Midlife Dimensions


Father's Day - 6/15/08


[6/15 18:07] vsingh: all: do h's put on show that they are happy

[6/15 18:09] Dani [Facilitator]: Vsingh.....they THINK they are happy....,.because usually the relationship is not reality.....,it's like Disneyland, as Jim has said....but as reality sets in they find they are indeed empty and confused

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[6/15 18:00] Dani [Facilitator]: Good evening......welcome to the chat room!

[6/15 18:05] Swanlake: Good evening all, hope you are well tonight.

[6/15 18:05] Dani [Facilitator]: Hi Swan....how are you doing tonight?

[6/15 18:06] Dani [Facilitator]: Hi Steadfast....good to see you, how are you doing?

[6/15 18:06] steadfast: Hello Swan and Dani

[6/15 18:06] vsingh: Hello all

[6/15 18:06] Dani [Facilitator]: ....Vsingh and Beth 2 ....Hi all

[6/15 18:06] Swanlake: Dani - doing good

[6/15 18:06] steadfast: Hello also to Vsingh and Beth 2and all who join us

[6/15 18:06] BETH2: Hi everyone. I thought I would pop in for a few minutes. How is everything going.

[6/15 18:07] vsingh: h came back from Cancun, my son said they had great time

[6/15 18:07] vsingh: all: do h's put on show that they are happy

[6/15 18:07] Dani [Facilitator]: Hi Hopes....I don't think I've chatted with you before....have you been in the chat room before? welcome!

[6/15 18:07] BETH2: Dani, I have not been talking to you for a while. How is everything with your family?

[6/15 18:09] Dani [Facilitator]: Vsingh.....they THINK they are happy....,.because usually the relationship is not reality.....,it's like Disneyland, as Jim has said....but as reality sets in they find they are indeed empty and confused

[6/15 18:09] BETH2: vsingh I believe most of them put on a happy face. They can't let people know they are not happy. What will people say if they knew they were unhappy?

[6/15 18:09] steadfast: Sorry everyone, my son has just announced he needs on the computer for some work related to his upcoming exams so I can't stay. Will catch you another evening of chat room. God bless and you are always in my prayers

[6/15 18:10] Dani [Facilitator]: Beth2....good, thank you. It has been a very busy spring. How about you?

[6/15 18:10] vsingh: my son is talking to him now, it is hard

[6/15 18:10] vsingh: h takes more of an interest with my son now than he did when with me

[6/15 18:10] Swanlake: Vsingh - they do, just the other night Cricket was saying that her husband put on like his life with the ow was wonderful and now, he is admitting that he has been miserable the entire time. My own husband told me last year (the last time I spoke

[6/15 18:11] BETH2: Dani, it has been a busy winter and spring for me. My mom was sick al winter and then she dies in April. Then I decided to put the house up for sale so that kept me really busy for another while.

[6/15 18:11] Dani [Facilitator]: Vsingh....he is probably afraid he will lose that connection with him if he does not make extra effort

[6/15 18:12] Swanlake: vsingh - continued - with him) - that he is miserable and angry every second of every day (yet he is still with the ow) and my children say they fight constantly, he is not happy, but he did put on a good show for a long time.

[6/15 18:12] Dani [Facilitator]: Beth....yes, I've been following your emails. It sounds like you had a peace about selling the house

[6/15 18:13] Cricket2: Hi all - Hope you're having a nice weekend, Father's Day can be a difficult time for us but remember they are thinking of us too.

[6/15 18:13] Dani [Facilitator]: Hi Cricket and Jo....how are you girls?!

[6/15 18:14] BETH2: Dani I called my H once to see what he wanted me to do with his things as I was going to sell the house in the near future. Apparently D was talking to him tonight and told him the house was up for sale and he seemed surprised about it. Why I wonder?

[6/15 18:14] vsingh: thanks swan, how long has your h been away?

[6/15 18:14] cheyanne: hi all

[6/15 18:14] Dani [Facilitator]: Hi Geebo and Cheyanne....how are you tonight?

[6/15 18:14] BETH2: Dani, cont'd, I wonder if he thought I was just trying him out to see what he said or did.

[6/15 18:15] Swanlake: Vsingh - if you get a chance go to coventantkeepers.com and get a book called "Letters to Jesus" by Lou Bearry, her husband married the ow and divorced her and has been remarried to Lou for many many years now.

[6/15 18:15] cheyanne: hey cricket, they are thinking of us?? yes my H and son stopped by unexpected and I had hair dye all over my hair and looked you know so beautiful..I was like yeah they can’t stop by when I look decent, ughhhh

[6/15 18:15] geebo2b: hi dani..tired but good talking to my sister on the phone

[6/15 18:15] vsingh: dani: But in some cases, do h's abandon their kids

[6/15 18:15] Cricket2: Vsingh - Swan & Dani are right. At first it's all new & exciting, but it isn't reality and in time reality will set in. My H bragged to everyone how great things were with OW & he was SOOO happy. Didn't last, now says he was never happy after left

[6/15 18:16] Dani [Facilitator]: Beth.... maybe he thinks it will just always be the way it always was. Perhaps this is a little of a wakeup call for him

[6/15 18:16] geebo2b: dani; sister is so sick and trying to recover..so she just needs to talk..so I am really just 'listening'

[6/15 18:16] Cricket2: Vsingh -Your H is in fantasy land, as you said, he's about to file bankruptcy yet he went on this trip to Cancun.... now he's home & will have to face reality.

[6/15 18:16] cheyanne: cricket, he was taking son on boat with a friend and they stopped by to get surf board and give me the support check...... which was good....but isn’t it funny how before he could see us any old way now I just wanted to hide

[6/15 18:16] Swanlake: vsingh - each person is different, some stay gone for months, others a few years and others more years, my husband has been gone for 4 year, has been married to this ow for 2 years, he has several ow's before he settled with this one.

[6/15 18:16] vsingh: cricket: my h treated me like a doormat for so many years, completely disregarding my feelings

[6/15 18:17] Cricket2: Vsingh - At first it's common for mlcers & the “Other Person” to pay extra attention to kids to win them over & put on great front. But they are so selfish in mlc, in time the kids sadly fall to the wayside & are neglected

[6/15 18:17] BETH2: Dani I wasn't trying to manipulate him into coming home or anything. I did a lot of praying about this and had finally come to peace with it.

[6/15 18:17] cheyanne: hi dani good how are you doing

[6/15 18:17] Dani [Facilitator]: vsingh.....yes, my husband really pulled back from all of us, including the kids. It was awful to watch the pain he put them through

[6/15 18:18] Cricket2: Vsingh - Remind us, how long have you & your H been together & how long ago did he begin treating you like a doormat?

[6/15 18:18] Dani [Facilitator]: Geebo....I am so sorry to hear this. It is so good you can be there for her

[6/15 18:18] cheyanne: hi geebo, how are you doing tonight

[6/15 18:18] BETH2: dani my best friend dreamed last week that we got married again. She said it was so real not like a dream at all.

[6/15 18:19] geebo2b: dani; yes..her husband has completely withdrawn from her..it is awful

[6/15 18:19] Dani [Facilitator]: Beth.,. absolutely. You need to do what is important to take care of you and your daughter

[6/15 18:19] vsingh: cricket: at the 10 year mark of our marriage he was 37 he had his first episode, actually all along the marriage he treated me like doormat but it got bad after the 10 year mark, we were together 14 years when he left

[6/15 18:19] Cricket2: Geebo - Say hello to your sister for us, wish we could all give her a hug. ((((((Geebo's sister)))))))))

[6/15 18:20] geebo2b: hi chey; I am good..just really tired...lots of battles..and many blessings...no breakthroughs in any part of my situation..but still blessings in other ways

[6/15 18:20] Cricket2: Vsingh - Do you think your H treated you that way for cultural reasons, does he feel this behavior is acceptable?

[6/15 18:20] geebo2b: Cricket, I will

[6/15 18:20] vsingh: cricket: he always was inconsiderate and focused on himself, and we had a lot of arguments over his inconsideration, I feel his mother spoiled him because of what happened in their life

[6/15 18:21] cheyanne: geebo I hear you......my divorce is going full steam ahead and I am like ughhhh

[6/15 18:21] Cricket2: Beth - I think our spouses get so wrapped up in themselves & their lives, they lose perspective of our situation.

[6/15 18:21] vsingh: cricket2:I just feel he is a spoiled child, cultural reasons also take a part, but before he left me he was doing everything to get my goat

[6/15 18:21] geebo2b: chey; well the restraining order is officially expired..but nothing

[6/15 18:22] cheyanne: geebo how about your son with the drug problem how is he doing

[6/15 18:22] Cricket2: Vsingh - I know your marriage was arranged but did you feel things were good in the beginning. Sounds like he's always been a "me person" but are you saying he's never been considerate but became worse 10 yrs ago.

[6/15 18:22] cheyanne: geebo, glad the restraining order is expired though that’s good

[6/15 18:22] geebo2b: all; here's a blessing..riding my bike to work the other day..found $20 bill on the ground!

[6/15 18:23] BETH2: Dani, I am trying to take care of myself when I retire in less than 2 years. Daughter is 21 and may be gone then. I feel by then God will show where to go when I retire. Wherever I am he can still come home.

[6/15 18:23] geebo2b: chey; right now..he is 'steady' but it has been up and down a lot recently

[6/15 18:23] cheyanne: geebo, you seem to always find money

[6/15 18:23] Cricket2: Geebo - That's wonderful, little God Winks as I call them... just letting him know he's watching over you.

[6/15 18:24] vsingh: cricket: we had our initial adjustment issues, we did have bumps in our marriage, but we had many good times also, and we were always committed before, and one would make up with the other

[6/15 18:24] Jo2: vsingh - Did your h accept that his parents were wanting a good choice, and things weren't too bad until 4 years ago?

[6/15 18:24] Dani [Facilitator]: Beth, absolutely, you are right.

[6/15 18:24] geebo2b: cricket; I agree. it was a real blessing..and a week before that I found 410

[6/15 18:24] BETH2: I am going now. I worked today and a bit tired. God bless you all .

[6/15 18:25] geebo2b: chey; it seems to be my version of 'covenant truck' sightings lol

[6/15 18:25] Cricket2: Vsingh - Good, then there is a basis for your H to build on. I've learned that when they are healed from mlc, their heart is softened, but it takes real time for this journey.

[6/15 18:26] vsingh: jo2:his whole family agreed to me, but I feel they married for selfish reason, but we did develop feeling for each other, but now, he says he never loved me

[6/15 18:26] Cricket2: Geebo - And just think what you're saving on gasoline while also releasing stress & getting exercise.... AND cash blessings too..... Wooohoooo

[6/15 18:26] cheyanne: geebo that is a cool way to look at it

[6/15 18:26] Jo2: geebo - That's a good sign that riding your bike is right for now. You wouldn't have seen that from your car.

[6/15 18:26] Cricket2: Jo - My emails to you are still returning, even if I reply

[6/15 18:26] Dani [Facilitator]: Hi Melp and Cindy....welcome....how are you doing?

[6/15 18:27] cheyanne: hi all, I better go someone is hopefully coming by to buy a puppy, I feel like 101 Dalmatians at this house see you later

[6/15 18:27] CindyJ: Hi Dani and everyone....dani, it's good to see you.

[6/15 18:27] CindyJ: Dani, seems like it's been a while since I've seen you.

[6/15 18:28] geebo2b: cricket; so true..it feels good to get it shape, save gas, and get paid to commute lol

[6/15 18:28] Cricket2: Jo - I even tried copying your address from an email you sent & sending an email to you but it returned. I tried replying to your email and pasting my own reply but that returned too.

[6/15 18:28] Dani [Facilitator]: Hi Cindy...Yes, I missed my last two weeks as I didn't read the schedule right! Good to be here!

[6/15 18:29] geebo2b: jo2 that is so true..also it was a route I never take..for some reason I decided to take a different route that day

[6/15 18:29] Jo2: Cricket - I'm going to call my provider and ask for their best ideas for fixing this. I wonder if others have had this happen, too.

[6/15 18:29] vsingh: all: I just feel h expected marriage to be different, he did not see a proper marriage with his parents

[6/15 18:29] Cricket2: Vsingh - Did I misunderstand that things were good for the first 4 years and bad the past 10?

[6/15 18:29] geebo2b: jo2; I was feeling really down, and praying while riding and just decided to take a different route..and there it was!

[6/15 18:30] Swanlake: helpme - hi dear lady, how was yesterday?

[6/15 18:30] helpme: Swanlake; Hello. Did Hannah get her computer up & going?

[6/15 18:30] Dani [Facilitator]: Hi helpme....good to see you. How are you doing tonight?

[6/15 18:30] vsingh: cricket: actually in the beginning we had adjustment issues, don't all couples? We had many good times in between and bumps also, but we did have many very good times. After his first episode of mlc, things got very bad

[6/15 18:31] Cricket2: Jo - No one else for quite a long time. I had one return from Beryl but that was just for delay in picking up her messages.

[6/15 18:31] helpme: Swanlake; I didn't go. She started without me & told me she'd just do it herself.

[6/15 18:31] Swanlake: helpme - she did, we had Bible study earlier tonight. She is getting ready for a field trip and then turning in early tonight, so she won't be stopping in chat tonight.

[6/15 18:32] vsingh: all: haven't you all had bumps in your marriage? Before, h was willing to work them out until he got involved with ow

[6/15 18:32] Cricket2: Vsingh - So he's always been pretty self centered and treated you like a doormat but things got worse or really bad how long ago?

[6/15 18:32] Swanlake: helpme - if she chooses to cut off her own nose to spite her face, so be it, your heart was in the right place.

[6/15 18:33] helpme: Swanlake; Ok, guess I should have called her today.

[6/15 18:33] Cricket2: Jo - You might ask someone to forward my emails to you until you get it fixed.

[6/15 18:33] vsingh: cricket: things were really bad about 6 years ago

[6/15 18:33] Cricket2: Jo - I tried 4-5 times different ways to send you the prayer week - but nothing worked.

[6/15 18:33] vsingh: cricket, we have been apart 2 years

[6/15 18:34] Jo2: vsingh - Remember that a lot of what they say is based on "temporary insanity." :o) That line that he never loved you is just that, a line from the mlc script. Try to remember that he "thinks" he is thinking. Be sure you ARE thinking...continued

[6/15 18:34] vsingh: cricket: since our h's have childhood issues, wouldn't it be normal to come out in the marriage

[6/15 18:34] Dani [Facilitator]: Vsingh....that is the bottom line in life....it is full of bumps. If he was not willing to work on them with you, I am sure that will be the case in this relationship with the ow.

[6/15 18:34] Cricket2: Vsingh - Okay, I got a little confused about the timing. I was worried if things had been bad for the past 10 years because I know your H didn't have a good example in his Dad & then add the cultural differences making it even harder

[6/15 18:34] helpme: Swanlake; I guess things turned out for the best, I've had a hard time being around her & being comfortable lately anyway.

[6/15 18:34] CindyJ: Hi Joannie, I love that name and as a matter of fact....that's the name that sticks with me when I think of you.

[6/15 18:35] Cricket2: Vsingh - Yes childhood issues and the things that were hidden from you about the past make it even more difficult

[6/15 18:35] Dani [Facilitator]: Hi Joannie....how are you tonight?

[6/15 18:35] vsingh: dani: thanks

[6/15 18:35] Swanlake: helpme - send her an email tomorrow saying you hope all went well and let her know you are available for future assistance. Keep it simple and kind, and let's continue to pray

[6/15 18:36] vsingh: cricket: he was always protective of mom and sis, and I never knew why

[6/15 18:37] Cricket2: Jo - Vsingh is also in a different place because she & her H have an arranged marriage as is custom in their country but she later learned H had hidden his Dad's infidelity & childhood issues

[6/15 18:37] vsingh: all: do you feel the bumps in your marriage before mlc were due, at times, to childhood issues, my h is very closed person, but he needs a lot of praise and pats on back

[6/15 18:38] helpme: Swanlake; I'll think about it, as I said before there's an undercurrent in our friendship right now.

[6/15 18:38] Jo2: vsingh - You can't get caught up in his excuses for getting distracted from his vows. It helps to keep you focus on praying for him and taking care of your responsibilities and your son. God is able, He is mighty and He is faithful.

[6/15 18:39] Swanlake: helpme - you will know if just leaving it alone is best, which it might be. Just don't beat yourself up for not calling her today, she made her choice to behave as she did.

[6/15 18:40] Jo2: Cricket - That's a good idea. I'll ask Doe to fwd your emails, in case some of them don't come through (in group emails). I can delete the duplicates.

[6/15 18:40] Cricket2: All - My H is at his parents due to more problems with the OW. She got angry when he relayed a phone message he got for her so she changed his ph# & called & gave him new #. He is definitely getting a reality check & facing a lot of anger

[6/15 18:40] Cricket2: Jo - I sent the prayer request to Doe and asked her to forward the email to you for me, explaining the problem.

[6/15 18:40] helpme: Swanlake; Youngest son may be coming by tomorrow, he's going to see his dad. I'm praying he keeps a good head about him as H always encourages him to drink when they are together.

[6/15 18:41] Cricket2: Jo - The past couple days, ALL of them to you have returned even though I tried multiple times

[6/15 18:42] Cricket2: Vsingh - I think it's normal to have bumps in marriage particularly in the early stages as you adjust to one another.... for anyone

[6/15 18:42] Swanlake: helpme - well we will just have to keep him covered in prayer and lay our request at the feet of Christ to pour out His protection on your son.

[6/15 18:42] Dani [Facilitator]: Vsingh....yes to all those questions. I think MLC has taught me how much men need all those pats on the back, affirmation and encouragement more than I ever thought. I think society gives us the ok to expect the men to be strong and not have those emotional needs and even though I thought I was supportive of my husband, MLC taught me how much MORE I should have been

[6/15 18:43] vsingh: I'll be back

[6/15 18:44] CindyJ: vsingh, my husband used to withdraw, go off by himself sometimes....but I still never expected this. I would ask him if anything was wrong and his answer was always...no.

[6/15 18:45] CindyJ: Vsingh, Cricket it right about the bumps in marriage.

[6/15 18:45] helpme: Swanlake; Something odd....the same day (Friday) that H drove past my house he sent a message to sons asking why they never call & want them to call him. I've not said anything to family that H drove by, but sounds like he is missing his family.

[6/15 18:46] helpme: Swanlake; Bless you for your prayers, very much appreciate them.

[6/15 18:46] Swanlake: helpme - definitely sounds like he is missing his family, God is touching that man's heart!

[6/15 18:47] Jo2: Cricket - Thanks for all your efforts. I'll ask doe to begin forwarding for now.

[6/15 18:47] Cricket2: Helpme - Yes with this and his driving by, sounds like he's really missing family - PTL

[6/15 18:48] Joannie: All, sorry I was on the phone with a stander friend from VA.

[6/15 18:48] helpme: vsingh; Hello :) How are you?

[6/15 18:48] Cricket2: Jo - Yes but do call your ISP and ask them to be sure that I haven't been blocked.

[6/15 18:48] vsingh: thanks all: even with the bumps I thought we would always be committed especially when our son came

[6/15 18:48] vsingh: hi helpme: hope you are doing better

[6/15 18:49] Joannie: All, my prayer partner wanted me to encourage everyone in chat to pair up with a prayer partner from within the group when possible. We are seeing answers to our prayers together.

[6/15 18:50] Cricket2: Jo - Also - I sent Doe an email that her and Beth's prayer week is one week from today.

[6/15 18:50] vsingh: all: please join me in prayer that God heal our hurting hearts and protect our children, and bring our h's to God and their covenant marriage. God help us to have peace and joy and surrender to you, and help us to have faith and know you are in control

[6/15 18:51] helpme: vsingh; Kind of really missed my dad today, but doing good :)

[6/15 18:51] Cricket2: Joannie - I had teamed up with my sister as a prayer partner but she's come to chat & prayed with our group for years. She's also sent $ contributions to this ministry

[6/15 18:51] Swanlake: Cindy - I have it on my calendar that you were down this way this past week, did things change or you got so busy with the hustle and bustle, enjoying your family.

[6/15 18:51] vsingh: helpme: I pray for you

[6/15 18:51] Jo2: Cricket - Okay, I'll mention it. She has recently been distracted from computer by end of year paperwork.

[6/15 18:51] Joannie: vsingh, MLC is a mental and spiritual issue that steps outside of flesh and promises.

[6/15 18:52] helpme: vsingh; I know he is in heaven & wouldn't wish him back here, the Lord's helping me :)

[6/15 18:52] vsingh: Joannie: yes, h is not spiritual. he is just consumed in himself

[6/15 18:52] Joannie: Cricket, it makes a HUGE difference having a prayer partner. It keeps up encouraged. Keeps your focus more on Jesus. It just helps all the way around.

[6/15 18:53] helpme: vsingh; Bless you, you are so sweet :)

[6/15 18:53] Cricket2: Vsingh - Your prayer week is July 27th.... I'd start drafting your three prayer requests now so you're ready before your prayer week.

[6/15 18:54] vsingh: cricket: I thought weather in Cancun would be bad. It said it on weather.com, but my son said it was perfect. I was hoping God would have done what was done at your h's marriage

[6/15 18:54] Cricket2: Joannie - NOT ONLY that but we know the power of praying together... when 2 or more join together. My sister & I have both felt the difference in praying together in addition to our individual prayers

[6/15 18:54] Joannie: Vsingh, that’s what your missing. that’s what MLC does to a person. They become self centered, we have to pray (spiritual part ) and allow God to grow and change us during this time. He will handle our H's we have no control over them.

[6/15 18:54] vsingh: cricket: what is prayer week

[6/15 18:55] Cricket2: Vsingh - God did a lot to interfere with my H's marriage to the OW, but they pushed ahead with the marriage. They then went to Maui where my H & I always went. Weather was great for them but he admitted later that he kept thinking of me @ honeymoon

[6/15 18:56] Joannie: Cricket ;)

[6/15 18:57] Cricket2: Vsingh - Do you read the emails I send every week with everyone's prayer week. I just sent out this week's prayer requests for this week. We all pray in agreement with the members during their prayer week.

[6/15 18:57] vsingh: cricket: sorry I have not read it. I can't look at hotmail at work. I will read it

[6/15 18:58] Cricket2: Vsingh - I sent an email several weeks ago that listed who's prayer weeks fell each week of June & July and showing your prayer week as starting July 27th

[6/15 18:58] vsingh: hello makana: are you new?

[6/15 18:58] Joannie: Hi Cindy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! how did your daughter’s visit go?

[6/15 18:58] helpme: makana; Hello & welcome! Glad you could join us :)

[6/15 18:58] Dani [Facilitator]: Makana....Hi, welcome to chat....I haven't chatted with you before. Are you new? Welcome!

[6/15 18:58] Cricket2: Vsingh - Two members have a prayer week every week and we all pray with them each day during their prayer week.

[6/15 18:58] vsingh: cricket: what was the subject of email, so I will go right to it

[6/15 18:59] CindyJ: Swanlake, I have to admit I felt horrible that I was there and didn't see you...again. Time goes so fast and we were so busy. My dad is obviously getting older and needing more help, etc. I rode with my brother-in-law and sister. I don't like depending on others for transportation, etc. On our way home I was thinking that I'd like to either drive myself or fly into Springfield....although that's more expensive than flying into St. Louis and then driving the rest of t

[6/15 18:59] Cricket2: Vsingh - It helps to print the email with the members prayer requests and put it somewhere so you remember to join them in prayer. Should we use a different email address for you so that you can read the various emails?

[6/15 19:00] vsingh: cricket: I am just worried my work may not like it. It is government and they are strict

[6/15 19:01] Swanlake: Cindy - so what do you think about the level of the lake??? Not a problem, I understand how it can be with family when you don't get to see them all the time, just hope you had a wonderful visit.

[6/15 19:01] Cricket2: Makana - Glad to have you join us. This group is made up of spouses standing for their marriages, most are dealing with a spouse in midlife crisis & we're learning how to help them through this journey & save our marriage

[6/15 19:01] Joannie: vsingh, do you have a library close by you can go to?

[6/15 19:02] CindyJ: swan, of the way....depending on car rental.

[6/15 19:02] vsingh: Joannie: yes

[6/15 19:02] Cricket2: Vsingh - Then why don't you send me your home email address so you can participate in prayer week and join us in praying for one another when we send out requests?

[6/15 19:02] Swanlake: Cindy - yeah Springfield is waaay more expensive and it is small DC10 type planes. One of these times we'll get together, I'm not going anywhere.

[6/15 19:03] Cricket2: Vsingh - Lately there have been several praise reports sent that I think would be helpful for you to see

[6/15 19:03] Joannie: Most libraries have computers you can use to get on the internet. A couple of my co-workers have to do that to check their e-mails and things.

[6/15 19:03] CindyJ: swanlake, my step mom is the Branson Belle....Miss Belle. She told us about the damage done to the boat because of the rising water. We rented a pontoon boat and took it out. The water was definitely high.

[6/15 19:04] vsingh: cricket: you have my home one, it is just that I can only look at it after work so that is why it is hard for me to keep up sometimes I so busy with son

[6/15 19:04] Swanlake: Cindy - Tulsa is a closer drive and usually has better rental car and fares than St. Louis

[6/15 19:04] vsingh: cricket: great, I'd love to see the praise reports, I try to catch up on weekend with emails

[6/15 19:04] Jo2: vsingh - Do you not have time to check your emails in the evening?

[6/15 19:04] CindyJ: Swanlake, it's so humid there. My hair was curly the whole time....whether I wanted it to be or not....Tulsa? I'll keep that in mind.

[6/15 19:05] Swanlake: Cindy - And we are getting ready to get some more rain, it is thundering and lightening right now, sky was pretty black before it got dark out.

[6/15 19:05] helpme: God Bless Each And Every One! In my prayers, good night

[6/15 19:05] vsingh: good night, you all are in my prayers

[6/15 19:05] CindyJ: Swan....it was sad to see my dad looking and sounding so old. I'm frustrated with him because he doesn't "move" around...walk, etc. He seems depressed.

[6/15 19:06] Dani [Facilitator]: Sorry, I got kicked off.......it seems to be the end of our hour

[6/15 19:07] Swanlake: Cindy - my hair stays pretty curly this time of year, even when I use the hot iron on it.

[6/15 19:07] Joannie: all, I need to run for now, God bless, sweet sleep

[6/15 19:07] Jo2: Good night friends, see you tomorrow night, same time.

[6/15 19:07] CindyJ: Swanlake, I believe it. I just let mine go.

[6/15 19:07] Swanlake: Goodnight all, see you tomorrow night

[6/15 19:07] CindyJ: Good night everyone! See you tomorrow night.

[6/15 19:08] Cricket2: Good night all - I got a phone call. Have a great evening.

[6/15 19:10] Dani [Facilitator]: Sorry....one more time!! Let's remember to pray for each other tonight. Good night all !


[6/15 18:07] vsingh: all: do h's put on show that they are happy

[6/15 18:09] Dani [Facilitator]: Vsingh.....they THINK they are happy....,.because usually the relationship is not reality.....,it's like Disneyland, as Jim has said....but as reality sets in they find they are indeed empty and confused

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Chat Room Acronyms

Guests often use acronyms to speed up their conversations. Here are a few examples for you:

I have been S from my H for 2 years. We have 3 children, S8, S13, and D16.
I have been Separated from my Husband for 2 years. We have 3 children, Son age 8, Son age 13, Daughter age 16.
  OW = Other Woman   AW  = Adulteress Woman   W  = Wife   OP = other person
  OM  = Other Man   AM  = Adulteress Man   H  = Husband   LBS = Left behind spouse
  D = divorce or daughter   S = son or sister or separated   XW  = ex-wife   GF = Girl Friend
  DIL = daughter-in-law   SIL = Sister-in-law or Son-in-law   XH  = ex-husband   BF = Boy Friend
  MIL = mother-in-law   MLC = Midlife Crisis   PG = Praise God   CS = Child Support
  FIL = father-in-law   MLD = Midlife Dimensions Ministry   PTL = Praise the Lord   ED = Erectile Dysfunction
  w/ = with   w/e = weekend   b/c = because   
  w/o = without   BRB / be right back   LOL / laughing out loud