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"Are We There Yet?"

All parents have heard the words "Are We There Yet?" from their kids.
And, unless you're fairly close and can give them an amount of time they'll understand and deal with, you probably tell them, "We'll get there when we get there."
Jonathan on the Prime Meridian 2006Of course for me, when I hear myself give that answer to my kids, it's as if God was telling it directly to me.
As His child, I often ask my Heavenly Daddy, "When will I get there?" and "Am I there yet?".
And, I probably sound as frustrated, whiny, or bored as my children sound to me.
Generally, along with telling my kids the time old answer, We'll get there when we get there", I'll also add the usual, "Just sit back and enjoy the ride."   WHAMMO - another one from God to me.   God just wants me to continue through my trials as though I'm going on a ride with Him, He's the driver, and I'm His child in the back seat just going along for the ride.   He doesn't want me to worry about the storm outside and the slippery slope we're driving on to get to the final destination.   He just wants me to enjoy the things in life that He's provided for me to keep busy on the journey and have total trust in Him that He'll get me "There" in His perfect timing.