Midlife Dimensions


Mother's Day - 5/10/09

6:01 Joey [Facilitator]: Welcome everyone. Happy Mothers Day! Holy Spirit have Your way tonight!


6:02 Yoli: Joey: I'm okay, just trying to come to terms with my worst fears being confirmed. Joey: Well, my older daughter came in and spent the weekend with us. Apparently this is top secret and I’m not supposed to know anything about it. However, for my h to be going out of town when his brother was coming in didn't make any sense. I suspected something was up. Older daughter confirmed it. H does have a girlfriend. It seems that girlfriend basically lives wit him. Daughter said she's really ugly & when she asked h what he saw in her, she's smart and a runner. He took her to meet his family, siblings and extended family. I think he also took her around the little town in west Texas to see. She's never been out there. It seems that younger daughter found her things at his house & that's how she found out.


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Father's Day - 6/15/08


[6/15 18:07] vsingh: all: do h's put on show that they are happy

[6/15 18:09] Dani [Facilitator]: Vsingh.....they THINK they are happy....,.because usually the relationship is not reality.....,it's like Disneyland, as Jim has said....but as reality sets in they find they are indeed empty and confused

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Mother's Day - 5/11/08

[5/11 18:13] Yoli: Hannah, Dani: Hi guys, I'm doing okay. How about you all? Hope you all had a good day. My older daughter & boyfriend came in & we all went out to eat. I was kind of sad when younger d called h & he wanted to know about our plans. He was in his apartment alone.

[5/11 18:16] Dani [Facilitator]: Yoli, It is sad for us, but so sad for them too.

[5/11 18:18] Yoli: Dani: It is sad. Girls bought me a beautiful bracelet & then paid for lunch with his credit card. I wanted to invite him but he's still so stubborn. I do have a question though. Maybe you can help. I feel that I need to send h an email telling him something similar to what Charlyne told Bob about waiting forever for him. Especially right now, because yet another day for families to celebrate has come & he's so alone. Any suggestions?


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Father's Day - 6/17/12

6:45 PM


Cricket, That is how I feel but really none of them feel that way.   They are all very protective of me! I have really built some strong friendships and they are very angry at him because leaving me was leaving them as well. Anyway, one of the husband's stood up for me and said well it is better for the kids and when you have kids, you have to think for them.   Of course, these are also woman who have been married for many years and have not had to deal with all of this yet!

6:47 PM


challenger3 - I understand but that's why I avoid telling most people anything my H did that was hurtful. I also told them that I was taking time for my healing, etc.   They'd see me keeping busy and didn't worry about me so much. Now of course they see me doing lots of things (healthy) and see that I seem happy.   BUT yes friends and family can become protective and often try to fix things so it's best not to share much except for 1 or 2 very trusted friends.


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Mother's Day - 5/13/12

6:34 PM


Bluesky, he said he was thinking of me on my birthday. But maybe he went back to her because of Mother's Day. Cricket @ 8:33, I am so sorry about that for you. I think she can't tell him anything about me because I dropped out of their life for a year. Yes, it is an addiction. At 1:30 when he woke me up, he said he was uncomfortable and had to go, and I said, the addiction is fighting you again.

6:35 PM


Pelagius, there was a situation that was so awful and disturbing, for me (involving an ow), 10 months after he started the "trek" home. I could not believe that it was happening and I thought this was going to be the end of the process for us. God's grace used this. My h told me "I am on my way home, I'm on the road, and I just keep getting off track." It took another 3 months for him to be officially home. Do not lose track of who you have learned to be in this journey.   He needs the steadiness more than ever now.


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Easter - 4/12/09

5:51 Hannah [Facilitator]: Seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. Matthew 6:11

5:52 Hannah [Facilitator]: Hi everybody, Happy Easter, Christ has risen! Alleluia!

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Easter - 3/23/08

[3/23 18:00] Joey [Facilitator]: Welcome everyone Happy Easter!!!! Holy Spirit we invite you to guide our steps tonight in a time of positive encouragement

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July 4, 2009


1:10 Swanlake: Pualani - I have learned not to allow holidays and past celebrations to have control of my life, I get out and do something, curl up with the Bible or a good Christian book, chat on the phone, whatever, but I will not allow the enemy to use these types of celebrations to cause me misery, loneliness, etc.

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July 4, 2008

[7/4 18:03] Swanlakejgs [Facilitator]: Good evening everyone, welcome to Friday evening chat, we are here tonight from 6:00 to 8:00 pm. Happy 4th of July.

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Chat Room Acronyms

Guests often use acronyms to speed up their conversations. Here are a few examples for you:

I have been S from my H for 2 years. We have 3 children, S8, S13, and D16.
I have been Separated from my Husband for 2 years. We have 3 children, Son age 8, Son age 13, Daughter age 16.
  OW = Other Woman   AW  = Adulteress Woman   W  = Wife   OP = other person
  OM  = Other Man   AM  = Adulteress Man   H  = Husband   LBS = Left behind spouse
  D = divorce or daughter   S = son or sister or separated   XW  = ex-wife   GF = Girl Friend
  DIL = daughter-in-law   SIL = Sister-in-law or Son-in-law   XH  = ex-husband   BF = Boy Friend
  MIL = mother-in-law   MLC = Midlife Crisis   PG = Praise God   CS = Child Support
  FIL = father-in-law   MLD = Midlife Dimensions Ministry   PTL = Praise the Lord   ED = Erectile Dysfunction
  w/ = with   w/e = weekend   b/c = because   
  w/o = without   BRB / be right back   LOL / laughing out loud