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How Can I Become My Own Person After Divorce?

When you have wrestled with the unwanted changes and finally accepted your new life situation, it is time to start rebuilding. You’ve already taken some steps--you had no choice. But carefully thinking through your choices will help you avoid future mistakes.

Many women who have gone through the shock and despair of a marriage breakup are now living happy and fulfilled lives. Not the lives they had planned, but lives that are often, in some respects, better than before.

No one can rob you of your personhood--unless you allow it. People have come through rape, concentration camps, racial oppression, all sorts of horrible experiences that might have destroyed them--but they came out standing tall, because they knew who they were.

Your personhood has been threatened because of the stigma of abandonment and divorce. You have been misunderstood by some people whose respect is important to you. And worst of all, the one person whose respect and love you treasured most has told you, "I no longer value you, " or "You are not a desirable man/woman," or "I never loved you."

Remember, though, that some people do love and respect you. And God says to you, "You are precious to me and honored, and I love You" (Is 43:3). You can come through this tragic circumstance with your personhood intact and growing stronger! The key is to focus on your own personal emotional and spiritual development--not on the terrible loss you have experienced.

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