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"No Means No"

“No Means No”

I love to be able to give my children the answer “yes” when they ask for things.

But, there’s times where a “no” has to be given, and it’s always for a good reason.

Usually, when I tell my children the answer “no”, they’ll ask “why”.   Sometimes I can give them a reason, and sometimes I can’t — but I have “my reasons”, or it’s just not an appropriate time or place to give them the reason.

When it comes to disciplining our children, we want them to learn that our “no” in most situations should become their “no”.   As they get older, they need to automatically know the answer is “no” (to specific and  learned situations) and have the self discipline not to ask us, and NOT to just do it anyways.  

  Rachel and Jonathan in Europe 2006

As God’s child, whenever I tell my children “no” to something they want to do or to have, I realize God is telling me “no” to something similar that I want to do or to have.   I have to accept God’s “no” without whining and know that it’s for my own good.    

Parents can see the “big picture” and they know why it’s not safe to do things or buy everything you see just because you want it.   I often have to remind myself that God can see the big picture and He knows why He’s giving me a “no” about something in my life.   I have to trust my Father and thank Him for knowing what’s best for me and for protecting me with His “no”.

In time, God’s “no” needs to become our “no” as children of God.   We shouldn’t throw a hissy fit about His “no’s” because they are definitely for our own good.  

Believe me, God loves to say “yes” and bless us tremendously.   In fact, He already has given us every spiritual gift that we need.  

Always be thankful for the “no’s” and don’t forget to thank Him for each and every “yes”.