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"I know what the secret to life is"

Hand - I've loved the movie "City Slickers" since it came out in 1991, and I appreciate the message it conveys.   Especially since I've entered midlife, it has even more meaning.   Occasionally, I'll encourage someone in the Chat Room to think about the famous scene where Curly talks to Mitch about "the secret of life". Curly tells Mitch that the secret of life is "one thing" and that "you have to figure that out for yourself." It's so true! And if you're wondering what your "one thing" is..........then just put Jesus in place of "Curly" and ride along with Him.   Jesus is the great shepherd, and like a cowboy, lives to bring in the herd. We are His sheep, and without a shepherd, we'd be lost or dead. I believe Jesus would tell you the secret of life is "one thing" too. And it's really the same-but different for each of us. When you confidently know your own "one thing", everything falls into place. What it boils down to for me is that I'm here for one reason, to live my life for  the  God Who created me. You might be thinking, "my one thing is also Jesus" and wondering, "how can that one thing be the same-but different". That's because although you believe in the same God, your relationship with Christ is different than mine. You have to live for your "one thing" and I have to live for mine. Then, and only then, can you live in complete peace knowing Jesus is on the throne and has everything in control.   Jesus can see the "big picture" and knows what's best for you.   He will bring you to and through trials in order to help you grow and learn, and be a better ambassador for our Heavenly Father.   In other words, "it's all about Him"!   Jesus is our "one thing".

Enjoy the "One Thing" clip from the movie on "YouTube".   Of course, if you can watch the whole movie, that's even better.   There is mild profanity in the movie, other than that, it's an enjoyable midlife crisis movie! Click below to enjoy the clip: