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Can We Have Fun Together When Our Interests Are So Different?

Sometimes finding things in common is a hit and miss proposition. When failures arise, just laugh and try something else. If your tastes in pleasure run in opposing directions, try things neither of you have ever experienced before, to see if you can find a new common denominator.

A wife may not think going to the Indy 500 is fun, but if she concentrates on helping her honey have a blast while he’s there, the enjoyment will be contagious. Bill thought the words "ballet" and "boredom" were synonyms the first year we were married, but having danced and competed in gymnastics for years, I wanted Bill to share in my world, so in a very giving moment, Bill let me teach him how to do the lifts and catches of ballet. After dropping me a few times, and after a lot of laughs, Bill came to appreciate ballet. Now a Christmas rarely goes by without a trip to "The Nutcracker." Because of Bill’s desire to understand me and my world, I love to dance into his arms. I am also willing to take a trek into his world to do some things I used to call boring.

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