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Thank You Letters

From "Jenna"

Dear Lisa,

You just cannot imagine how in awe I am of your commitment to praying, loving, and caring for people.   Just in the words you gave me they are so anointed.   I did want to ask you to please pray for my husband because there is an emptiness there.   He knows God.   I am concerned that he is into pornography.   I will know more next week when he takes the computer from the house.   He stopped by tonight to see the kids and stayed at the house for several hours.   He is a fireman so he said he goes to work tomorrow and he will be back Thursday again when he gets off.   He is coming by in all of his free time so I know that God is drawing him.   I have re-anointed our home and I prayed that he would not feel comfortable here if there are things in his life that are not of GOD.   I trust that is happening. Thank you again for all of your time, support and prayers.   You are a very special child of God and I pray that he blesses you with all the desires of your heart!!    "Jenna"

From "Laurie"

Dear Lisa,

I am Jenna's best friend, Laurie.   I just want to say that you have been a true blessing to her during this difficult time.   She has her moments but, for the most part, because of the Lord and caring people such as yourself, she and the kids are going to make it (hopefully, her husband too).   God bless you and thank you for caring, so much, for those who are hurting and for my friend.   Sincerely, Laurie

Thank you Facilitators and Lisa

Thank you for being so encouraging ladies.
The Lord lead me to Jim's Ministry at the beginning of October and I e-mailed Lisa not knowing if I would ever get an answer, but I knew I just had to anyway.
I can tell you when she replied, it turned my life around as I realized this wasn't the end of my marriage, that I could make a difference to the outcome if I sided up with God rather than those who were telling me my husband was a 'waste of space' and I was 'well rid of him'! Even though my heart was hurting at that time, it hurt even more to hear others speak of my husband in that way.
Since then my life  is tinged with hope instead of sadness and my love for my husband has increased many-fold as I've become aware of the hurt that I caused him through my ignorance. I longed to be able to wrap my arms around him and tell him how sorry I am, but I had to tell him by text and even then he didn't respond.
My love is not just for my husband, but for all those who are not yet saved, including  his other woman who is actually married to my brother.
I don't know how long I will need to stand for my husband's salvation - it may be forever and if that's the case, then so be it.
I love him so much I'd give up  my marriage restoration if only he could be saved. And not just him, but my sister-in-law and brother who are the other couple in my circumstances, as well as all other couples with hurting and broken marriages.
I thank  our Lord that he has brought you lovely people alongside me, that we may encourage one another in what must surely be one of the most heartrending situations we could find ourselves in.
Bless you all,

Thanks from Chat Room Friend, "JPK"

I just want you to know how VERY much appreciative I am for your response.   I am soooo impressed.   It is so helpful to know that when I do fill out these requests, not to doubt that they're not getting read and prayed over, but that you took the time to email me and I know you hear me and my cry for help and prayer.   I just wanted you to know to please continue to do what you are doing and you will continue to be blessed!!

Thanks, JPK

Impressed with everyone!

How incredibly thoughtful of you to let me know about Jim's schedule. I did have intentions of leaving the Bible study if it ran late at all. I still hope to attend the chat tonight, but it is good to know.
I have been attending the chats....pretty much every night they are offered. I am immensely enjoying them as the facilitators are incredibly supportive. I wasn't getting much of that in other sites, so it is sooo refreshing.
I have read Jim's book Men in Midlife Crisis and I just got Your Husband's Midlife Crisis in the mail today. I am trying to read it at every opportunity.
My husband seems so incredibly sad to me. He is withdrawing more and more. It hurts me to look at the pain he carries every day. I pray for a quick resolution to his MLC.
Thanks again!
I have been impressed with everyone I have met through this website.
From Chat Room Friend, "Still"

Thank you, from "Sky"

Dear Lisa,

Thank you for writing to me, I have purchased most of the books you listed when I first realized what was happening. I found them to be very helpful. I pray to God every hour of every day to bring peace of mind to my husband and to help him to be able to see that our marriage wasn't as bad as he thought. I had to cry a little after he left tonight, Christmas Eve, and was feeling very down.   Then I got your letter, it gave me more hope, and as Jim said in his book - it is a roller coaster ride, I just wish someone would stop the ride so I could get off. I love my husband very much and as I said I have never had any anger, even the day he told me he didn't love me anymore.   Just the feeling like someone ripped my heart out of my chest. I will be coming to the website a lot, I have so many questions to ask.   So thank you from my heart for being there. "SKY"

I am thankful you were there...

You do a great job, and get little from many regarding appreciation..... I am so thankful you were there that day in  August to tell me your story and to encourage my every step... thank you today and every day for all you  do.... I thank each of you (Facilitators) for reminding me to look UP and not to my left or to my right.     Thank you.        God Bless you each and every one.     Remember to lift up my husband in  your prayers as I know he is battling with much guilt and stress right now... and how he failed me.       But most importantly that God will direct his steps and help him find his  path back to God and the family that prays for him, and has forgiven him. That he may learn to forgive himself and know that God has already forgiven him too.

Thank You Midlife.com

Your site has been a great help for me in the past 18 months. In the days I have felt weak and with no strength, the articles on your site gave me the incentive necessary to persevere, believing that a turning point is coming. During the setbacks in my husband's midlife crisis, God has helped me to believe in His support and never-ending love. I do appreciate your work and support very much. God bless you for being such a blessing.
~ "Norma"