Let Him Be Your Strength

In talking with many women after their husbands left them, I’ve noticed how their self-image is very wrapped up and intertwined with their husband’s. They don’t know how to live life as themselves. They can’t fathom going to church or a family event without their husband next to them, as though they have become a half of a person. It’s important to know that although a couple is married, they are still two individual people, and are still important to people in their circles, with or without their spouse present.

When my husband left me and the kids, I made a conscious decision to hold my head up and get out and continue participating in life. In doing so, my children followed my lead and felt confident about continuing with their various activities knowing they are each important individuals and can still be someone special without dad present.

I was still a mom, aunt, sister, daughter, cousin, and friend to many – desiring to get out and be myself with them. I was still a member of my church and small group Bible studies. I was still a volunteer in the booster club and class room. There was no reason to stay home and hide, which I hear so many women do.

We are not who we are because of a spouse, a parent, a boy/girl friend. We are who we are because of God. He created us and knows every detail about us inside and out. He is with us everywhere all the time. Take His hand and walk into the world with Him. Let Him be your strength and your confidence. Identify with Him, after all – you were created in His image.