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To Take - Or Not To Take MEDS!

Occasionally our Chat Room guests bring up the question if it's ok or not ok to take meds as a Christian.

I'm going to share my opinion on the subject here.   Remember, this is just my opinion.  

I do believe it's absolutely ok to take meds "the right way".   That means that you  go to the doctor, discuss your situation, get a prescription, and follow the prescription orders. Many people abuse prescribed meds, and that's "the wrong way".


This is what Jim would tell you in the chat room:


I know that many people have trouble temporarily using meds, but it is the same kind of thing that we do when we go to the dentist - we have a toothache - we go to the dentist - he injects our jaw with pain numbing chemicals - he fixes the tooth - and we go home and our jaw returns to normal. Meds can be helpful with emotional struggles, the same as with a tooth problem.

-- Dr. Jim Conway


If you're confused about whether to take meds or not, you need to read the book, "Change Your Brain, Change Your Life" by Dr. Daniel G. Amen.   It will help you understand how meds, when used right, can help your brain to function correctly, in other words: without the meds, your brain is depleted of what it need to function.   If your doctor told you to up your vitamin intake because you're depleted, you'd do it - no questions asked.   The brain, however, is a serious organ, and you need an accurate diagnosis to know what you specifically need to make it work better.


My husband and I were absolutely 100% against meds!   So much so that we chose to do home births for Rachel and Jonathan, because I didn't want meds entering my body, that would also be entering my baby's body, plus I didn't want them sticking all kinds of meds into my newborn and on their eyes. We also made an educated decision to not vaccinize our children.   

Then, as Jonathan grew older, and we noticed extreme OCD going on, we knew we needed to seek help, because that is what was best for him, and what parent doesn't choose to do what's best for their child?   We fought the suggestion to put him on meds all the way, of course trying every other method out there, without success.  

Then I read "Change Your Brain, Change Your Life" by Dr. Daniel G. Amen.   it gave me an understanding of how the meds can really help, and are ok to use. We have found success with Jonathan on meds, but have needed to change them over the years as he's grown and changed.  

It was a few years later when I recognized depression in my own life, and sought out help, and have been on meds for many years.   Every once in awhile I'll run out and not have the chance to get back to a doctor to get a refill for a few weeks.   I try to tell myself, "Maybe I don't really need the meds, it's mind of matter, I'll do it without them".   Before you know it, I'm on the couch every day, I don't care about anything, I'm not "me".   The "real me" is who I am when I take my meds correctly. Taking my meds brings the "old Lisa" back to life and accomplishing tasks for my family, church, and job that will bring glory to God. I certainly wasn't glorifying Him sitting on the couch not caring about anything!


So, I support the choice to get help, that's what the Lord would want you to do.   God just doesn't want you to take more than prescribed, start having to buy them off the streets, and living your life for the sole purpose of getting enough money to get more prescribed drugs from an illegal dealer. That does happen out there, and if that's happening to you,or someone you know, you need to seek intervention immediately.


You can find the book mentioned via the www.Midlife.com MLD Amazon store.   Here's a link for your convenience.   You'll find the book listed under "Jim's recommendations":