Midlife Dimensions


Easter - 4/24/11

6:32 PM


Cricket - it's a very hard thing to deal with. it like night and day. After yesterday I was totally surprised that she hugged me today and even said how good I looked.

6:33 PM


digforhelp - THAT really was good - Try not to react too much when she treats you well, thank her and all that, but don't show how excited or great it feels. Sometimes if we react too much, it scares them and they pull away. I know it's hard but try to remember how much turmoil she's in


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Mother's Day - 5/9/10

6:44 Still: Cricket/Joey: Even though it has been over 2 years, it still feels so surreal. He isn't mean, but he is withdrawn, non-communicative, and working himself ragged. I don't even know what to say to him anymore. I just keep giving him space, but I fear it will ultimately make things worse. I just don't know. I feel that I am perpetuating the idea that "we have nothing in common" just out of inability to find common ground. Does that make sense?

6:47 Cricket [Facilitator]: Still - Yes it makes sense. It's good to give him space, but still affirm him when you can. Invite him to join you as you have but don't take it personally when he declines. He is seeing your changes even when he doesn't comment. This is a process they have to go thru pretty much on their own

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Father's Day - 6/20/10

6:39 Ro828: David: I know. I'm just tired of hurting and being lonely. I know this won't last forever but it already feels forever and it's been years already. I know God's timing is not my timing but it's exhausting.

6:38 David Alan [Facilitator]: 6:39 Ro828: Which is why you need people in your life right now. People like those here tonight. You need to know you are cared for and loved.


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July 4, 2010

6:42 BlueSky [Facilitator]: all, my d is spending more and more time over at her dad's. I think I am getting jealous. She never used to go over at all. I know they need the connection, but this to me says she accepts the situation. She also says he is more fun. But it is always been that way. someone has to be the parent.

6:43 Joey [Facilitator]: Blue, he doesn’t have the main responsibility like you have and its easy for him to be the fun one plus it fits his frame of mind right now.

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Easter - 4/4/10

6:07 BlueSky: all, I am a bit upset tonight, not at h though, which is nice. I haven't seen or talked to my son in some time, he is getting ready to grad college and is beyond busy, so I have left him alone. I kind of wonder if he has been avoiding me too. I wanted to see him today due to Easter of course, I asked him if he went to church. He said no, I asked why, he no longer believes in God and regrets ever getting us back into the church. I am heartbroken again. he is almost 22 and changing so far from what we raised him to be I am really concerned.

6:12 Joey [Facilitator]: 6:10 BlueSky: He'll never be too old for God to reach and with you praying for him! God has all the time in the world!

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New Year's Eve - 12/31/10

8:22 PM [hepsy] km2 - well, I am having a small setback.. Usually I am not worrying about h and trusting the lord. But today I snooped in h's things and found what looks to be a secret mailbox that he has. I am wondering why and of course all kinds of things are going through my head.

8:25 PM [Cricket] Hepsy - STOP STOP STOP - That is the trouble with snooping, you find something that just plants more doubt and leads to pain. It doesn't matter why he may have secrets. Most of them think they want to run but it is their confusion. If we snoop, it just gives them an excuse to leave and blame us for not trusting them. NO SNOOPING

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Christmas Day - 12/25/10

3:29 PM [MAS] Pualani @28: Am so tired of watching television. Sometimes I feel like an old woman--I look around and see myself with my cat and say, "Is this all there is?"

3:31 PM [faithful] MAS have you taught about taking a college course. You can even do it online where you do not have to go anywhere. It has really help me to keep my mind focus and busy.


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Christmas Eve - 12/24/10

8:39 PM [lalachrissie] Beth D12- told H during therapy session in Sept that she will not support his decision to abandon our family, said that he knows what he is doing is wrong D9- was a little nervous to see him at first but said she would see him once a week, came back after a Halloween outing & said Daddy was weird and was acting scary & she told him she needed a break from seeing him


8:44 PM [Beth] lala it has to be hard on the children to see their father as a stranger. My d says she does not know her father anymore and she doesn't. I always told my children that what happened between their father and me had nothing to do with them. He was still their father and he needed them and they needed him.

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Father's Day - 6/21/09

5:58 Cricket [Facilitator]: Find rest, O my soul, in God alone; my hope comes from him. He alone is my rock and my salvation; he is my fortress, I will not be shaken. My salvation and my honor depend on God; he is my mighty rock, my refuge. Trust in him at all times, O people pour out your hearts to him; for God is our refuge. Ps 62:5-8

5:59 Cricket [Facilitator]: Welcome everyone. Happy Father's Day and during this journey, remember our Father is with us, He has us in his arms and He has a plan for us. His plan is more wonderful that we can imagine. Trust Him.

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Chat Room Acronyms

Guests often use acronyms to speed up their conversations. Here are a few examples for you:

I have been S from my H for 2 years. We have 3 children, S8, S13, and D16.
I have been Separated from my Husband for 2 years. We have 3 children, Son age 8, Son age 13, Daughter age 16.
  OW = Other Woman   AW  = Adulteress Woman   W  = Wife   OP = other person
  OM  = Other Man   AM  = Adulteress Man   H  = Husband   LBS = Left behind spouse
  D = divorce or daughter   S = son or sister or separated   XW  = ex-wife   GF = Girl Friend
  DIL = daughter-in-law   SIL = Sister-in-law or Son-in-law   XH  = ex-husband   BF = Boy Friend
  MIL = mother-in-law   MLC = Midlife Crisis   PG = Praise God   CS = Child Support
  FIL = father-in-law   MLD = Midlife Dimensions Ministry   PTL = Praise the Lord   ED = Erectile Dysfunction
  w/ = with   w/e = weekend   b/c = because   
  w/o = without   BRB / be right back   LOL / laughing out loud