Midlife Dimensions


Please join us in thanking God for these Praise Reports.

He is faithful and His timing is always perfect!

I love him and I want to make this marriage work. I want to work on me first. Keep us in prayer.

My husband and I are going through his midlife crisis. We have never been separated before. His job in Germany has kept us apart since October 2008. A month after he has taken with a german girl in her 20s. His visits were frequent then went to almost once every 6 months. He came home for Christmas to inform me that we were not getting along well. It was a surprise! I have known in my heart there was another woman, but no evidence until March 20. I have a picture of them together. I am so hurt because he was just here during our children's spring break. He carried on as if there was no conversation about him not loving me anymore. We had the best time of our lives together for a week. I have made major changes to myself since Christmas. He likes the changes, but he can't give her up or wants to because she gives him something I am not giving him. I do not know what that is. Please keep us in prayer. I love him and I want to make this marriage work. I want to work on me first. Keep us in prayer.

Wonderfully Restored Marriage Testimony

In end of year 2004, I wrote to you telling you that my husband asked for divorce and he doesn't want to have anything to do with me anymore. That time all that I felt was like the world has ended. First I don't understand why it had to happen to me until God brought you and some other people to me. That was when I knew God was speaking to me and telling me that He will restore my marriage again but I will have to follow His ways. Of course God's ways are difficult especially when the circumstances doesn't show that the marriage will work out again. God continued to remind me to put my focus on Him and His promise and NOT my circumstances.

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I am glad to report that my husband has returned.

I am glad to report that my husband has returned. He did purchase a motor cycle, and I'm surprised how much I enjoy riding with him. You'll never know just how grateful I am to you guys and all you do. I do so  appreciate the Conway books, and even my husband feels he has been saved by this knowledge and wishes to help others to that are going through this.  It was almost instant for him, once he read  some literature from your website and some info in the books, he felt so much remorse and relief at the same time. But of course he was ready for it after suffering severe lows.

Simple Praise sent in from "Paulie"

This is a simple praise sent in by "Paulie"
The Lord knows the details, but join us in thanking Him for "touching Marilyn".
God is so good.

Praises from a grateful Dad.

I just wanted to give God thanks by telling others about how wonderful of a birthday God gave our son who is now 7 years old. He has been through a good bit since birth and is now a very awesome young boy, growing up fast. We didn't think we were going to be able to give him a great Birthday, but God gave us another "Out of Nowhere Blessing", He had it planned all along, we just didn't know it. Praise You GOD, and Thanks.

Praise from "AK"

Jim - I just wanted to write a quick thank you for all your help.
I know I probably seemed crazy when I called you, but I felt like my world had fallen apart and my heart would never mend. Well, my world did fall apart for a while and yes my heart is still mending. However, it was with the patient advice from you and the staff and other participants in the chat room that helped me through many of the lonely nights. I had decided not to go on the boards regularly after a while because I felt very lonely sometimes after I got off, but I have really been trying to continue the advice you gave me.

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