It's up to his Dad to insist on time with him if that's what he wants. You can encourage him to see his Dad and show your love & respect for his Dad but not insist

7:05 Joey [Facilitator]: 7:04 steadfast: he's old enough that should be his decision and result to your H and his decisions.

7:05 steadfast: I pray that you all have a very blessed week Thanks for your help. God bless.

7:06 steadfast: Thanks again for this advice Cricket and Joey

7:06 Joey [Facilitator]: All, I’m going to close. God bless and sweet sleep in Jesus. Know our families are covered by His precious blood!

7:06 Hannah [Facilitator]: All it is time to close chat for tonight. Don't forget to pray.

7:07 steadfast: Yes I am learning to say nothing about ow and actually pretend that she doesn't exist when communicating

7:07 Hannah [Facilitator]: goodnight cricket

7:08 Cricket [Facilitator]: All - May God fill each of us with his love and wisdom in our journey, help each of us grow to be the person of God He knows we can be. We also pray for healing for our spouses, that they turn away from unGodly influences and turn back to the path the Lord has for them. We pray that they see the truth about the path they've taken, about their relationship with us & their family and that the Lord work a mighty miracle in them. We pray for salvation for each of the prodigals and the other person and that we all glorify Him in all ways. AMEN

7:11 LisaK [Administrator]:
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5:51 Hannah [Facilitator]: Seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. Matthew 6:11

5:52 Hannah [Facilitator]: Hi everybody, Happy Easter, Christ has risen! Alleluia!

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I have been S from my H for 2 years. We have 3 children, S8, S13, and D16.
I have been Separated from my Husband for 2 years. We have 3 children, Son age 8, Son age 13, Daughter age 16.
  OW = Other Woman   AW  = Adulteress Woman   W  = Wife   OP = other person
  OM  = Other Man   AM  = Adulteress Man   H  = Husband   LBS = Left behind spouse
  D = divorce or daughter   S = son or sister or separated   XW  = ex-wife   GF = Girl Friend
  DIL = daughter-in-law   SIL = Sister-in-law or Son-in-law   XH  = ex-husband   BF = Boy Friend
  MIL = mother-in-law   MLC = Midlife Crisis   PG = Praise God   CS = Child Support
  FIL = father-in-law   MLD = Midlife Dimensions Ministry   PTL = Praise the Lord   ED = Erectile Dysfunction
  w/ = with   w/e = weekend   b/c = because   
  w/o = without   BRB / be right back   LOL / laughing out loud