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Easter - 4/4/10

6:07 BlueSky: all, I am a bit upset tonight, not at h though, which is nice. I haven't seen or talked to my son in some time, he is getting ready to grad college and is beyond busy, so I have left him alone. I kind of wonder if he has been avoiding me too. I wanted to see him today due to Easter of course, I asked him if he went to church. He said no, I asked why, he no longer believes in God and regrets ever getting us back into the church. I am heartbroken again. he is almost 22 and changing so far from what we raised him to be I am really concerned.

6:12 Joey [Facilitator]: 6:10 BlueSky: He'll never be too old for God to reach and with you praying for him! God has all the time in the world!


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CR#1, Sun. 4-4-10, 6-7 pm PST


5:52 Brin [Facilitator]: All, Welcome to chat tonight. Happy Easter. Hope your Easter day was very pleasant as you celebrated Jesus' resurrection from the dead.

5:54 Brin [Facilitator]: Heavenly Father, May the words of our mouths and the meditation of our hearts be acceptable to You, our Rock and our Redeemer, during chat tonight. In Jesus' Name, Amen.

5:57 Swanlake: Hello everyone, how are you tonight?

5:59 Brin [Facilitator]: 5:57 Swanlake: Good, thanks. Had a really good workout today outdoors. How are you?

6:00 Brin [Facilitator]: skby, Jo, How are you both? Hope you had a good day today.

6:00 Swanlake: Brin - good, it was a really nice day here today, we are supposed to get rain tonight, but the day was great for outdoor activities, the lake was full of boats.

6:01 Joey [Facilitator]: Hey guys!!! Happy Easter to everyone

6:01 Brin [Facilitator]: 6:00 Swanlake: That's nice. Seems like it was nice in quite a few places today. It was pretty warm here, then a thunderstorm started at about 5pm. It's still raining now.

6:01 sbky: everyone hello

6:02 Cricket2: Happy Easter all. Yesterday was nice but today it's been storming pretty heavily.

6:02 Brin [Facilitator]: Hey Cricket, I loved that funny video clip. I laughed out (sooo) loud...

6:03 sbky: all had a great day with my h and his family.. or should I say with my family(h's) and he was here

6:03 Brin [Facilitator]: 6:03 sbky: That's a praise!

6:04 Cricket2: Brin - Although funny, it reminded me so much of things we learned.

6:05 Brin [Facilitator]: 6:04 Cricket2: Agree. I hope people realize that it's ok to be different because women and men are not wrong, they're just different.

6:05 sbky: all my d ask him to go to church with us but he wouldn’t

6:06 BlueSky: Hi all, Happy Easter, it was a beautiful day here as well, though I just read there was a big earthquake again in Ca and Baja

6:07 Cricket2: BlueSky - Cheyanne commented on it on FB, sounded like it hit when she was on .

6:07 Brin [Facilitator]: 6:06 BlueSky: Yes, I heard about the earthquake too - was it real bad?

6:07 BlueSky: all, I am a bit upset tonight, not at h though, which is nice. I haven't seen or talked to my son in some time, he is getting ready to grad college and is beyond busy, so I have left him alone. I kind of wonder if he has been avoiding me too. I wanted to see him today due to Easter of course, I asked him if he went to church. He said no, I asked why, he no longer believes in God and regrets ever getting us back into the church. I am heartbroken again. he is almost 22 and changing so far from what we raised him to be I am really concerned.

6:07 Cricket2: BlueSky - Good job last night.... I'm not sure we reached her but at least we tried.

6:08 Joey [Facilitator]: Good evening Faithfull

6:08 Brin [Facilitator]: 6:05 sbky: That's not too surprising. He might not have felt comfortable going, given the circumstances.

6:08 sbky: cricket I did sign h's bday card. don’t know what he thinks about that. and I know he hasn’t been working good so I told him he was welcome to come out to eat with me and the kids we would take him for his bday. he never responded. but I didn’t expect him too. But at least I offered

6:09 BlueSky: Brin, a 7.2, though I haven't read in detail yet.

6:09 Cricket2: Brin - News said it was 6.9-7 centered in Mexico but shook So. CA pretty heavily.

6:09 sbky: cricket he won’t go even if I don’t go..I feel he is truly running from God right now

6:09 Joey [Facilitator]: Blue, keep praying for him. The word is planted and there. Through prayer he will return back to the Lord. He's like the prodigal son right now.

6:10 BlueSky: Cricket, I don't know either, I tried calling a couple of times today though

6:10 Swanlake: BlueSky - that sounds like the enemy and guilt talking, hey if there is no God, then what he is doing isn't a sin - right! The rationalization of the MLC mind - shaking my head in amazement.

6:10 Cricket2: Brin/BlueSky - Yes 6.9-7.2 on Earthquake - no reports of major damage yet

6:10 Brin [Facilitator]: 6:08 BlueSky: Sorry to hear that. Must be disappointing and hurtful to hear that he doesn't care about God.

6:10 Joey [Facilitator]: Blue, she posted on FB she was OK!!!!

6:11 Brin [Facilitator]: 6:09 Cricket2, 6:09 BlueSky: Anyone hurt?

6:11 BlueSky: Swan, this is my son, so no MLC.

6:12 Brin [Facilitator]: 6:09 sbky: Yes, it's often a spiritual battle for them. Keep praying - your best weapon for a spiritual battle.

6:12 Joey [Facilitator]: 6:10 BlueSky: He'll never be too old for God to reach and with you praying for him! God has all the time in the world!

6:12 Joey [Facilitator]: 6:11 BlueSky: Cheyanne

6:12 Joey [Facilitator]: Hi Help!!!!!!

6:12 helpme: Hello Everyone !!

6:13 Swanlake: BlueSky - sorry thought you were talking about your husband, same mentality - LOL. Well in that case, he has seen what is happening in his family and he wants to have fun, believing in God might hinder his fun, therefore, there is no God.

6:13 sbky: brin and cricket I got to talk to his cousin’s wife today. she encouraged me and she is the one person who would say.. move on.. she is around him some..

6:13 BlueSky: Brin, I am beyond crushed. There was actually a time when my son was so involved in the church that we got concerned. He said he has researched it because he has a scientific and engineer mind

6:13 Cricket2: BlueSky - Do you think what he said about regretting getting you back into church again is because he worries about your stand?

6:14 Cricket2: BlueSky - Keep in mind, that your son is under so much stress right now working toward graduation this may be venting.

6:14 Brin [Facilitator]: 6:13 sbky: She encouraged you to give up on your H?

6:14 sbky: brin no. he encouraged me to hold on.

6:15 Swanlake: All - I spoke with my son tonight, they are near San Diego and said it was a couple of minutes rolling rattle, nothing more in their area, so by the time it got up near Lisa, it was most likely even less of a roll.

6:15 helpme: Swanlake; H was here yesterday for around 2 hours to visit & play with the grandkids! It was just the 4 of us here at the apartment visiting.....H & the grandkids had a really good time together & H & I talked a good bit also!

6:15 sbky: brin agrees he isn’t happy. and still messed up in the head

6:15 Cricket2: sbky - That is wonderful. Obviously you don't want to go into things with his family as much as possible, but if she offered encouragement, it's a very good sign.

6:16 Swanlake: helpme - that is great, he probably enjoyed being with you guys having fun rather than being surrounded by the stress of his house.

6:16 BlueSky: Swan that is okay, he is extremely intelligent, and researches everything to the nth degree. He is now a vegan, kind of turning into a hippie (clean cut though) has lost too much weight. I almost feel like he is trying to leave the family too.

6:16 Cricket2: sbky - That's what happened with my H's family. At first they believed him that he'd been depressed & unhappy a long time and it was our marriage. In time, they saw this wasn't true and they appreciated me even more. They saw his mood swings

6:16 Brin [Facilitator]: 6:13 BlueSky: I know of people in the same situation - where their kids turn their back on God after having a deep faith. It's another way that the enemy attacks the family. Your prayers for him are of utmost importance. I have seen God work to bring the prodigal children back to Him and to the family - not without a lot of praying.

6:17 Joey [Facilitator]: all, a friend just called and she doesn’t understand or respect my stand and says some things are on her heart and she wants to talk about them. Just yesterday she made comments about my stand indirectly and I've made it clear to her numerous time.

6:17 BlueSky: Swan, I also wonder if this is due to my h, but I don't think so.

6:17 Brin [Facilitator]: 6:15 Swanlake: A relief!

6:18 BlueSky: Brin, thank you, It is just another huge blow. I just don't get it.

6:18 sbky: Joey the cousin I was talking about .. I mean I think she would be the first one to tell me not to stand if she thought I shouldn’t..

6:18 BlueSky: all, my son seems a bit detached from my situation, it happened after he left for school, so he has his own life. Why come back home when it is in such a mess.

6:18 Swanlake: BlueSky - sometimes as children try to find their own place in life, they do leave the family for a season, but they also usually come back. My d went through that a couple times, son distanced a little too, but not as long or as much as d did.

6:18 Brin [Facilitator]: 6:15 sbky: Your H said this? It takes time to get through the stages of the journey.

6:19 Brin [Facilitator]: 6:14 sbky: That's good.

6:19 sbky: brin. no brin the cousin I was talking to did not encourage me to give up she encouraged me to stand..

6:20 sbky: brin unfortunately he isn’t there.. if he is there he hasn’t shared it with me yet

6:20 Swanlake: Brin - to be honest most people who live in the so cal area get accustomed to the e-quake rumblings and don't get too excited about them unless there is damage.

6:20 Brin [Facilitator]: 6:16 BlueSky: He's going through phases of trying things out, perhaps he's working through his issues?

6:21 Cricket2: BlueSky/Brin - A friend of mine admitted he got angry at God and struggled for a while, he finally bought a book that he recommends which I think has the same title - Angry at God, that helped him reconnect with his Faith.

6:22 Brin [Facilitator]: 6:18 BlueSky: Makes me wonder if he's going through MLC - even though he's young. They say MLC can hit any time...

6:22 BlueSky: Brin, I guess, but to go from believing strongly to God, Jesus don't exist? I don't understand

6:22 Swanlake: BlueSky - I remember when I was in the Marine Corps, stationed in CA, when I first got there I called my mother every week, but after a couple months the calls got further and further apart. I was out on my own, busy with work, having fun with friends and my phone call time was all reserved for my husband (boyfriend at the time) who was stationed in Washington DC. There wasn't any intention to it at all, just got busy with other things, could be the case with son

6:22 Cricket2: BlueSky - Some of this may be normal teenage stuff but your son must be affected by his Dad's leaving as well which is what I meant about getting angry with God. On top of that , they worry about our standing & being in pain.

6:23 Brin [Facilitator]: 6:19 sbky: Got it. Glad for that.

6:23 sbky: brin sorry I wasn’t explaining it good. it made since in my head..lol

6:23 BlueSky: Cricket, we haven’t talked, he says he doesn't have to justify it (true), I am not sure it is anger, as much as it is the research he does and the analytical mind he has, just like his dad.

6:23 ndakmom: Hi all and Happy Easter!

6:23 Brin [Facilitator]: 6:20 sbky: I know. I meant he has to work through the stages at his own time.

6:23 BlueSky: Brin, I don't know, he once said he would never do what his dad is doing.

6:24 helpme: Hello again...got knocked off....

6:25 Cricket2: Brin/Swan - Although Swan is right about earthquakes being common place, this one was pretty bad in San Diego area -people stuck in elevators, broken glass, etc

6:25 Brin [Facilitator]: 6:20 Swanlake: I see.

6:25 BlueSky: Swan, yes, I do believe he is just very busy, but he also said he has avoided telling me.

6:25 sbky: brin I have been having some thought lately. wondering if I am suppose to still be standing or file for d myself.. just some things going on.. I asked for God to give me info at church today.. we had a guest preacher and some of the stuff he said

6:25 sbky: brin spoke straight to me. be still and wait on God..

6:25 Brin [Facilitator]: 6:21 Cricket2: That's encouraging.

6:26 Brin [Facilitator]: 6:22 BlueSky: The enemy is pretty good at deception.

6:26 Cricket2: sbky - Wow - I'm actually surprised that you've been wondering...I've heard some praises from you. Although when the Lord is working, it's often when the enemy attacks. I know it had been hard with your D and sports lately.

6:26 Suz215: Just a quick hi to wish e'one a blessed and peaceful week. Hoping all had a good day?!

6:26 BlueSky: Cricket, you know on Christmas day, I had a huge meltdown after h left. My son who had been my rock for sometime said he was so very content in his life. Everything has fallen into place. Since then, he made up with his dad, felt he needed him and

6:26 Swanlake: BlueSky - that would be guilt, I know when the duty would knock on my door and tell me I had a call on the pay phone (didn't have individual phones back then), I would always feel horrible, sometimes I would tell them to say I was out. That way I could put off facing my mother asking why I hadn't called or saying something about missing me. He is most likely in a place where he is growing but yet not knowing how to do that and maintain connection with you.

6:27 BlueSky: Cricket, that is fine, became vegan, and now this. So too me he wasn't content as he said he was.

6:27 sbky: cricket my d is having a time right now.. she uses the words "I hate my dad" and has told someone she wishes I would file.. I remind her she loves him but hate his actions

6:27 BlueSky: Brin, all, so now I have 2 prodigals.

6:27 sbky: cricket and also that a piece of paper would not change how we feel

6:28 Cricket2: BlueSky - sometimes we don't realize though how much we lean on our kids. They also take things even more on their shoulders and hate that they can't fix things for us. They pray so hard and when we're still in pain, they get angry at God

6:28 Brin [Facilitator]: 6:25 sbky: Yes, only God has the answers for your situation. You're right in asking Him to show you. He's given me that verse too.

6:29 Cricket2: sbky - The thing is that this would be the worst time for you to file (not that you would). Later your D would carry that guilt always worrying if it was her fault. Right now she needs your shoulder but also your leadership/role model

6:30 sbky: cricket I know. it is just hard to see her hurting so much. and so upset

6:30 BlueSky: Swan, thanks, I at least know I have grown and trust in the Lord, because I didn't spend the rest of the day crying.

6:31 BlueSky: Cricket, Swan, would it be a good idea to ask him if he is mad at God?

6:31 steadfast: Just popped in to wish everyone a happy Easter. God bless.

6:32 Brin [Facilitator]: 6:27 BlueSky: Swan is right. Give him all the space he needs. I know that as a mother, you worry. There's nothing you can do about his decision to be vegan, etc. Don't under-estimate your prayers. They do work, and in the meantime give him ALL the space he needs. He needs to work through this himself.

6:32 Cricket2: sbky - I’m sure it is but you know in your heart that she's just hurt @ her Dad focusing more on the team than on her. Because she loves him so much that it hurts. If you filed, it would bring more pain in time & she'd feel you did it for her.

6:33 BlueSky: Brin, thank you too. It sounds from what you all have said that he could find his way back.

6:33 sbky: all for anyone who remembers my aunt who had surgery for pancreas cancer in Oct. and they said they couldn’t do anything . it would be months not years.. her pet scan so NO CANCER ACTIVITY .. I have never heard of pancreatic cancer being in remission

6:33 Cricket2: BlueSky - I'd just keep the communication open, don't push things. You could follow up about him saying he was sorry he got you back to church and ask him why he felt that way. Keep it casual & do active listening. Be a good listener.

6:33 BlueSky: Swan, Cricket, Brin, yes, he does sound like a confused MLCr now that I stop and think about it.

6:34 Brin [Facilitator]: 6:31 steadfast, Suz215, It's sweet of you to pop in. Happy Easter to you too. hope you had a good day.

6:34 ndakmom: sbky- that is wonderful news!! PTL!!!

6:34 sbky: cricket that and he is pressuring her .. wanting her to do the eighth grade over..and it is all for sports.. he will say maturity. she is young.. her bday is in august. but I think it is for sports..

6:34 Swanlake: BlueSky - probably not, he may not even understand that he is mad at God and you would only get more of his there is no God defense. Just be there to listen and when he does talk to you, pray that God enables you to hear between the words.

6:35 BlueSky: Cricket, okay I will, maybe this is distract me from my h. who knows.

6:35 Cricket2: BlueSky - When you can casually let him know how much your involvement in church has helped, ways you've felt the Lord. BUT it needs to be careful. Much like our H's don't want to hear about mlc, your S will shut you out if you try to push.

6:35 Brin [Facilitator]: 6:33 sbky: That is awesome! PTL!

6:35 Joey [Facilitator]: sbky - whoooo hoooo PTL

6:36 BlueSky: Swan, Cricket, wow, handling it sounds the same as the h. That is eye opening to me

6:36 sbky: all we are planning a family get together in June. but I am praying I will be able to get off of work. it isn’t looking good..

6:36 Brin [Facilitator]: 6:33 BlueSky: At least you know how to interact with your S after all you've learned in regards to your H's MLC.

6:37 Swanlake: BlueSky - unfortunately we go from being children, having someone else taking care of us, being in charge to young adulthood and the rite of passage can be challenging for many (most), then it seems that just as we get that figured out (LOL), then comes midlife and all that stuff we didn't get settled comes back up, one confusion after the next, no wonder we are all such a mess. the difference is your son is on his first go round, your husband on his second, hopefully your son will get through it the first time and not have to do it again like his dad

6:37 BlueSky: Cricket, Swan, Brin, my d who is 17, was a bit surprised too. I think she is hurt too, but won't let on. She said he is just rebelling, wow

6:37 Cricket2: sbky -Will your H talk to you about what he feels. What if you asked him in a way that you want to work together with him, still be a team in working w/your D. Don't argue with him, listen & suggest ideas carefully. You could help him see how she feels

6:37 BlueSky: Brin, so true.

6:38 sbky: all my d just seen I am in chat and says to tell everyone hi.

6:38 Cricket2: BlueSky - When someone has turned against God, it is somewhat like working with a mlcr. They don't want us to fix them & will resist our logic. Kind of have to show them gently without being preachy or pushy.

6:39 BlueSky: Cricket, Swan, brin, never saw this coming just like the h thing.

6:39 sbky: cricket I don’t think he will. we have recently talked when our son got in trouble. and I did mention he needed to talk to our d and he said.. I talked to her on the bus. .I said no you need to talk to her.. she is upset.... she still misses you. cont

6:39 BlueSky: Cricket, I can see the parallels, who'd a thought?

6:40 Brin [Facilitator]: BlueSky, 6:38 In a way, it might be better for your S to be working through his issues now, than later when he's in a marriage.

6:40 Swanlake: sbky - Hi back to her

6:40 sbky: cricket. he said I know. but I really don’t think he will talk to me about his relationship with her. when he moved out. he wanted to talk to them alone and if I tried to say anything about the kids. he was like I KNOW!

6:40 BlueSky: Swan, you know, my son was tough to raise as a young kid but was a breeze thru the teen years, thought I was lucky and done.

6:41 Brin [Facilitator]: 6:38 sbky: Say Hi back from us all.

6:41 Cricket2: sbky - But then you were telling him what he needed to do. I’m thinking to approach him like you'd like his thoughts/input on how to help D that you're worried about her & try to get him to help YOU... let him think you want his advice.

6:41 Joey [Facilitator]: hi Cindy!

6:41 CindyJ: Hi everyone. Just wanted to say hi and hope everyone had a nice Easter.

6:42 sbky: cricket I am not sure. I will think about it..

6:42 Cricket2: sbky - Then as you are talking with him, listening to his thoughts (not correcting him) but asking questions in a way of letting him know how she feels, he may listen better.

6:42 Brin [Facilitator]: 6:41 CindyJ: Happy Easter! Hope you did too.

6:43 ndakmom: All- if my H does decide to move back in, he will be sleeping in a separate room as me, so it will be more like roommates. Do I treat him like a roommate or do I treat him like my husband as far as cooking and doing his laundry and all that?

6:43 Cricket2: sbky - If there is a chance to approach it in that way, not telling him how he is messing up and hurting her, but telling him she seems really confused and upset and you're worried about her, not sure how to help...so not confrontational

6:44 sbky: cricket that may be a lot. we just recently started talking about anything.. I mean we use to just ignore each other..

6:44 CindyJ: Hi Joey...my daughter said there was an earthquake earlier and she was napping and thought the dogs had gotten into bed with her...but the dogs were freaked out.

6:44 Brin [Facilitator]: 6:40 BlueSky: Maybe he's working through the stuff that he didn't address during his teenage years. He postponed it.

6:44 BlueSky: ndak, before my h left, we lived as roommates (he says for many many years) but since I was at home I still did the cooking and laundry.

6:44 sbky: cricket but I will pray about it..

6:44 CindyJ: Brin...yes it was a nice relaxing day with my family.

6:44 Joey [Facilitator]: 6:44 CindyJ: I saw that on FB. glad she's ok!

6:45 Cricket2: sbky - I know Morwenna really found that her H responded when she asked his advice. We all could see that her H was messing up with their son but when she approached him in a teamwork way, he really responded warmly

6:45 Brin [Facilitator]: 6:43 ndakmom: If it were me, I'd treat him like my H.

6:45 CindyJ: Joey, she's fine and resting a lot which is good for her at this time.

6:46 Swanlake: CindyJ - I remember our animals always got way more freaked out than we did during the earthquakes, in fact they would often start acting nervous before we could ever even feel the quake. Glad everyone is ok

6:46 Joey [Facilitator]: 6:45 CindyJ: :)

6:46 BlueSky: Cindy, she is in CA?

6:46 sbky: cricket she did leave him the note hat explained a lot of how she feels..

6:46 CindyJ: bluesky...yes she's in CA.

6:47 CindyJ: Cricket, did you feel the earthquake?

6:47 ndakmom: cricket- I had a similar situation with our oldest son, we had an incident at school and I truly did not know how to handle it, so I called H and asked his advice, and he responded warmly and was all about helping, I think it meant a lot that I asked

6:47 BlueSky: Cindy, sheesh, that is all she needs, I hope all is okay for her

6:47 CindyJ: Swanlake....animals are so smart.

6:47 Brin [Facilitator]: skby, 6:45 Cricket2: I agree with Cricket about approaching (if you decide to do so) your H by asking him for his advice or opinion. Men like to be respected. It's a huge deal to them.

6:48 Cricket2: Cindy - No but I'm more North. It sounds like San Diego was rattled even more that LA area. I read people were stuck in elevators, windows broke and shelves fell over.

6:49 CindyJ: Cricket, daughter said it lasted a while and for a while after her dogs wouldn't leave her side.

6:49 ndakmom: blue and brin- thanks for the opinions, that's how I feel as well, I honestly probably would do all those things more out of habit then anything since I've been cooking and doing his laundry and all that for so long now

6:51 Cricket2: Cindy - Yes I'm sure the dogs felt it even more than adults did.

6:51 Cricket2: BRIN - I can't reply the way you asked - but I agree - That's why I asked Swan to delete this part

6:51 sbky: brin cricket. How I mean. .our d is sad. Or hurting. Well no matter how I say that. He will see that is his doing.

6:51 Brin [Facilitator]: 6:49 ndakmom: Show him love and compassion, and he will notice it even if he doesn't acknowledge.... God sees it.

6:52 Brin [Facilitator]: 6:51 Cricket2: Yes, saw your note right after I sent the msg :) Great minds....

6:52 Joey [Facilitator]: 6:52 Brin: :)

6:53 ndakmom: brin- thanks, will do. On occasion I will buy him little gifts, for instance for Easter the kids and I bought him a chocolate bunny with a fun little card, my 6 year old signed the card from us all and gave it to his dad, figured it would be better

6:54 Brin [Facilitator]: 6:51 sbky: Pray about how you'd approach this. God will give you the right words and thoughts. :)

6:54 ndakmom: brin cont- better that the gift is given by the kids, but my son did add my name too. Do think small gifts are okay on occasion? I had a friend who suggested that may be taken as putting pressure on H.

6:56 Cricket2: Cindy - I have a friend who talked about his wife and he spending $21,000 on In Vitro to have their D. He said was worth every penny, how precious daughter is. He'd hoped for twins too. Talked also how rare abuse is in those cases, appreciate more

6:56 Brin [Facilitator]: 6:54 ndakmom: I think you did great. Especially since they are from the kids! Remember to affirm him from time to time, with real (and non-M related) examples.

6:57 BlueSky: ndak, does he know when he is coming home?

6:57 Cricket2: ndakmom - That was perfect. Dani gave her h little gifts all along & he was okay with it. My H was not. But when things can come from the kids, it's easier & yet he knows you had a big part in it.

6:57 BlueSky: Cricket, have you heard from Saam? I have been wondering about her meeting with her h.

6:58 Cricket2: BlueSky - Nothing as yet. I will write and tell her people were concerned & asking.

6:58 BlueSky: Cricket that would be nice.

6:59 CindyJ: Cricket, thank you for that. Yes it's very expensive and I know that they aren't thinking of the money when it comes to having a healthy beautiful baby....although I'm hoping for babies...twins.

6:59 Joey [Facilitator]: 6:59 CindyJ: :)

6:59 ndakmom: blue- no, I think me questioning him last week freaked him out. So, I'm not even bringing it up, I have the playroom picked up and will continue to keep it cleaned, so when he's ready, the room is waiting for him

7:00 Cricket2: BlueSky - I just sent the email to Saam.

7:00 Joey [Facilitator]: nda, that’s great!!!!!!

7:00 ndakmom: cricket- I had given him some Harley clings last week, I happened to see them when I was looking at stickers for the kids, I don't think he knew what to think, yet only days later he started talking to me about his need to buy a motorcycle, not sure

7:01 ndakmom: cricket cont- if the two are connected or not

7:01 BlueSky: Cricket, great, I hope we hear soon.

7:02 Brin [Facilitator]: 6:59 ndakmom: Yes, it's wise not to ask him. In the meantime, and also when he's back, there is plenty to learn about MLC and how to support him emotionally through it all. There are a lot of helpful books you can read to learn... Take advantage of them. It won't be easier when he returns. That's when the hard work begins.

7:02 BlueSky: ndak, wow that is cool, that sounds like God sent you to do that.

7:02 sbky: I lost chat..

7:02 sbky: cricket I will pray about it..

7:03 ndakmom: brin- I have to admit I'm a bit freaked out about H returning, I'm not sure how I should act and don't want to mess things up. I know it won't be easy by any means and I think that's why it scares me.

7:03 Brin [Facilitator]: All, it's time to close again. I hope you all have a wonderful week. Please join Jim for chat tomorrow.

7:03 ndakmom: blue- I agree, I wasn't even looking for anything for him, and it's like those clings just popped out right at me

7:03 CindyJ: Good night everyone!

7:03 Swanlake: Goodnight all, see you tomorrow evening for chat with Jim

7:03 sbky: night all

7:03 BlueSky: ndak, understandable. You will feel at ease shortly after he returns though.

7:03 ndakmom: Good night all!

7:04 BlueSky: Goodnight all.

7:04 Brin [Facilitator]: 7:03 ndakmom: That's understandable. Lean on God. Keep up the prayers, even when he's home again. And especially when he's home as the enemy would want to interfere.

7:05 Brin [Facilitator]: Good night all.

7:05 BlueSky: Joey, Brin Cricket, thank you for your words re: son tonight. I am not sure why I have 2 prodigals now, but I will pray

7:05 Joey [Facilitator]: Good Night all, sweet sleep and God bless. Jesus blood covers us all and is able to handle every and all things!

7:05 Joey [Facilitator]: 7:05 BlueSky: lean into God He is able and there at all times sweetie!

6:07 BlueSky: all, I am a bit upset tonight, not at h though, which is nice. I haven't seen or talked to my son in some time, he is getting ready to grad college and is beyond busy, so I have left him alone. I kind of wonder if he has been avoiding me too. I wanted to see him today due to Easter of course, I asked him if he went to church. He said no, I asked why, he no longer believes in God and regrets ever getting us back into the church. I am heartbroken again. he is almost 22 and changing so far from what we raised him to be I am really concerned.

6:12 Joey [Facilitator]: 6:10 BlueSky: He'll never be too old for God to reach and with you praying for him! God has all the time in the world!

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Chat Room Acronyms

Guests often use acronyms to speed up their conversations. Here are a few examples for you:

I have been S from my H for 2 years. We have 3 children, S8, S13, and D16.
I have been Separated from my Husband for 2 years. We have 3 children, Son age 8, Son age 13, Daughter age 16.
  OW = Other Woman   AW  = Adulteress Woman   W  = Wife   OP = other person
  OM  = Other Man   AM  = Adulteress Man   H  = Husband   LBS = Left behind spouse
  D = divorce or daughter   S = son or sister or separated   XW  = ex-wife   GF = Girl Friend
  DIL = daughter-in-law   SIL = Sister-in-law or Son-in-law   XH  = ex-husband   BF = Boy Friend
  MIL = mother-in-law   MLC = Midlife Crisis   PG = Praise God   CS = Child Support
  FIL = father-in-law   MLD = Midlife Dimensions Ministry   PTL = Praise the Lord   ED = Erectile Dysfunction
  w/ = with   w/e = weekend   b/c = because   
  w/o = without   BRB / be right back   LOL / laughing out loud