How Can I Spot Depression in Myself?

1. Have you been feeling sad, blue, hopeless, down in the dumps for more than two weeks? Facial portrait of casual bearded man

2. Have your eating habits recently changed drastically?

3. Do you have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep?

4. Do you feel fatigued, run down, without your usual energy, and have no clear reasons for this fatigue?

5. Have you experienced an unusual loss of sexual interest and/or pleasure?

6. Do you have difficulty concentrating or making decisions?

7. Are you feeling jumpy, unable to sit still?

8. Do you have frequent thoughts of taking your own life or wishing you were dead?

9. Are you more irritable, easily annoyed, and do you experience a great deal more anger?

10. Do you feel extremely discouraged and pessimistic about most things?

11. Do you feel guilty or worthless?

12. Are you unable to forget bad things that happened in the past?

13. Do you cry more than usual?

14. Are you constantly in need of reassurance from people?

15. Do you have new stomach and abdominal pains, or severe headache or backache with no medical explanation?

The key concept is--have you felt this way for more than two weeks? If the two weeks or more is true of several of the areas, then it would be important to seek help.

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