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July 4, 2010

6:42 BlueSky [Facilitator]: all, my d is spending more and more time over at her dad's. I think I am getting jealous. She never used to go over at all. I know they need the connection, but this to me says she accepts the situation. She also says he is more fun. But it is always been that way. someone has to be the parent.

6:43 Joey [Facilitator]: Blue, he doesn’t have the main responsibility like you have and its easy for him to be the fun one plus it fits his frame of mind right now.


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July 4, 2010 / Sunday 6-7 pm PST / CR#1


5:59 Swanlakejgs [Programmer]: Hello everyone, welcome to Sunday evening chat. Hope all are having a wonderful and exciting 4th.

5:59 Swanlakejgs [Programmer]: Hey Joey, how are you tonight?

6:00 Joey [Facilitator]: Welcome everyone, Happy 4th of July to everyone. I hope you had a day full of peace and a time of positive reflection of what today stands for. Holy Spirit we invite You to lead our time together tonight.

6:01 Joey [Facilitator]: Swan, I'm good, just got in from the beach. was on the road for about 5 hrs this afternoon. How about you?

6:01 Joey [Facilitator]: Hi Yoli, how are you darling?

6:02 Swanlakejgs [Programmer]: Joey - Doing good, decided to stay out of the tourist traffic today, so stayed home.

6:03 Yoli: Joey: I’m good, how about you?

6:03 Joey [Facilitator]: Swan, I understand, beach was the most crowded I'd ever seen before. After being gone for the 4th it’s funny not getting to see any fireworks.

6:04 Yoli: MAS: Hey how are you?

6:04 BlueSky [Facilitator]: Hi all,

6:05 MAS: Hi Yoli. How was your trip? I was going to call you today, but I assumed you would be out.

6:06 Joey [Facilitator]: Hi Blue and Mas, how are you guys?????

6:06 Swanlakejgs [Programmer]: 6:03 Joey: When I worked at the beach in California, we had a big Beach Bash that started at 0800 and went until after midnight. I had to work the entire time (overtime was great), and in some ways it was nice I had a front row view for the fire works and didn't have to deal with the traffic, I arrived before and didn't get to leave until after. We always had a concert as well, some pretty big names too. They just loved to play concerts on military bases.

6:06 MAS: Yoli: Did you get back Friday or Saturday?

6:06 Yoli: MAS: It was incredible. I came back with a new love. My prayer friend, a 13 year old just stole my heart. It was really touching.

6:06 Joey [Facilitator]: Swan, sounds like the way to go!

6:07 Joey [Facilitator]: Yoli, I'm good!

6:07 BlueSky [Facilitator]: HI Joey, 5 hours in the car is draining.

6:07 Yoli: MAS: Saturday morning at 5:45 in the morning.

6:07 MAS: Hi Joey...quiet day, as usual. How are you doing?

6:08 Joey [Facilitator]: Blue, I am tired and I know my bed is going to be so nice tonight when my head hits the pillow I will be out. It took longer to get home; one road wasn't marked so I missed my turn.

6:09 MAS: Yoli: Oh my gosh, for a minute I thought you really had found a new love! But it's nice that you have a new young friend. Are you going to stay in contact?

6:09 BlueSky [Facilitator]: 6:08 Joey: I always look forward to that time

6:09 Joey [Facilitator]: Hi Tam, how’s our brother dong tonight???

6:09 Joey [Facilitator]: Blue, :)

6:09 BlueSky [Facilitator]: Hi Tam

6:10 Swanlakejgs [Programmer]: Joey - there is a big 4th thing here where I live, Famous Dave's BBQ has a tent and are providing the food, plus some other vendors. Around 9:00 pm many of the boaters will head out on the lake for the fire works, games, celebrities, etc. All the proceeds go to a local children’s organization. It's pretty cool, but crowded.

6:11 Joey [Facilitator]: 6:10 Swanlakejgs: are you going to be able to go and enjoy?

6:11 Tamashii: Joey, would you care to re phrase that? :-)

6:11 Yoli: MAS: Sorry about that. Yeah, he was great. I would love to adopt him. He was such a neat kid. He wouldn't let go of me when I hugged him goodbye the first time.

6:12 Joey [Facilitator]: Tam, LOL sorry been a long day - 5 hr+ trip getting back from the beach this afternoon!!!

6:13 BlueSky [Facilitator]: Hi Cindy, how are you?

6:13 Tamashii: Joey: Glad you are back and safe!

6:13 Swanlakejgs [Programmer]: 6:11 Joey: I could go, I choose not to. I prefer not to be in large crowds. the environment is family, no beer vendors, but people can bring their own, lots of police, but as I mature, I just tend to stay away. Besides, I can see the fire works from my deck, so I get most of the fun and none of the crowd.

6:13 CindyJ: Hi Bluesky, Joey, Swan, Yoli, Mas, Tam....

6:14 MAS: Yoli: Awww...that is so nice. You'll have to tell me more about him and your trip next time we talk. Boy! In a few weeks you'll be off on yet another mission!

6:14 Tamashii: CINDERS!!!!!

6:14 Joey [Facilitator]: Hi Cindy

6:14 Swanlakejgs [Programmer]: 6:13 CindyJ: Hi, how are things with you?

6:15 Joey [Facilitator]: Thanks Tam!!!!! it was nice to get a way for a little bit - nice spiritual and mental break from the walls

6:15 CindyJ: Hi All....I could be much better if I could get rid of this cold I have. It hit me hard and I have done nothing this weekend but rest.

6:15 MAS: Cindy: Hi Cindy, how has your 4th been going?

6:15 Joey [Facilitator]: Yoli, I am sooooo excited for your trip!

6:15 Joey [Facilitator]: Cindy, wished you lived closer, I'd take care of you girlie!

6:16 BlueSky [Facilitator]: Yoli, were you on another mission trip

6:16 CindyJ: Swanlake, I'm with you....not a big fan of crowds.

6:16 MAS: Cindy: Sorry to hear that. Resting is probably the best thing.

6:16 CindyJ: Thank Joey....think I'll make myself some chicken soup tomorrow.

6:17 MAS: Yoli: Have you spoken to your daughters since you've been back?

6:17 Yoli: MAS: Oh my gosh yes, we'll keep in touch. I went and got him some things to send for his birthday. I'll have to wait until Tuesday to send it though.

6:17 Yoli: Bluesky: Yeah just got back yesterday from Bolivia. It was great.

6:18 MAS: Yoli: Does he have any family?

6:18 Swanlakejgs [Programmer]: 6:16 CindyJ: And you know what the crowds are like down here for holidays.

6:19 Yoli: MAS: Yeah spoke to one yesterday and today with younger one. Interesting conversations when I talked about my friend.

6:19 MAS: Yoli: How receptive were they?

6:20 Joey [Facilitator]: Hi Hannah!!!!

6:20 CindyJ: Swanlake, oh yes! Staying home is the best idea!! Plus if it's hot and humid...forget it!

6:20 BlueSky [Facilitator]: Hi Hannah, how are you?

6:20 Yoli: MAS: He has a mother, sister and younger brother. Mother couldn't afford to take care of them so they are all in the orphanage. Said he never met his father.

6:20 Swanlakejgs [Programmer]: CindyJ - a juice made of pineapple and tangerine is good for colds, both are full of vitamin c and help. And if you can deal with it or like it, garlic is a good germ fighter, so a mean with a good dose of garlic helps too. Put some in your chicken soup!

6:21 MAS: Yoli: How sad.

6:21 Yoli: MAS:I think my daughters think I'm a little strange. But you know they don't know me very well.

6:21 CindyJ: Thanks, Swan....I will put garlic in my soup....and I love pineapple juice.

6:21 Hannah2: Hi everybody. I think I had better warn you my Yahoo account has been hacked and my address is sending Viagra emails to people in my address book. I have a good virus protection but that doesn't stop the professional hackers. If you get an email from me with just a website and no message please ignore it.

6:23 MAS: Yoli@6:21: I know...I can relate.

6:23 Tamashii: Hannah2: And I REALLY appreciate that. Thank you! Also got a nice deal on some steak knives...:-)

6:23 BlueSky [Facilitator]: Hannah, oh that is what is happening? Swan, I got that from your email too, Is that what happens with a hacker?

6:23 Joey [Facilitator]: Hannah, I got one from you and someone else to. didn't click on the link, deleted it.

6:23 Yoli: MAS: Yeah it is. But the Bolivian government doesn’t allow adoptions, especially foreign. But if he stays at the orphanage, they will pay for his college. Which I think is amazing in itself.

6:23 Joey [Facilitator]: Swan's was the other one now that you mentioned it!

6:24 CindyJ: Hannah, I've gotten a few and have been deleting them.

6:24 Hannah2: Bluesky yes a friend of mine who knows computers inside out told me they are professional hackers and no virus protection will stop them.

6:24 BlueSky [Facilitator]: all, what happens if you click it open? Do they get our email stuff?

6:24 Tamashii: CindyJ: Also put some vodka in it. It won't cure the cold, but you won't care!

6:25 Joey [Facilitator]: guys I can hear fireworks just can't see them - LOL now just don't let them keep me awake later tonight :)

6:25 CindyJ: Tam....aren't you funny. How about a hot toddy?

6:26 MAS: Hannah: Did you get the message I sent you today? It's about a strange e-mail I got from someone I don't know, and your name was also on her list. Do you know who it was from?

6:26 Swanlakejgs [Programmer]: 6:21 Hannah2: There are companies who send non-virus worms out and it goes into your address book, then sends out to everyone. The purpose is simply to get access to more email addresses, usually the free domain type. I have an outstanding blocker and check program, I have run my system since BlueSky informed me she got a similar email from me and there are no viruses. I contacted McAfee and they are the one's who told me about the worms companies use. They don't have a way at this time to block them, are working on it. Mostly it is embarrassing to have something like that come from my address, so know how you feel.

6:26 Hannah2: Bluesky no idea but probably they have a chance to send you more advertizing.

6:27 Hannah2: Swan thanks for the update on that. I had thought about changing my email address but the damage is done now

6:27 Swanlakejgs [Programmer]: 6:24 BlueSky: I was told you don't have to open it, it just needs to come into your email box. I never open those type, in fact they are automatically sent to my junk folder and deleted at midnight every day.

6:27 BlueSky [Facilitator]: all, very educational tonight.

6:27 Tamashii: Cindyj: Hot toddy? With you, any time!

6:28 BlueSky [Facilitator]: Swan, great info thanks.

6:28 Hannah2: Cindy how is your daughter doing? Are the twins doing well?

6:29 CindyJ: Tamashii....Lol!

6:29 Tamashii: Swan: They call that an "open relay."

6:29 MAS: Yoli: It's really great that they'll pay for his college education! Why don't they allow adoptions there?

6:29 Swanlakejgs [Programmer]: 6:27 Hannah2: For now, after talking with the McAfee guy, I deleted my address book (after I printed it out). I will simply type in the email addresses when I want to send something out. I just don't want people I know (here, church, family, husband, etc.) to be getting those emails saying they are from me. Can you imagine if one goes to my husband, since there hasn't been a venomous email from him I am assuming it hasn't happened, and I don't want it to.

6:30 CindyJ: Hannah....the twins are doing very well.

6:30 Joey [Facilitator]: All, great, it will just make some people in our address book mad at us and we can't help it.

6:30 BlueSky [Facilitator]: 6:30 CindyJ: what’s their due date?

6:31 CindyJ: Blue...the end of Nov.

6:31 Yoli: MAS: Not really sure. I thought they would jump at the chance to have some kids adopted.

6:31 Tamashii: ALL: It's all about advertising and junk mail. My junk mail filter is absolutely worthless. There are ways to redirect this stuff into a "trash can" but the equipment is extremely expensive. The County of Los Angeles uses it. I used to monitor it.

6:32 BlueSky [Facilitator]: 6:31 CindyJ: Oh that seems so far away, but sheesh here we are in July already

6:32 Swanlakejgs [Programmer]: 6:29 Tamashii: That's what the guy I spoke to told me too. The thing that gets me is he said there really isn't anything that can be done since there isn't any virus intent with them, it is the cyberspace version of junk mail.

6:32 Hannah2: Swan, one did go to my h and he emailed me asking what it was all about!!!!

6:33 MAS: Hannah: Did you see my question at 6:26?

6:33 CindyJ: Bluesky....It's really not that far away. Time seems to go so fast. Just think....Christmas will be here before we know it!

6:33 Hannah2: MAS I never got the email

6:34 BlueSky [Facilitator]: 6:33 CindyJ: no, no, no, I don't want it to be. :)

6:34 Joey [Facilitator]: blue, amen girl - amen!

6:35 Swanlakejgs [Programmer]: 6:32 Hannah2: I think if my husband saw it first, he would delete it and then send me an email telling me to delete his address from my computer (he is a computer science tech, so he would know what and why). The problem would be if the other woman sees it first, doesn't matter what or why, she would throw a fit and then he would react to that and I would get the worse part of it.

6:35 Tamashii: CindyJ: That's ok. You'll all get the same thing you got from me last year: nothing!

6:35 Hannah2: Tam, gee thanks you are so thoughtful!!! What an imagination!!! LOL

6:35 Swanlakejgs [Programmer]: 6:35 Tamashii: Should we change your name to Ebenezer?

6:36 Tamashii: Hannah2: I still have the little pillow you gave me at retreat. I love that thing!

6:36 Joey [Facilitator]: Tam, ahhhhh - you shared your humor and brotherly love with us.

6:37 Yoli: All: I’m so tired. Thanks for listening to me.

6:37 Tamashii: Swan: Sister Mary Beth will do just fine, thank you!

6:37 MAS: Hannah: I sent it to you again. I'd like to know if it's a fraudulent e-mail.

6:37 Hannah2: Tam you are welcome

6:38 Joey [Facilitator]: Yoli, sweet sleep darling - rest well and have a great day tomorrow!

6:38 Hannah2: MAS ok I will let you know. But I have no idea how you and I could be on an email and you only know me!!!

6:40 MAS: Hannah: Yes, I know. It was a very strange message. It sounded like this person was from NYS.

6:42 BlueSky [Facilitator]: all, my d is spending more and more time over at her dad's. I think I am getting jealous. She never used to go over at all. I know they need the connection, but this to me says she accepts the situation. She also says he is more fun. But it is always been that way. someone has to be the parent.

6:42 Hannah2: MAS I would just ignore it

6:42 Swanlakejgs [Programmer]: Tamashii - did you leave or is the site ghosting you?

6:42 Tamashii: Never left

6:43 Hannah2: Swan this Tam is just one tricky guy!! LOL

6:43 Joey [Facilitator]: Blue, he doesn’t have the main responsibility like you have and its easy for him to be the fun one plus it fits his frame of mind right now.

6:43 MAS: Hannah: Very strange! So, you obviously don't know this person, either?

6:44 Tamashii: Blue: Kids will float back and forth between parents. Imagine what this is like for them. I did it as a kid. Thought I could get away with more at dads.

6:44 Hannah2: MAS I can't figure it out so best ignore and delete.

6:44 Tamashii: Blue: Didn't realize that my dad needs my companionship. I was always out goofing off.

6:44 MAS: Hannah: Okay.

6:44 BlueSky [Facilitator]: 6:43 Joey: Boy, if that isn't the truth. He gave up parenting right in the difficult time.

6:45 Tamashii: Hannah2; Yeah, my wife made me invisible. I'm trying to reverse the process!

6:46 BlueSky [Facilitator]: Tam, interesting thought.

6:47 Joey [Facilitator]: hey Gee!!!!!!

6:48 geebo2b: Hi Joey

6:48 geebo2b: Hi all happy 4th and blessings

6:48 Joey [Facilitator]: How’s gee tonight???

6:49 geebo2b: Joey I am doing ok..not much planned..maybe walk out to the Bluff overlooking Marina Del Rey and watch fireworks later

6:49 Hannah2: Hi geeb, nice to see you?

6:53 geebo2b: hi Hannah

6:54 Joey [Facilitator]: Gee, that sounds like great plans!

6:55 BlueSky [Facilitator]: Hi Geebo, welcome

6:55 Tamashii: Geebo: To say that it is slow would suggest that there is actually some movement taking place!

6:55 CindyJ: Is Tamashii really gone or is he spying on us? : )

6:56 geebo2b: All: I have some friends at Messianic Synagogue...I am going to house sit for them..I just found out that the Husband (I never knew this till just yesterday) is the artistic Director for The Simpson's

7:01 Swanlakejgs [Programmer]: 6:55 CindyJ: He went ghost and is playing ISpy

7:01 geebo2b: Tam: lol truly

7:01 geebo2b: Hi Blue

7:02 Hannah2: Cindy he is disguised as a ghost tonight

7:03 Hannah2: Goodnight all, take care and enjoy the rest of the Holiday weekend.

7:03 geebo2b: Maybe it's 'ART DIRECTOR' but all the artists have to submit the drawings to him first for approval before filming/publishing

7:04 BlueSky [Facilitator]: all, I guess I am going to say goodnight since this isn't working so well.

7:08 MAS: Goodnight everyone.

6:42 BlueSky [Facilitator]: all, my d is spending more and more time over at her dad's. I think I am getting jealous. She never used to go over at all. I know they need the connection, but this to me says she accepts the situation. She also says he is more fun. But it is always been that way. someone has to be the parent.

6:43 Joey [Facilitator]: Blue, he doesn’t have the main responsibility like you have and its easy for him to be the fun one plus it fits his frame of mind right now.

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I have been S from my H for 2 years. We have 3 children, S8, S13, and D16.
I have been Separated from my Husband for 2 years. We have 3 children, Son age 8, Son age 13, Daughter age 16.
  OW = Other Woman   AW  = Adulteress Woman   W  = Wife   OP = other person
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